Why Tiger Woods, Dwayne Wade, and Bill Clinton Lost Their Edge

Tiger Woods

There are certain realities when it comes to manhood and masculinity that just can’t be escaped no matter how you try to spin it.  Pretending these realities don’t exist can be the difference between success and failure and even life and death.  What are these realities?  These realities involve the testosterone boost that comes with men being acknowledged, supported, honored, loved, and fucked and sucked into oblivion by women.  And the more women the better – just keeping it 100 for all those questioning the realness.  The benefits to a man’s masculine energy is undeniable and on top of that it’s irreplaceable.

I have to confess that Tiger Woods is my favorite athlete of all time.  I’ve been exposed to a lot of professional athletes as a sports fan throughout my 40+ years on the planet.  I’ve seen some exceptional performances in every sport.  It’s been a beautiful thing to be a part of and see personally as a fan – MJ, Tyson, Armstrong, D. Sanders, B. Sanders, Ali, Serena Williams, V. Williams, Bonds, Rodriguez, M. Schmidt, J. Nicklaus, M. Phelps, U. Bolt, Carl Lewis, and the list goes on.  But no athlete has carried a dominating aura like Tiger in my opinion.  He was like the Mike Tyson of the golf world making his competition shit their pants before he stepped on the course.  Plus, he had the skill to go with it.  He’s the only thing people wanted to watch on Sunday; especially, if he was in the final pairing.  And if it was a major (i.e The Masters, U.S. Open) then forget about it – no competition.  I used to watch him over football on Sundays, if he was in contention.  He was just over thirty and a billionaire.  If that doesn’t say it, I don’t know what does.  It’s like he was scaring sponsors into paying him money.

I wrote an article back in 2010 about the Tiger Woods cheating scandal that rocked the sports world.  I wrote the article because I was disappointed in his apology speech.  I felt it betrayed his manhood and I knew his masculinity would take a hit – and it did.  He hasn’t been the same since.  When you watch golf analysts today they all have theories about what’s wrong with Tiger Woods.  Why has his game left him?  Why can’t he play golf anymore?  Most speculate it’s all in his head, that he’s just over thinking and overdoing everything at this point.  That he’s got too much stuff swirling around in his dome.  I hear what they’re saying, but I have to disagree.  The source of his woes are his lack of testosterone, fire, masculinity, and ruthlessness.  It has to do with a drastic change in his lifestyle after the scandal broke where he was being worshipped by multiple women to moving into a subdued, regular, middle-class male mentality.  In other words, he became like the rest of the golfers on tour without an edge, no fire, and no killer instinct.

You have to understand that Tiger Woods is NOT the most skilled golfer on the PGA Tour.  He’s not.  He doesn’t win based on skill.  He wins based on intimidation, the shear will to win, courage, and a deep knowledge of the game.  It’s true he was one of the greatest putters of all time – easily top five without question.  But putting lends itself to his strengths – knowledge (technique, reads), will, courage.  His courage allowed him to not leave putts short or to take the line he believes to be the right one even though the risk of missing was high.  He was horrendous off the tee in my opinion, but things got better when it came to his mid-range game.  The closer he got to the pin the better and more masterful.  Phil Mickleson is a more skillful player than Tiger and has more raw talent.  I know folks won’t agree with that, but it’s true.  It’s just Phil isn’t as mentally tough as Tiger, which made him too aggressive and unable to hold back when conservation was required.  Rory is a way better skill player than Tiger on all levels in my opinion, but I digress.

If you remember Tiger being interviewed in the mid 2000s, you’ll remember someone with an edge about him.  Someone who would diss a reporter for asking the wrong question and would basically mock them during the whole session.  Reporters were actually scared of Tiger.  He had an ego and a superiority complex.  It’s not a surprise that a 30 year old billionaire would have an edge, and he did.  What were some of the factors that contributed to this edge?  His many women.  He was fucking and dominating in the bedroom and the direct and indirect feedback from the women he was with fed his masculine energy.  As soon as he stopped fucking and getting with multiple women his game died.  So did his competitive fire.

As I said in my first article, the only way he could have gotten out of it was to say, “Yes, I fucked those fifty women.  Yes, I understand I should have told my wife or probably not gotten married in the first place, but that’s a lesson learned and I apologize to her for that.  That said, I’ll continue to fuck these women and others because that’s my lifestyle choice.  Thank you.  End of interview.  No questions.”

That speech would have kept his nut sack in tact.  It would have kept the testosterone pumping.  That would have kept his edge.


Dwayne Wade

The same thing happened to Dwayne Wade.  He was dating Gabrielle Union, but had a baby by another women while they were “broken up”.  Whatever.  Dwayne loves pussy and was into this other woman.  She fucked and sucked him like a King and that helped him stay on top of the basketball world.  Bottom line is he needed that support to remain a champion.  But what happened after the scandal broke.  He got engaged to Gabrielle, went monogamous and stopped dating whoever else he was dating and hasn’t played a full season of basketball since.  Just like Tiger Woods, his body is broken down.  Why?  Because what glued his body together in the first place was his testosterone.  Both of these men were well oiled machines, but what happens when you take the oil and high performance fuel away?  It breaks down.  It doesn’t perform.  It stays in the shop.

After the scandal broke you noticed Dwayne Wade being more sheepish and complimentary in the media.  Very kind where before he had an edge about him.  He was actually kind of an asshole to be honest.  It’s sad to watch the ‘fall’ of these champions as a man; especially, when you know why it’s really happening.  I know the women claim to like the fact that these men are walking the straight and narrow now, but you can’t count that.  I totally and unequivocally reject what any woman and most men have to say on this issue.  Women will always play it conservative even though they love the power and passion and edge these men bring to the table; especially, sexually.

Former President of the United States Bill Clinton speaks to attendees at The U.S. Conference of Mayors in Seattle, Washington, November 1, 2007. REUTERS/Robert Sorbo (UNITED STATES)

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Why did Bill Clinton turn gray so quickly?  Why was he on the operating table receiving heart surgery when he appeared to be a healthy man when he was President?  He was jogging, playing the saxophone, laughing, spry, and doing his thing.  A few years after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke he’s gray and having heart problems.  Bill was also a high oiled machine with a huge ego and a chip on his shoulder.  He’s always been into other women and that fact has always fed his masculine energy.  Is it the only thing?  No, but it was a big part for Bill, Tiger, and Dwayne.

Look, I’m not saying men NEED to date multiple women to be men or have high testosterone or be successful, but what I am saying is, if that’s your M.O. don’t change it.  Most successful men and male world leaders and CEOs have multiple women.  It’s just a fact.  I remember watching a Mao Tse Tung documentary and he said he would take a “rest” once or twice a day.  As the camera panned out it showed him lying down with two dime pieces.  It’s just how it rolls.

One Love,

Rakhem Seku


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