Who Wrote The Matrix (TM) Movie

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big fan of The Matrix™ trilogy.  It’s my favorite set of movies of all time.  What you may or may not know is I’m a metaphysician by trade.  It’s what I do everyday for a living.  “But no wait Rakhem, you’re a relationship coach with your wife Kenya.  I’ve seen you on TV so don’t front.”  The truth is all my coaching is based on metaphysical principles.  I apply the laws of the masculine and feminine based on the laws of duality and tertiary relationships.  That’s all.  It’s just I translate it to language that people can somewhat understand.  Most metaphysicians are nerds and have no interest in translating universal laws into practical applications for the masses.  That’s the difference.

That said, The Matrix™ is one of the most metaphysical movies ever created.  What’s even more impressive is the budget of the film and the caliber of actors.  It’s a big time production.  It’s rare that someone with occult knowledge would share that knowledge with the world.  Most people just use it to make themselves happy or get rich or manipulate the masses and physical reality.  Make sense?  It’s human nature to a degree.  It’s like if I give you five hundred million dollars, you’ll probably use 99% of it for personal reasons.  You won’t try to help out the rest of the world or apply them to any causes or anything, but instead hit the mall, go on vacation, and chill.  In other words, you’ll disappear from the scene and only get into your personal indulgences for the most part.  No judgment at all, just pointing out human nature and what we do when we have an personal advantage in life.

But here’s the thing; I’m watching The Matrix™ and the metaphysics are really deep.  Like there’s symbolism in the movie that’s way beyond what 99% of people watching it are picking up.  I know this for a fact.  This is some ancient Kemetic, esoteric, secret occult type shit right here.  So my question became, “Who in the hell wrote this mf?!”  If you look at the credits the screenplay is by Andy and Lana Wachowsky.  I was like, “Who are these mfs?!”  I have to admit, my racism gene kicked in and was like, “There’s no way a white person could have written this script.  Like zero chance in hell.”  Yep, that’s racial bias. *shrugs*

My bias set me up nicely because some time after the movie’s release stories started to circulate that Sophia Stewart was the actual author of the movie and her script was basically stolen by the Wachowskis.  Now that made sense to me.  I heard about the lawsuit and the settlement and all that and I ran with that story for years.  But then it was exposed that no court documents could be verified by anyone, anywhere.  Even if they were sealed as part of the agreement, there would be a record, case number, etc.  My story was starting to fall apart here.  I ended up listening to Sophia Stewart on a few radio interviews where she explained her background and her manuscript – The Third Eye™ and listened to her drop some knowledge.  Very bright sister and much respect to her and her journey.

That said, she didn’t write The Matrix™.  If you’re telling me that her manuscript idea was taken in terms of computers taking over the world – YES, I buy that one.  No question there.  If you’re telling me she possesses all the esoteric knowledge that went into The Matrix™ then NO; absolutely not.  There’s no manuscript anywhere, with enough information, to use as the baseline to create that movie.  The Wachowski’s had to have had some deep metaphysical and occult knowledge themselves.  In other words, the only way they could have done The Matrix™, if Sophia is the holder of all this knowledge, is to have her on set every fucking day with her giving direct input.  There would have to be about one hundred meetings with white boards with her before they even went into production.  You don’t get all this information from a manuscript.

I’ll do a class for Progressive Love members to demonstrate what I’m talking about and you’ll be able to see first hand that there’s no way that information was stolen from a script she wrote.  I’ll cover all of the significators, the links to Kemetic deities, the colors, the numbers, everything I know.

Who Wrote The Matrix

So, who wrote The Matrix™?  The answer is simple – the Wachowskis.  I wouldn’t have drawn that conclusion ten years ago, but with the dropping of Cloud Atlas™, it’s obvious this family has access to some heavy occult knowledge.  I mean, Cloud Atlas™ is in the top five of deepest movies ever created right behind The Matrix™.  I mean deep, deep shit in that film.

The Source of Occult Knowledge

But where did they get if from?  You have to understand that the most powerful and privileged people in the world belong to a number of organizations who’s goal is to unlock ancient occult secrets from Eastern and African cultures and use that information to gain an advantage in life today.  In other words, if you’re somebody in the world today; if you’re successful on a big scale, you belong to at least two or three of these organizations.  I’m not talking about Illuminati, take over the world organizations, but people who use occult knowledge to win at the game of life.  


In addition, the Wachowski’s are at least part Jewish, which means they may also have access to Kabalistical information.  As a matter of fact, that was my first theory when I saw they did the movie and were Jewish.  I said to myself, “Oh, Kabala.”  They must have raided the rabbi’s library and started studying on their own because they appeared too young to be taught officially in the Kabalistic traditions, which starts around age forty-five.

Was any information stolen by the Wachowski’s?  I’m sure there was.  Most everything on the big screen or in music or big new product was stolen or borrowed.  That’s just the way it goes.  The inventor and creator rarely knows how to get their product and information to the masses and usually ends up being abused and robbed along the way when he/she does.  What can I say, it’s a dog eat dog world.  Survival of the fittest.

The metaphysics continued to drop heavy in The Matrix Reloaded™, but then lighted up in The Matrix Revolutions™.  It appears they ran out of steam in the last movie even though it was made at the same time as Reloaded.

So that’s my assessment.  I’m not trying to bust anyone’s bubble, but just giving my honest assessment based on the facts that have been presented over the past fifteen years.

One Love,

Rakhem Seku

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