Top Five Reasons Many Women Don’t Orgasm

Alright guys, if you have to ask your woman if she had an orgasm, she did not have one. Trust me. And what is this deal with one orgasm? A woman’s orgasm is not like a male ejaculation… women cum in rounds of repeating patterns… we do not end at one – not when we’re sensually activated.

My name is Kenya K Stevens, I am CEO of JuJuMama LLC, along with my husband Carl Stevens. I am a mother of three, wife of many, and I must say, I have multiple orgasms each time I have sex. Any man can tell I’ve had an abundance of streaming orgasms during a good session because I am out of my mind with extensive verbalization, deep breathing, unbridled body movements, and direct communication of what I’m seeing and experiencing on the other side of reality… You know, the ecstasy and pleasure you see girls experiencing while filming for a site like or other adult video hosting sites.

I recall once on facebook the question was asked: how do women feel during orgasm with a man? After more than 20 comments by women who could not necessarily describe it, some because they have never had one, others because they have not had one during intercourse with a man. So their man either needs to order one of the many penis pumping accessories or an exciting sex toy to start to stimulate them, then the real fun can begin… The moderator invited me to comment:

Orgasm for me is very complex. I feel it first and most easily in the clitoris. The feeling is like being tickled but then becomes more intense as the orgasm grows more powerful. It is sort of like what you’d see in a but not at the same time. It can last longer for me if I am focused on my objective, whatever I am manifesting during the act of sex… Usually I have clitoral orgasms before penetration during the warming up of my body… and his…

When I am gifted the experience of intercourse, after many lower orgasms and body orgasms… I use kegals along with the bounty of male weight on my body to bring on vaginal orgasms! I know I’m there when I begin squirting! I can have many female ejaculations during sex. The bed is soaked and I cannot move but when I do move, it’s not me moving, but spirit moving my body -it seems – and I am speaking in new languages because the rhythm of the orgasm is all over my body and I can’t remember myself.

Then the orgasms move up – with more ejaculations, and more instructions (seeding) from a loving man… I can now feel the orgasms every few seconds and the release – it feels like deep release, much like a male ejaculation, in my organs. Often my kidneys, lungs, and heart begin to pulsate, often my blood can be sensed moving… flowing… I can feel every muscle, cell, joint and so forth in my body…

By this time I’m lucky my men are experienced men because I am mostly internal floating away and cannot truly control my body… I am watching my body now, straddled over myself watching from heaven… and he can touch my body and continue to share love with me, healing me, but I respond organically, without thinking – I am deep in trance.

Once the orgasm reaches my spine and shoots upward toward the mind, I have information for the man, I can share information he may need to know that I have no idea how I know… I feel drunk. I do not recall what is say… I do remember saying once ‘I believe in you…’ over and over again until thrusting deeply he did come to believe… in himself.

Once the body reaches this state of orgasm, at least my body, i need to be dealt with carefully… anything can send me into supremely emotional spaces, I cry and laugh loudly and grunt and become a tiger in the forest, a dolphin in the wild…so many forest spirits… fairies.. whatever! It’s pretty wild.

So this is a really good orgasm, and sex should take at least four hours… and intercourse is only 10% of that process, and we can make love in seven different areas of our bodies, and when we do we release past pain, open to trust, create the eternal smile, remember peace, open to love, we do whatever is needed in the moment and we don’t have to think of it… this technology will re-energize the planet… and this is why I say “porn is not sex”.

So that said… men on the thread went a little nuts… they wanted to know how to get their women to this state. It wasn’t always like this for me… and my husband. I had my own issues with being caught up as a sexual object (see image above), doing the wrong things for my own sparse and short orgasms, acting like a man during sex, staying in my head, being unpleasable… all that happened in my younger years… I used to use toys and strict clitoral stimulation as well… I also had to learn that this is not about size, penis size does not matter at all to a naturally orgasmic woman. Good sex is not about anything but pure love (not being in love… but pure love energy). Period.

This is the love making of the Progressive Love Movement. This is what we teach in all secret courses like i2 Tantra. We highly recommend you try these out!

But before we go too deep into the techniques – let’s take a look at the five reasons I believe many women are not having this natural orgasm all women are capable of:

(Note – none of these are men’s fault… but men can support women in healing)

  1. Women are busy trying to please the man… thinking about what to do next (for her man’s pleasure or her own) keeps women in her head. Thinking of what sounds to make, thinking of what movements to make, thinking of what her body must look like, thinking of anything takes away capacity to fall into deep trance and orgasm.
  2. Women were told young – and are continuously told – that virginal, pious, non-sexual women are the good women while women who love sex, are verbose in bed, expansive for sensuality, external with sensuality and ADORE men and sex are whores, nymphs or worse! This thinking shuts women off from orgasm. Period.
  3. Women are shut down emotionally due to past experience and worried about the ‘relationship’ aspect of this sexual union. She wants to have a commitment in order to trust and feel safe. This shuts off orgasm (and ties back into the good girl syndrome).
  4. Women are unwilling or unknowledgeable about the power of surrendering control and allowing herself to fully surrender to pleasure – to lose control. She is constantly asking is it safe and appropriate to relax.
  5. Women are feeling insecure on the planet overall… as if good sex is not a part of the life of struggle, pain, aggravation, and frustration with men that she was taught to expect. She has guilt about being happy and satisfied in any given moment, or for too long a period of time. In essence she does not know how to receive or why she should receive.

I’m sure there are many more reasons women have a hard time reaching orgasm. List some below in the comments. But men, I’m telling you, these five reasons are HUGE!

My husband wrote a book called Tame Your Woman which is a manual on how you can get into the masculine role with your woman so that she can move over into the feminine role and experience these deep orgasmic feelings and sensations that are her birthright.

Men are usually willing and desirous of pleasing women. However, women have to be pleasable. In my first book I talk about how a woman can transform herself to receive these kinds of deep sensations and orgasm.

The importance to humanity of women opening to these blissful energies are immense!

The environment, children, education, governments, food supply, the waters… all of these things are hinged on the harmonious union between masculine and feminine on the Planet. Shantam Nityama helped me to understand this years ago… check his lecture here

This is why JuJumama exists… This is our mission: To free up powerful sensual/spiritual energy between masculine & feminine – to reignite and balance these forces which of themselves create a sane world for all of us. This is why we hold courses and classes and seminars and events and write books, and hire other writers with new voices to talk about Progressive Love and tweets and facebook and do national tv and radio. All we want is the return of the female orgasm (feminine spiritual power) and the return of the male orgasm (masculine spiritual power) thus the return of balance and equilibrium on earth.

Thanks for being here on the journey with us… xo

Kenya K Stevens

Please comment. We welcome your comments.

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