The SPIRIT of Melanated People

People mean well, but often are not qualified to push racial equality forward in the right way.  For example, there are a number of people who are pushing for all people, black, white, asian, etc to not be judged based on color or ethnicity, but rather be seen as equals.  That’s great!  I Love this.  But here’s the issue, this latest energetic and social push has birthed the “sameness” movement where the message of all people being the same is being promoted.  The message basically implicates the only difference between the “races” is pigmentation of the skin and maybe some cultural background.  Hmm…

I appreciate the equality talk and believe in it, but not the sameness talk.  Sorry, I just can’t get with that.  Why?  Because we have vast differences as human beings based on our various melanation levels and the actions of thousands of generations of ancestors.  We have all ‘changed’ into very distinct, unique kinds of human beings.  Not only that, but our biochemical makeup gives rise to many of our unique talents and gifts as people.  The sameness movement tends to overshadow these unique gifts.

This is something I’ve seen all people be ignorant of in one way or another.  For example, highly melanated people will complain they don’t understand why a less melanated police officer would ‘feel’ more threatened or unsafe arresting an unarmed black man than an armed white man.  Huh?  How could you not understand that?  The only way you could misunderstand it is to subscribe to the sameness philosophy.  Now, if that same person would have said, “I don’t understand why a police officer would ‘think’ it’s ok to treat a black person different than a white person”  that would make more sense.  Because ‘thinking’ has to do with your belief system (i.e. racism), but ‘feeling’ has to do with how you actually FEEL.

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I totally understand why a white woman would ‘feel’ threatened being in an elevator with a dark-skinned black man and not a white man.  I can totally understand why white people tend to only ‘feel’ comfortable in their neighborhoods when the percentage of black families living there is under eight percent (1).

Some people don’t understand the level of brutality that was unleashed against African people during the Atlantic and Arab slave trades.  The question is why be so brutal?  Why so much violence and killing?  Why such a systematic attack of our ancestors over centuries just based on skin pigmentation and cultural differences?

Part of the answer lies in the unique qualities of melanated people versus non-melanated people.  Its’ human nature to test the limits of anything that has abilities beyond what we can do ourselves.  Like how much weight can I stack on a mule.  Or how long to ride a horse full speed until it passes out of exhaustion.  Or how long can an African can work in the sun and heat without food or water.  Or how many diseases are melanated people naturally immune too that would otherwise wipe out an entire nation of non-melanated people?  It’s just human nature.  Yes, its’ inhumane and cruel and rooted in ignorance, fear, and unintelligence, but it’s also human nature.

These are fascinating things to discover even within their inhumanness and insanity.  But they are only fascinating because they are not the norm, right?  I mean, if everyone could run a 9.87 second 100 meter dash then no biggie, right?  If we could all jump from the foul line, double pump, and slam dunk a basketball then no need to buy tickets or jerseys, right?  If we could all farm under brutal conditions regardless of the weather or lack of food and water or separation from our families then we’d probably just do it ourselves, right.

Anyway, I digress.

There three important aspects to our makeup as human beings: MIND, SPIRIT, and BODY.

Well, there are actually four, but CONSCIOUSNESS is that imperceptible I AM part of us that is just there for the ride, so we’ll skip it for now.  Our MINDs governs our beliefs, fears, and intelligence and obviously plays a major role when it comes to the treatment of people.  If we believe someone is lesser than, of course we’re going to treat them differently, right?  That’s the belief part of racism and discrimination that everyone is battling right now.  It’s the BELIEF that somehow it’s ok to treat another human being with disrespect and cruelty that has to go – I agree.  But I’d like to talk about SPIRIT…

SPIRIT is essentially energy and it governs how we FEEL, not what we believe.

It’s basically the difference between men and women, right?  Men or masculine energy is synonymous with the MIND – logic, belief, reason; whereas, women of feminine energy is synonymous with SPIRIT – feminine energy governs how it feels, the heart, the feeling of love, etc.  What I’d like to say is the energy and vibration of a melanated person is vastly different than that of a non-melanated person and vice versa.  I’m not talking ‘better or worse’ here, but vastly different none-the-less.  This is important because the sameness movement does not acknowledge this.  They will say, “Oh, a black woman’s hair is the same as an white woman’s hair, except the color is usually different.”  Um…no!  How about texture?  How about the snap-back effect when you try to twist it, heat it, curl it, or any of the above?  The SPIRIT of the hair is different, not just the color.  I’m saying these same types of differences exist when it comes to melanin and skin pigmentation.

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The SPIRIT of a thing is what causes it to vibrate and determines how it will – Vibration is big.

If I’m standing next to someone with a ‘strong’ vibration it can make me FEEL uncomfortable, agitated, or weak – or if I’m attuned to the strength of that vibration, open to it, it can make me feel more powerful, sensually aroused, or stronger!  A person’s energy can have a profound impact on others, but energy and vibration are not recognized in modern society.  In my Bruce Jenner Paradox article I indicated how someone with a strong masculine energy (vibration) can force those around him further into their feminine energy.  He can even force them to be subservient to him or at least feel the desire to be.  All just by his energy.  This is very real, but if you’re not in tuned with yourself you’ll never be conscious of it.  If you don’t subscribe to an African, Eastern, or holistic view of life then you won’t have a category to place this experience.

If you look at the walls of Kemetic (Egyptian) pyramids you’ll see glyphs of people with their hands out with their palms facing a particular direction.  What are they doing?  Giving high fives?  No.  They were passing energy to one another and towards specific objects for the purpose of affecting them.  Why?  Because the Kemetians understood human beings carry and emit and transmit energy and it actually has an effect on the environment.  The Kemetic people understood we’re not just BODY, but MIND, and SPIRIT as well.  Make sense?

Have you ever been somewhere and it just didn’t ‘feel right’?  It’s like you walk into the club and the energy is just off or fucked up to the point where you really just want to leave.  Or someone walks into the place and their energy is off.  Again, the more you are in touch with yourself the more real and obvious these experiences are.

A heavily melanated person has a very strong vibration and energy.  No matter what his education is or how much money he has or if he’s a Republican or whatever will stop that energy from hitting people upside the head.  It can be overpowering when misunderstood.  It can strike fear in people’s hearts especially when they don’t understand what they’re feeling.  Top that with a fucked up MINDset and backward beliefs, and it just gets worse.  Is that making sense?

Can you see why white people begin to flee neighborhoods when the percentage of melanated people gets over eight percent?  It’s not just about a MINDset and conscious racism.  It’s about an energy and vibration they can feel and misinterpret as overpowering and making them ‘uncomfortable’.  We have to recognize these things for what they are.  We are not the same, energetically.  Melanin content creates shades of SPIRITual energy that can be viscerally felt and experienced.

We see and hear about white people moving back into Detroit.  Why now?  Because the prices of property are at an all time low?  No.  Anyone from Detroit will tell you those houses downtown have been cheap for over a decade.  The same goes for Baltimore.  So why would white people move back to Detroit now?  Because the percentage of melanated people is decreasing making it more comfortable to exist in that space.  Make sense?  Yes, there is a MINDness and racist belief system, but if you think that’s all that’s happening then you’re not looking at things holistically.

This is not a one way discussion because black people have the same ‘feeling’ when white people are around.  It’s a vibe.  White people’s or non-melanated people’s energy is much different than black people’s.  Non-melanated people tend to absorb the energy around them while melanated people tend to give off energy and effect their environment.  It’s almost like two sides of the same coin.  In other words, white people may feel like their space (safety) is being invaded when black people are around; however, black people may feel drained or sucked dry when white people are around.  This is due, of course, to our lack of education on how to utilize the variance in energetics to our benefit.  In the end, both experiences can be considered uncomfortable.  But if we learn to utilize the talents of both energetic configurations to social benefit, maybe they won’t feel so uncomfortable.

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Vector logo of moon with clouds, abstract shape


Isn’t that one of the complaints black people have about white people – that they “take” our culture, music, creativity, religious and spiritual technology, all while never giving us credit for it.   Isn’t white people’s complaint about black people that we effect their culture in negative and overpowering ways (influence their children to dance and sing our songs, influence their women and men to want us sensually… Influence the language and dress codes all around the world) we just hate them, but we don’t really know why, is a predominant thought.  Here’s an example,

Count Constantine was quoted as saying, “It is upon seeing that head [the sphinx of Giza] typically negro in all it’s features, I remember the remarkable passage of Herodotus, the Ancient Egyptians were true negroes of the same type as all native born Africans.  Just to think that this race of Black men today, are slaves and the object of scorn, the very race to which we owe the origins of our arts, sciences & even the use of speech.”  

That would pretty much tell me you have no idea why you hate someone.  This is the SPIRIT issue I was mentioning before.  It’s when you don’t FEEL comfortable around a certain type of person and work to separate yourself, abuse, or even eliminate those individuals in order to eliminate that discomfort.  The MINDness (beliefs) comes in later as a justification for the action one takes based on their response to what the SPIRIT is feeling.

In summary, I agree that we need to fix our MINDs as people in order to effectively interact with one another; especially, of different melanation levels and ethnicities, but what’s even more important is to get training on what it FEELS like to be around people of different energy configurations because without that we’ll never truly feel comfortable around each other.  And maybe most important of all, there are possible benefits to our current energetics, maybe we might want to harness the SPIRITual diversities among “races” and create a society that works for all.

–(1) Statistic from Professor Andrew Hacker.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku


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