The Indigo Child – An Ode to Willow Smith

This is one of the rare occasions where I get to grove to the music of the person I’m writing about.  I’m jamming to Female Energy: Freestyle by Wilough Smith as I write this blog post.  I’ve got it on repeat.  It’s my new favorite song from Willow and replaced Summer Fling (below) as my number one vibe to, play on repeat, get all my work done song.  Yep…

“I just landed, in another atmosphere”  

Guess what Willow?  That atmosphere you just landed in belongs to the planet Earth.  Thanks for the visit and representing the Indigo Children with the niceness!!  What’s an Indigo Child?  It’s a child who functions beyond the social limiting parameters that define normality and success and compliance.  It’s not just maturity though, but an actual consciousness and awareness that’s beyond 95% of the adults on the planet.  Indigo Children are here to teach ALL of humanity what it means to be human and spiritual and authentic.  They remind us what we should have been and what we shouldn’t have agreed to conform too.  They show us what laws, customs, and traditions are just silly, meaningless, and hurtful.  They expose our lack of intelligence as a society.  It’s humbling to say the least.

They are still children though.  They need food and water and discipline.  You will have to deal with attitude and drama and all of that, so let’s keep it in perspective.  But let’s not lose the gift being given us, either.

Indigo Children are actually fairly common on Earth, but they rarely maintain their high level of consciousness over the long haul.  They rarely have the protections of knowledgable and conscious adults around them to protect them from the cultural assault that the rest of us buckled too in our youth.  It’s not a knock against them or adults  because life on Earth is supposed to be tough.  Three dimensional reality goes hard.  The Earth plane is supposed to be a gymnasium for light beings to elevate their consciousness and gain super powers.


The good thing is Willow seems to have parents that offer these protections and feed and encourage her elevation.  It’s not saying any parent is perfect or without fault because we all have things we’d like to take back.  Actions we’d like to rescind.  Words we’d like to recant.  But the point is, if the intention is pointing our children in the right direction and there is sincere effort, we can give our children a chance to learn the higher lessons they came to learn instead of them being tied down in the muck and mire. 

Yep, that’s the ideal situation.  And while they’re learning we can learn from their lessons and we all benefit.  It’s called the circle of life, which is why giving to our children and each other as human beings is critical whether we’re at the consciousness level to realize it or not.


Willow makes some profound statements in her song Female Energy – Freestyle.  Here are some of my favorites:

“How you feel is not my problem.”    

That line is about as Progressive as you can get!  We might even add this one to our Progressive Love Tenets.  The truth is, our feelings are our responsibility.  Even if I call you a name or leave you or don’t do what you want me to do, doesn’t make me responsible for your feelings.  Even if I leave you on the side of the road, how you FEEL is all on you.  How you feel is a personal issues between you and you.  Why?  She says, “Cause it’s really out of my control.”  Meaning, no human being can control another human being’s feelings or emotions no matter what the romance novels tell you.  Only you can control you.  You can take that one to the bank.

“What I do is not your problem.”

I just like this line because she’s acknowledging the vice versa applies.  What she does is her choice and shouldn’t be a problem for you.  So when she says, “Whatever, I really don’t feel like talking.” that’s her choice of action and really not your problem.  Make sense?  It may be a meditation piece I know.

“I’ve just landed in another atmosphere.”

In my view, this line acknowledges she understands LIFE (as in LIFE in totality) is a multi lifetime journey that spans way beyond our one human existence.  She said she’s “conversing with light bodies.” because at the end of the day we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Sound cliche?  Not really.  If you have a higher perspective on your LIVES it can help you with your current life.  Too many of us look at this life as all there is.  Like it’s a one-shot deal, winner take all.  There’s just too much tension and stress in that kind of thinking.  She says, “Stop trying to make it complicated.” and enjoy your life and let others be.

Wilough (Willow Smith) is not Hiding!

The last thing I’ll say and what is probably most important about what I’ve observed from Willow is her vulnerability.  She’s like a classical blues singer to me in that she’s expressing how she feels.  I don’t see any cover up or hiding with her.  I feel her hurt, her happiness, her desire to be with friends, or her boyfriend crushes.  I can tell when she misses someone.  She’s not fronting or faking for anyone.  I love that.  Even the one or two times I’ve seen her picture in magazines or online you can see she’s not hiding.  I really appreciate that and hope the rest of us can learn a thing or two.

We all get burnt out trying to smile for the camera all the time.  How exhausting!

Keep doing your thing Willow and hold onto the memory of who you really are and exactly why you’ve visited our atmosphere.  Shout out to her parents for being vehicles and guardians because it’s no easy job.

One Love.

Rakhem Seku

(Carl E Stevens)


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