The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1

The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1

Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation

This is the latest release from Carl Stevens and goes deep into the theory and philosophy of open relating. What’s the difference between open relating and polyamory? Who is open relating best suited for? How do you go from monogamy to open relating? What are some of the pitfalls you should be aware of before exploring the open relating lifestyle? All of these questions and more are answered in The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1 – Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation.

Carl has over ten years living inside of an open marriage and has coached scores of couples and singles around their relationships. His perspective comes from direct experience and an assortment of real-life situations that may also come up for the average person exploring the open relating lifestyle.

The Art of Open Relating Volume 1: Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation explores the many dynamics of open relationships and what anyone should consider before considering this relationship style. What’s also defined is the difference between open relationships, monogamy, polyamory, and polygamy.


It’s of critical importance we understand the various relationship dynamics and their accurate definitions so we can make the best choices for our own personal relationships. Learn about the many open relationship structures and how they change and what we should be mindful of inside of each of these structures. This is critically important due to the fluid nature of open relationships.

In addition, the individual profiles of people who participate in open relationships are also defined to support each participant in understanding some of the risk factors each person brings to the open relationship structures they’re participating in. How does a married couple fair versus someone who isn’t married? Why are guiding principles the backbone of open relating rather than rules and protocols that we find in polyamory? Why isn’t open relating for most people, but only a small minority of the population?

This book also offers some insight into the challenges with monogamy and even some strategies for monogamous couples to strengthen their bonds. Monogamy has some very specific characteristics that must be recognized and accounted for in order to avoid the traps leading to infidelity and divorce. Learn the three phases of opening your relationship and why each phase is critical for success. Generally, the people who fail in opening their relationship have skipped one or more of these steps and instead jumped right in.

Overall, The Art of Open Relating Volume 1: Theory, Philosophy, & Foundation is an critical read in helping define the relationship landscape whether you’re into open relationships or not. It’s job at identifying the possibilities for how to live your relationship life is of major value and good to know if nothing else.

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