Releasing Mental and Emotional Baggage

Which is it for you?  Are you attracting the same relationships over and over?  Are you in an endless cycle of having money then flat broke?  Do you consistently find yourself getting shafted by life, job, lovers, bosses, or family?  Maybe you have regular bouts with depression.  Could it be that you have consistent trouble sticking to your diet or exercise routines or maybe your a chronic excuse giver.  Or maybe you struggle with telling small lies out of fear of facing truth’s consequences.

We all have something we’re battling, but I’m here to tell you this:  ALL challenges begin in the mind.

In order to change our lives we have to acknowledge we are creatures of habit.  In other words, we are designed and constructed to mold our life activities based on UNCONSCIOUS habits.  We’re specifically designed to be on autopilot in as many ways as possible where thinking, analyzing, figuring, and measuring are taken out of the equation.  In other words, it would be hard for you to survive if you had to think about the technical aspects of walking every time you went up the street.  Or how to hold a fork.  Or if you had to refresh yourself of the English language every day upon waking.  Or if you had to relearn how to type.

The human brain is designed to make things habitual and commit certain activities to memory so we don’t have to think about them ever again.

We do most activities without actually thinking!  The more repetition, the stronger the reinforcement.  Sounds good, right?  Trust me, it saves us a ton of time.  But what else is committed to habit besides walking, talking, and chewing gum?  How about how to react to the dark?  How about how to react to men or women when dating?  How about how to behave in a relationship?  How about exactly when to be fearful of commitment?  Also… (and this is unfortunate) how to stay in a state of poverty?  How to relax and not work out.  How to eat to make yourself feel really, really good.  How to play a victim in order to get attention and sympathy.  How to get hurt and f****d over in a relationship every single time, like clockwork.  How to think and feel the feelings of failure, even though they don’t feel so great.

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I think you can see where I’m going with this.  We turn our THOUGHTS and BELIEFS into habits and patterns as well, not just physical functions.  We transform the generation of certain emotions into habits, not because it’s what we want, but what we’re accustomed too.  Yes, it hurts, but it’s all our subconscious brain knows and it’s better to have predictable pain than an unpredictable god-only-knows-what.  It’s how we’re built.  We are creatures of habit.  We love predictability, no matter how screwed up the outcomes may be.

When you study professional athletes you’ll find they need to learn the basics all over again in order to excel in sports.  They must learn to BREATHE correctly.  They must learn what balanced posture is and how to stand up straight.  They must learn how to run all over again.  They must learn to see, hear, and feel again.  They must learn to eat and listen to their bodies.  To do all of this they actually hire coaches and professionals to assist them.  Why?  Because it’s sooooo very hard to change even the most basic patterns without intense focus and effort.  It takes awareness of what needs to be changed and practice, practice, practice.  Repetition upon repetition to do what?  To retrain the brain.  To retrain the muscles because they were on autopilot from the time these athletes were youth.

The winter time is the time to CLEAR and RELEASE any and all patterns, habits, beliefs, thoughts, philosophies, and memories that don’t serve you in accomplishing your purpose and passion in life.  You have to start with what’s in your head first.  You have to drop the nonsense that you’ve been holding on to – or telling yourself is true – just because it makes you feel good OR because you don’t feel like doing the work to change it.  Or you don’t feel like changing your position and acknowledging what you once called an absolute universal truth is actually temporal.

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Don’t waste your time removing people from your life, but instead eliminate the mindset and thought pattern that caused you to attract them into your life in the first place.  Why?  Because if you don’t do that you’ll just attract someone else just like them all over again and we’ll be having the same discussion next year.  Don’t eliminate sugar from your diet.  Instead eliminate the emotional void you attempt to fill with the sweets.

Don’t divorce your husband or wife because they’re not fulfilling you or making you happy.  Instead, release the pattern of disappointment and the belief that someone else is responsible for your happiness or that it can actually be obtained from a source outside of yourself.  Make sense?

There will be time enough to cut people loose and cut down on sweets, and do the spring cleaning, but why throw stuff out now when all you’ll do is accumulate it all over again.  That gets so tiring.

Do something new for yourself.  Create a brand new life and new prosperity, but let’s start within ourselves first.  I guarantee you’ll see the results brighter than ever and the payoff will be exponential – spiritually uplifting, personally fulfilling, and materially beneficial.  (Click any image on this post to find the tools you need to do the work!  It’s time!)

One Love,


Rakhem Seku

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