Carl E. Stevens, Jr. Coaching

Who Am I

Rakhem Seku (Carl E. Stevens, Jr.) is a premier love and relationship coach with an extensive background in developing and implementing cutting edge tools and processes to support his clients in achieving the relationship success they desire.  Rakhem has over a decade of experience coaching his clients and achieving tangible results in their lives.  He’s also a trained tantric specialist and shaman who offers premium support for women and men looking to shift their relationship experience. It’s one thing to talk to someone about your relationship, but another entirely to talk to someone with a proven track record of success in his personal and professional life.


JujuMama is the premier relationship, love, and self-empowerment company with powerful tools to assist you in creating the life you desire inside of your marriage, primary relationship, or love connection.


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What Services Do I Offer

I offer four main coaching services:

You can find details on each of these services below as well as links to purchase.

Why We All Need Coaching

How do you push through mental and emotional blocks that keep you from achieving relationship success? Why are you stuck in a pattern and how do you break it?  In this video I explain why investing in a coach is critical to your success.

Structured Relationship Coaching Program for Women

As a man who’s related to numerous women, been married for over twenty-two years, and coached many more, I have a unique and proven insight to support women in navigating their relationships. Here are some areas that can be addressed during our sessions:

  • How to communicate with him through text, phone, and in person.
  • How to endear him to you.
  • How to interpret his behavior in various situations.
  • Working with him sexually to increase the frequency, potency, and passion.
  • Navigating his past relationship connections.
  • Positioning yourself for marriage by picking the ideal partner.
  • Understanding why she’s not happy.
  • Learning how to connect to her heart.
  • Bringing true intimacy into the relationship.
  • Creating a love-based relationship dynamic between you and your partner.


It’s not necessary for him (or her) to be on the sessions with you. We’ll focus on your making the shifts to change your relationship reality. We’ll design a Customized Work Curriculum just for you to support you in meeting your goals.


This is a 10 Hour Coaching Package consisting of a combination of call anytime plus a Customized Work Curriculum to support you in achieving your relationship goals.


With the Customized Work Curriculum, we’ll do the following:

  • Determine your goals
  • Do your Personality Profile (Character Map) to determine your natal tendencies, likes, dislikes, and potential hang-ups
  • Analyze your past relationships to determine patterns, blueprint behaviors, your attraction profile.
  • Develop a strategy that’s practical in meeting your goals that included the key growth areas, as well.
  • Scheduled calls to keep you on track and check in with updates.


Other Coaching Package Inclusions

  • You can Call or Text anytime as you feel you need to talk (see terms & conditions)
  • You have access to unlimited readings during any of your coaching sessions.
  • You can schedule distance energy work sessions.
  • Have Rakhem Seku do meditations or rituals on your behalf to help you achieve your goals.
  • Personality Profiles (Character Map) charts can be done as part of your coaching package for you or loved ones.
  • 3 Way Mirror Analysis, Lacing, and other tools available for sessions.
  • Text anytime (availability varies)


If you have questions and would like know if coaching with Rakhem is right for you, send an email to with a description of your relationship challenges and goals. He’ll respond in due order with what he can do to support you.


See the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of each coaching service offering for details.


General AnyTime Coaching

You can also get one of my many coaching packages that range anywhere from a 30 minute reading up to a 40 Hour, call anytime coaching package.  Here’s a list of coaching packages:

  • 30 Minute Reading (3 Questions)
  • 1 Hour Coaching
  • 4 Hour Coaching
  • 10 Hour Coaching
  • 20 Hour Coaching
  • 40 Hour Coaching


With the call anytime coaching packages, we can discuss any topic around life, love, relationships, finances, spirituality, sexuality, etc.  There are no topics that are off limits.  Readings can be done on-demand as well as character mapping analysis where necessary.


Visit our coaching page at for more details.  Also, see the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of each coaching package description.

Tantric Healing Services

You can also choose to have a deep energetic and sensual tantric session with Rakhem Seku that is designed to offer extensive healing from sexual, relationship, and life traumas. A tantric session with Rakhem Seku will support you in finding your deepest pleasure, expanding your orgasm, and helping you find you power and magnetism to create the life you desire for yourself.


To inquire about Tantric Services, send an email with a description of what you’re looking to accomplish to You can sign up for a tantra session with Rakhem Seku HERE.


Reality Shifting Services

Do you need support with your health? Struggling with an illness like cancer, fibroids, etc? Would you like to drastically shift your reality such that you’re on track to achieving your goals and living the life that you desire?


Imagine having the spiritual support to shift your reality to whatever you desire it to be. Rakhem Seku offers just this kind of support. He’ll use his unique meditation and ritual ability to support you in making these life shifts that you desire. No task is too large. No reality is off limits for you. Send an email to Rakhem Seku at to inquire if his spiritual services are right for you.


If you’re ready to get to work, you can get started by purchasing the package here:



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The Art of Open Relating:

Finding Male Sexuality:

Tame Your Woman:

Bagua Astrology for Beginners:

The Bagua Character Map:

Moon Manifestation System Workbook:

Sun Manifestation System Workbook:

Manifestation Marriage for Women:

Bagua Oracle Interpretation Guide:



JujuMama Journal SKY-BLUE: (blank pages)

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AUM Journal (blank pages): (blank pages)

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Meta-fysical Journal – All Seeing Eye: (blank pages)

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Peaceful Warrior Journal: (blank pages)



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