Rakhem Seku BIO & Credentials

About Rakhem Seku

Carl E. Stevens, Jr. (aka Rakhem Seku) is a metaphysician, life and love coach, and author. He teaches the Bagua Astrology System (BAS) and applies metaphysical concepts to support people in creating the lives they desire through the JujuMama Love Academy (JLA) – a metaphysical school he created with his wife Kenya Stevens.


Carl is the author of numerous books, including:


Rakhem is also the creator of his own oracle deck of cards available in four colors: BLACK, RED, SKY-BLUE, and YELLOW.  The Bagua Oracle Interpretation Guide is the companion book for these cards.  Online instructional videos are available at his School of Metaphysics & Spirituality.


At the JujuMama Love Academy (JLA), students are certified in the many disciplines Carl and Kenya have created and authored including:

  • Life & Love Coaching Certification
  • Feminine Power Certification
  • i2Tantra Certification
  • Moon Manifestation System Certification
  • Bagua Astrology System (BAS) Certification
  • Three Way Mirror Certification


Carl and Kenya have hundreds of audios and videos available to their students at the JLA RESOURCE LIBRARY and additional products available to the general public through their store.


Carl has been on numerous television and radio shows including:


  • The Monique ShowTM
  • The Ricki Lake ShowTM
  • The Dr. Phil ShowTM
  • The Brian Cunningham ShowTM
  • Fox NewsTM, ABC NewsTM
  • The Michael BaisdenTM radio show,
  • Power 99FMTM in Philadelphia and many others.


Carl and Kenya have been married for over twenty years and continue to raise three children together. Carl has two degrees: a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA with a finance concentration from Howard University. He’s worked for one of the largest consulting firms in the world for ten years doing software implementation and project management for their Fortune 100 clients.


To contact Carl, you can email him at mail@jujumama.com.


You can find his FacebookTM fan page at http://www.facebook.com/rakhemseku.


The website is http://www.jujumama.com and the JujuMama Love Academy is located at http://jla.jujumama.com.