Quantum Leaping and Childhood Dreaming

I have some advice for people – if you want a first hand understanding of the power of the spirit as well as a greater understanding of the universe beyond what’s presented physically, your best bet is to recall your most magical and creative childhood experiences.  I say that because if we are quantum, cosmic beings who have a history and future beyond this physical earthly life, our closest experiences and memories will be from childhood.  As ‘children’ we come into the earthly world from the cosmic, metaphysical world and thus have memories of who we were.  We also have behavioral responses that reflect that world as well.

The best way to describe the metaphysical dimension we come from and inevitably go back to is observe our dreams.  If you’ll notice, the dream world has different rules than the earthly world – no gravity, no walls, and a total obliteration of time and space as we know it.  Bagua Character Map Promo CoverThe dream realm is the metaphysical realm (or one of them) that we come from.  That’s where are spirits spends most of it’s life.  When you are dreaming lucidly you’ll notice the experience is very real.  You don’t react to the monster chasing you with disregard, but with regard, correct?  You can run, fly, walk through walls, skip to different planets at the blink of an eye, apparently get killed, but still be alive and exist in the dream realm.  It has different rules from the physical plane here on earth.

Childhood Dreaming

Lets go back to childhood.  When you observe how children function, you’ll notice their behavior mimics someone who lives in the dream realm.  What I mean is children don’t observe the same physical laws and limitations that we as conditioned adults do.  Why?  The socially accepted reason for the way children function is their brains and senses are underdeveloped; therefore, they can’t fully sense and appreciate the world for what it is.  For example, they may not be able to hear or see the car coming and process the danger of walking into the road.  Or they can’t immediately feel the heat of the bonfire and thus endanger themselves by walking too close.  The other socially accepted reason is they are new to earth and don’t know the rules like adults do.  Children haven’t heard stories of people getting hit by cars and therefore don’t respect the dangers of walking in the street without looking.  Children haven’t yet burnt their hands on the stove and therefore don’t take the necessary precautions in the kitchen or around fire.  As adults, we’ve been burnt numerous times.  We’ve had close calls on the road.  We’ve stubbed our toes on the bed post.  We’ve felt the force of gravity from a hard fall.  It’s the collection of these experiences that have helped us ‘learn’ (conditioned us) what to do and what not to do on earth.

That all make sense, but I’d like to propose a different reason children don’t fully respect physical limitations out of the womb – it’s because they have been operating by different rules in the metaphysical realm before they came here.  The metaphysical realm is virtually limitless.  It’s a place where your consciousness and spirit are allowed to express themselves according to their limitless nature.  It’s a place of true freedom.  Manifesting Marriage Promo Book Cover Pic Thin TransparentThis is where you come from and spend the majority of your time as a spiritual being.  The earth realm is where you go for a very specific experience.  The best analogy I can think of is when you go deep sea diving.  You’re a healthy and capable human being, but to deep sea dive you must alter your physicality, right?  You must wear a heavy rubber suit (new skin), strap a breathing tank to your back (new organs – lungs), put on new eyes in the form of goggles, put on new feet in the form of fins, etc.  In order to experience the deep ocean you must step into a physical body different than the one you use to explore land.  The same thing happens when you come to earth.  You must put on a body suit.  Your consciousness and spirit are the same on earth as when in the dream realm; however, they are not inside of a suit, per se.  I hope that logic makes sense anyway.

Quantum Leaping

So, my client put some pressure on me to write this article.  I gave her an example of how I used to step into different realities (realms) when I was a child.  I did it instinctively and can’t even remember where or how I thought of doing it, but here’s the story.  I remember when I was around six I would be playing in the yard or at the pool and having certain desires.  Like, I’d want to have candy or go somewhere, but it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen, at least no time soon.  In those situations, I would automatically, just step into a different reality where those things would be happening.  The way I would envision it is there was a parallel reality right next to the one I was currently experiencing – it was like a big window that started about six inches off the ground and went ten feet up in the air.  All I had to do was lift my foot up and step through that window.  Once I stepped through, I would basically forget about my desire and continue playing or doing what I was doing.  It’s like, I knew I would get what I wanted and didn’t really think about it anymore after that.

I would do this regularly as a child like maybe three times per year.  I remember specific times where this worked, but there are other times where I can’t really remember what the outcome was if any, but here’s the thing.  I do remember not being occupied with knowing if it worked or not.  I wasn’t really stressed or concerned about it once I stepped through the dimensional window.  It’s almost like stepping through the window was enough.  Kinda weird, right?  That’s how I knew I wasn’t trying to escape some trauma because I never did it during traumatic experiences and wasn’t overly concerned with the outcome.  As soon as I stepped through, it was back to playing.

The older I got, the less I would do this.  I guess the world soon convinced me that these types of experiences don’t make sense and aren’t effective.  Or maybe I just forgot about them.  The last time I remember doing it was a couple of times in college.  I did it one time when I was coming back from the infirmary.  I used to get strep throat or some kind of flu every winter.  It would have me sick for almost a week.  I went to the infirmary one day to get checked on and get some medication because I could feel it coming on.  Vector logo of moon with clouds, abstract shapeOn the way back to my dorm, I remember looking to the sky, which was gray and overcast, and stepping into a different dimension.  As soon as I did it, I forgot all about it. I remember being sick still and out of it for about a week, but looking back at it, that was one of the last times I ever had that winter sickness.  It may have happened one more time since then, but I don’t recall a specific time.  I know, years later I wondered why I wasn’t getting sick in November anymore because it used to hit me like clockwork ever since elementary school, but I never linked it to my dimensional travels. *shrugs*

I have a lot more stories like that with different things I would do as a child, but here’s the thing, we all have those stories.  The question is whether or not you can remember yours and if you can, do you have faith in them being real and valid experiences that you can emulate today?  How it happened for me and my specific process is unique, but the fact it happened is not.

Re-Membering & Re-Learning

Most of what we do at JujuMama is help people shed the limitations they’ve accepted since coming to the planet.  Some of these limitations are valid and useful, but many of them are not.  Many of these limitations just stop of from having what we want in life and limit our manifestation abilities.  It’s like Morpheus said – many of these rules (limitations) can be bent; others can be broken.  I Create My Life Promo Cover Pic Thin 3DThe other option is to talk to your elders and see what they can offer as proof that the earthly realm is not all there is to life.  The closer we get to death the more we realize much of what we have accepted as truth is actually bullshit.  We begin to realize there’s no need to fear death.  We begin to remember where we came from before we were born on earth and start to find peace in our future transition – death.

Remember these words and your childhood during your next lucid dream – a beautiful experience awaits.

One Love,

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