The Moon Manifestation System Workbook/Journal [SPIRAL Bound]


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Moon Manifestation System
Workbook & Journal




The Moon Manifestation System Workbook & Journal is the perfect companion for manifesting using the moon cycle.  The Introduction has over 50 pages of instruction on each phase of the MMS process including processes and tools to magnify the energy and better align you to each phase.  The Moon Manifestation System (MMS) Workbook & Journal also contains worksheets for completing all the assignments for all of the phases of the MMS process.  Each worksheet has instructions and space for writing.  You will also find calendar pages for each day of the lunar cycle with instructions for that day and space to write notes and insights.


The MMS Workbook contains three sets of worksheets, calendar pages, and journal page and can be used for any three moon cycles you choose.  Easy to follow instructions for knowing when to start and how to fill out your calendars.


The MMS Workbook can also be used as a companion to the MMS online classes as well.


There are two version of the Moon Manifestation System (MMS) Workbook & Journal.  This version is the ‘spiral bound’ version of the book, which means it gives you more access to write and take notes.  There is also a ‘perfect bound’ version of the book which is a standard bound book and gives a little less writing access to some of the pages.  You can get the perfect bound version of the book HERE.


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Page Count: 372

Author: Carl E. Stevens, Jr.

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