I CREATE MY LIFE – Volume 1 | 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires Using the Sun Cycle [PAPERBACK]


Become the CEO of your own freaking life!  You can do this easily when you know the seasons and how they affect your power to manifest.  The solar or sun cycle is a 365 day cycle highlighted by the two equinoxes and solstices.  Discover the power in these days and all eight of the seasons!  Yes, there are not four seasons, there are eight!  This book will explain it all.

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I Create My Life – Volume 1: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires Using the Sun Cycle [PAPERBACK]



Natural cycles are some of the most powerful forces in our lives and can be used to affect change in our environment. These forces, when utilized correctly, can also help us manifest our physical desires. The I Create My Life volume set is created to help us utilize natural cycles to bring our physical desires into reality. This book, I Create My Life – Volume 1, focuses on using the yearly SUN cycle to help us manifest BIG goals (i.e. marriage, money, job transition, etc.). Learn to use these nine unique steps to grow yourself into a new powerful you, while simultaneously, magnetizing your dreams. Here are the steps at a glance: 0. PEACE – Understanding your essential nature

  • 1. PLANNING – Learning to intuit your goals and align them with your purpose
  • 2. PLANTING – The art of commitment
  • 3. CLEARING – Releasing baggage and old beliefs
  • 4. GATHERING – Being the change
  • 5. SEEING – Creating a roadmap for success
  • 6. LEADING – Being the CEO of your LIFE
  • 7. DOING – Developing courage as a practice
  • 8. USING – Speaking your desires into existence 


Also, learn some of the most powerful processes, rituals, and practices to assist you in bringing your goals into reality and aligning your vibration with success. Each phase of the process contains a Calendar Pages section which tells you which protocols to execute and when to execute them. The entire year is mapped out for you with clear instructions.



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