Spend a personal hour with Carl E. Stevens, Jr. or Kenya K Stevens and watch the magic happen!  In this one hour session you will give your coach a basic overview of your scenario and receive a full strategy as to how best implement specific Progressive solutions and change your love and life for the better.  If you are ready to create something new in your love life, it’s time to book your session!

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Carl and Kenya are dynamic love coaches, we remain caring and present with clients supporting with strategy to achieve any relationships objective.  Our special, private, coaching services support thousands of individuals in shifting their relationships and lives, using Progressive strategies and tools.

The one hour session includes:

  • Overview of your Scenario
  • Full strategic plan created for your success

This coaching can be done via Skype, phone, or in person.  This package can also be used for Text Coaching ONLY, if desired.  One hour Introductory Coaching requires an appointment.  Once you register for this package you will be prompted to choose your appointment time.  You’ll choose your coach, Carl or Kenya K Stevens, or both.

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