Phaedra’s Empire and NEW Atlanta

Let me start by saying, I don’t know **** about Phaedra or her personal business. My only interaction with her was getting some counsel from her at her office concerning some business we wanted her to assist us with. Part of what I’m about to say is strictly from my imagination, another part is from my observation, and a smaller portion is verifiable facts. That’s my disclaimer, so take my opinion as my opinion and let’s jump in.

The toughest thing about identifying female emperors (empress) is often times their empire and their leadership style looks so much different than that of a man. Men tend to be over the top with their ****. Flaunting and flossing all over the place, partly so they can attract women and have their ego and insecurities flossed. I get it. We just can’t help it sometimes. It’s funny how a man’s greatest strength turns out to be his greatest weakness too. As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed the number one downfall of the male villain is his ego. He wants recognition and acknowledgement, which ultimately leads to his downfall. He has to make some grand statement on top of a sky scraper while the hero watches. It doesn’t work that way with women; they just take you out and keep it moving. Cold, I know.

Identifying the Queen Bee is tough because she’s not about ego and flossing, but about results. All she cares about is the bottom line. She wants the money in the bank, she wants her children fed, her hair done, and the shoe closet in order. She doesn’t need you to bow down to her out in public. That’s the real female emperor. Her greatest defense is that you don’t know she exists. And when I say emperor, that’s what I mean and not just a woman with money. There’s a difference. An empire is a business organization that transcends the laws and borders it resides in. It follows its own rules and has its own internal structure unbeknownst to people outside of the organization. The members and subjects swear loyalty to the empire above and beyond their own lives. There’s a difference!

Lastly, when I say empire, I’m not implying something huge. Empires can be small or large just like corporations. The point is the structure and culture of the empire is what makes it unique and special. That’s what I’m focusing on here.

Why am I writing this article and what does Phaedra have to do with it? Because I’ve never seen someone ball so hard and walk on both sides of the legal line so closely and come out completely and totally unscathed. Even though everyone around her, including her husband, plummet to the depths of the abyss. The only way that can occur is if you’re highly intelligent. The only way you can do that is if people are protecting you. The only way you can do that is if you’re the Queen Bee and the head of the empire.

I don’t know **** about Phaedra’s past personally or the size of her empire, both on and off the books, but I’ve heard she’s been in charge of some interesting side businesses on the other side of the legal line. I heard she ran her businesses with precision, but I won’t go into details. In my mind that would partly explain how she could be with her husband whose criminal history is more public. Is it possible for your husband, with no job, to make over three million dollars over the course of a few years and you not know anything about it? Is it possible for your spouse to clock those dollars and you and your children not benefit at all from it? Those were of course rhetorical questions.

This is not an accusation at all, but more an acknowledgement of BRILLIANCE. It’s also me showing some respect for people in the game who have a plan and make moves that are not only calculated but precise. Good stuff! Again, the judgments of right or wrong can be kept with the masses and laypeople. I’m just acknowledging artwork in motion.

What I see is a common theme in what I call NEW Atlanta. It’s how I’ve observed black people hustling in the ATL to not only keep those huge houses, that once came so easily back in the 90s and early 2000s, but to establish empires and legacies. Many people lost tons of money when the market crashed in 2008. They lost houses, rental properties, assets, fortunes, but out of the ashes rose a whole new class of entrepreneur who walks the legal line and hustles hard every day.

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I calculated Pheadra’s personality profile using a system I created called the Bagua Astrology System and found she’s a KING archetype. That would go with my theory that she’s the Queen Bee and moving the chess pieces on the board in position while being protected at all costs by her minions. Her survival is critical. One thing about the KING archetype is everything is done with intention and very strategically. They run a tight ship and they NEED people working for them. They are well aware of their environment and know everything that is happening. They need people to manage and they always make it look easy. They may be stressed out on the inside, but they look good on the outside.

And it’s not about feeling sorry for the worker bees because we all know what we’re signing up for before we sign up for it. We all know the risks and the rewards and those that have fallen around Phaedra have definitely reaped some rewards and will again in the future if they can stay loyal to the Queendom!


One Love,


Rakhem Seku



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