Mastering the Feminine

MEN, flow with me on this…

The first thing to understand is the feminine is water.  She moves and flows based on the dominant force confronting her. The feminine is energy. She’s powerful, she can move mountains, galaxies…whatever.  Nothing happens without her.  Nothing.  She deserves your utmost respect, but that’s not enough. She requires that you touch her, shape her, direct her, watch her, love her, make love to her, fuck her, watch her dance, and acknowledge her.  She’s always there for you, saying, “What shall I create for you my love?  ~ What shall I destroy for you my love? Just tell me.”

You have to understand what you’re working with if you desire to work with her instead of against her.

She is a goddess – a Creatrix!

What I find is most men don’t understand the feminine and thus find themselves turning prematurely grey from fighting her energy rather than harnessing it. They either don’t understand her or don’t respect her, but it’s usually a combination of both. I see men stressed out, beat down, but to hear them tell it, they’re running shit – Incorrect. Her energy has turned on you because you haven’t honored all that she is. You only want what’s on the surface, but you’re not respecting the infinite power and complexity that lies underneath. She’s not a piece by piece deal. You have to accept all of her. You don’t even have the option not to love and accept her completely.  It’s your charge, your destiny.

Yes, you have to study her. Yes you have to learn from elders and through trial and error. And NO, school never ever stops when it comes to her. She’s more vast than the ocean and deeper than the universe itself. She is your prerequisite for becoming a man. It’s just the way it is.

“You can’t become a man until you have healed a woman.”Tame Your Woman

The masculine is consciousness. The masculine is Will. As men we can’t subdue the feminine.  So to see men struggling to cage her, I understand they don’t get it. I know they are suffering. I know they are in pain. I know he’s trying to take his pain out on her, but it won’t help him. She’s not the problem; she’s the solution.

Even the men who have ‘apparent’ success don’t understand it’s only because she’s allowing you too. Why? Because she’s feeding off of your energy and incorporating it into her being. She’s growing stronger and when her cup runneth over she’ll burst free to pursue a greater truth that you attempted to hide from her. She’s infinite potential. You haven’t outsmarted her. You don’t outsmart energy or water. You give it a nobel path to follow and allow it to have it’s effects on the world.

Whether the woman is conscious of it or not is irrelevant. Her femininity is her inner potential. It’s there waiting to come forth even if it is delayed. In the meantime, and you attempt to dam her, her innate power will slowly destroy you. You can’t win unless she wins.

You can’t control her no matter how it appears on the outside. You’ll be exposed at some point, and raw.  And she’s patient.  

Many men have lost everything because they knew for certain she was contained. Incorrect. She can’t even contain herself no matter how hard she tries to fit into the social and religious norms. It’s futile. It’s not her nature nor is it her inner desire. She’ll destroy the body and mind of the woman who tries to suppress her from the inside out. We’ve seen the results of the attempts to hold her down and disrespect her. We’ve seen her health issues, we’ve seen your neighborhoods, your children, your polluted environment, you polluted oceans, your polluted air. Her wrath is vast, yet precise, and just.

Just treat her right and she’ll make everything beautiful. It’s her nature and utmost desire.

As a man, you won’t win if you don’t understand the feminine. You won’t win if you’re trying to win. It’s not a game. You need her. It’s beyond a want or fleeting desire. No matter what persona she presents herself through, she pulls you in and demands excellence and respect.

The masculine is not greater than the feminine and vice versa. There is no victory where one sits on top of the other and looks down in superiority. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Just that definition alone should tell you something. As energy, it needs a place to go or else it will create its own place, it’s own way, and very possibly at your expense. Don’t complain about her when she does her thing. Instead, acknowledge your inability to love her, to know her, to channel her gifts into greatness. Instead, get your head together and get your mind right. Instead, show respect where respect is demanded. This is the prerequisite.

Her goal is to feel. His goal is to see his Will unfold before the eyes of the world. That’s the difference and that’s the challenge. Your Will can’t unfold without her and she cannot feel without you. No monument is made or kingdom built without energy. Don’t be fooled by men who are sporting her and flossing for attention and appear to have it going on. They may very well be dying on the inside. She may very well be absorbing his very essence for herself. It’s not her fault, it’s her nature when not being loved properly. I don’t have to name names. I’ve watched them rise and fall by her hand. Instead, watch the men who openly love and honor her. That’s the best bet.

MEN, become the alchemist and learn your trade before engaging her. Become the chemist and master the elements of her nature. Understand the masculine and your role before engaging the feminine. Understand why you desire her so. Know the benefits, know the danger signs…know the ledge. Always respect her power. Save the bravado and chest beating for drama school and role playing games – this is serious business.

You don’t have to give me any commentary about how it’s going. I’m looking at the state of community, the world and it’s not looking good. Our egos want us to believe we are winning some gender game. Some dating chess match. Learn the art of introspection so you can see yourself clearly. In the meantime, know the first principle of masculinity is to recognize and respect the feminine.

One Love!


Rakhem Seku

JujuMama llc

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