The Climax of Kim Kardashian

I know the hot topic is Kim Kardashian appearing butt-naked on every page the Internet has ever known. Apparently, she succeeded in breaking the Internet.

Butt, (pun intended) let’s step back from the butt naked photo shoot for a second and get to the core of what I’ve observed over the years pertaining to Kim. Many people criticize the sex tape and the butt naked photo shoot, which is now enjoyed by many through sites like watchmygf. But their criticism is deeper and more personal that we think. Kim triggers deep seeded inner issues in the psyche of men and women all over the world. Our bias and hate of the female body in general. The hate and disdain for the naturally exuding sex appeal of the unabashed female.

Men and women have trashed the feminine so badly, even the sight of its beauty must be accompanied with a caveat of her being a hoe, freak, one-dimensional, talent lacking, or unintelligent. Men are so sex, touch, and intimacy starved, their hypersensitivity bursts out every time they see a breast or bare ass cheek. “Oh, look at this hoe b****. #smh I’d fuck her though”. Did you see what I just did? I took four letters out of a five letter word and you all still know what it is! That’s how consistently the hatred for female sexuality comes forth. All this, “She’s killing our communities.” and “What about our girls?!” and “Twerking is the devil.” talk is nauseating.

I’m speaking from experience. I remember me and my crew of friends dissing women who wouldn’t talk to us. It was immature, but that’s how we channeled our pain and feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. If one of those same women I dissed would give me a chance, I always changed my tune. It’s just the truth of the situation. We, often times, dis what we desire, but can’t have.

Kim K represents the CLIMAX of the hate because men want her so badly and women want to be her. It hurts. When I say women want to be her, I don’t mean they want to imitate her life, look like her, and make sex tapes. I mean they want her inner confidence, her success, her knowing of her beauty, and her affect on men.

On the other side, men are dissing women so bad they’ve made free women and sex a scarcity in our society. The’ve literally forced their own hand (pun intended) to nightly masturbation to digital female pornographic imagery – not that many are complaining, men who consume pornography are quite content to watch Lori do her thing on cam. You’re living a life with NO women, but longing for them via porn and private Facebook groups dedicated to posting erotic spread-eagle and doggy-style pics.

We could accept and love the feminine, and have sex two or three times per day OR we can shun her and be alone with lotion and a computer screen. The choice is yours to not take out that pain on women in general; especially the likes of beautiful successful women like KK. And of course remember why women are in the sexually shut down state they are in – it’s due to being called a whore for having basic sex needs, and of course the idea of men having to own a woman (shut her away from other men) in order to love her – thus shutting off her natural sex drive.

Why is Kim the CLIMAX of the hate? Why is she the height of disdain for men and women alike? Why must we hear the “She’s got no talent!” mantra over and over as if your Beethoven or Einstein and really deserve riches and fame more than she does? I’ll tell you why. Because she’s what I call a ‘checkmate’. She’s beautiful, rich, beyond the opinions of people trying to drag her through the muck and mire, AND she’s beyond their reach. She can’t even see most of her critics. She’s a woman who uses her sexuality the way she wants without regard of the opinions, preferences, or religious views of the masses. She’s FREE. Both women and men in the Matrix(TM) hate free women the most. They’d rather have Sarah Palin as our President than see Kim K living free, sexy, and getting money and attention.

Many women are worse though. They act like the agents of insecure men residing in the matrix. They’re like the butler Stephen in Django(TM) trying to get as far up the anal crevices of the matrix men as possible by doing the heavy diss work of women like Kim K. “Yessah Boss.” I didn’t even see that movie, but his character precedes him.

When it comes to Kim K all you need to know is that she’s living her life. She’s made the money that most of us would LOVE to have. She’s confident in her beauty in a way that we’d ALL like to be in ours. She expresses her sexuality and knows it’s a gift. She’s business savvy and she’s herself. We all have the option of not talking about her if we’re not interested in what she has to offer. We can scroll past the online pictures. That said, if you find you can’t resist to make a comment or take a peak or can’t keep her name out your mouth, it may be empowering to acknowledge that something about her draws you in. At least that’s honest.

One Love,

Rakhem Seku

JujuMama llc


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