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Relationships Are One of The Most Important Aspect of Your Life! 

Personal Coaching with The Stevens Will Support Your

Complete Success At Relationships!

Four Personal Coaching Programs 

1. Create The Relationship You Desire 

2. Save Your Relationship or Marriage 

3. Open Your Relationship To Polyamory 

4. Become A Relationships Coach 

Step One:  Choose A Focus

Create The Relationship You Desire

12 Weeks

Isn't it time you try something that works?

Most humans desire partnership, even long-term coupling.  However, in our current climate, there are often pitfalls to relating that have not been clearly defined.  Maybe you have been in relationships and have not had good outcomes.  Maybe you are tired of being miserable and uncomfortable in relationships? 

JujuMama's 12-week coaching session will completely reset your heart!   Discover everything needed to create a relationship that works for you!  We begin with healing from your past relationships and go on to create space for YOU to start anew!   The Stevens will take you through a series of innovative sessions that aid you in preparing yourself for a long-term commitment.

Save Your Marriage | Complete Relationship Rescue

12 Weeks

Is Your Current Relationship In Trouble?  Are you afraid of losing it all?

For more than a decade JujuMama Love Coaches have been rescuing relationships that are on the brink of failure.   Most who divorce have not tried alternative coaching, just the same old therapy that has failed couples for decades.  JujuMama Love Coaching offers a unique approach that includes metaphysical techniques and healing modalities to clear the couple of the pain that haunts the relationship.

Open Your Long-Term Relationship | Polyamory

12 Weeks

Polyamory literally means many loves!

If you and your partner have been together for at least ten years and want to discover the world of polyamory, The Stevens can help!  You are casting yourself into an unknown world!  There are many obstacles to opening your relationship that can be avoided if you are smart about how you go about the opening.  Utilize an easy, four-step system that will allow you to ope with ease.  Deal with any jealousies, insecurities, or reservations you each have.

Become A Relationships Coach

12 Week Program Certification​

JujuMama Love Academy can train YOU to become a love coach!  Our patented system and processes aid you in quickly and easily obtaining the skills needed to coach on a professional level.

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