JujuMama Brainwashing: Is This A Cult?

Recently we were contacted by an angry husband who claims his wife was brainwashed here at Jujumama Love Academy.

Take a look at the list of reasons he submitted as to how his wife has been mentally destroyed utilizing our systems:

  1. They teach people to place themselves and their own needs, first, without guilt or shame, this is selfish and wrong.
  2. They teach people not to believe they are victims of ANYTHING, leading them to falsely believe they are invincible.
  3. They teach people that jealousy is not real and how to circumvent feeling jealous when a partner is having outside affairs in the relationship.
  4. They teach that insecurity is not natural and they show people ways to feel secure even when partners are doing immoral things.
  5. They teach that there is no such thing as mistakes, which makes people irresponsible.
  6. Yet they oddly teach personal responsibility, which removes the awareness and intelligence to know that ‘others’ are actually doing something wrong.
  7. They take responsibility away from the state, or government to do anything for the people and claim they can do for self.
  8. They teach people this slogan: I Create My Life – which essentially gives people a god complex making them believe they have powers they should not.  Blasphemy.
  9. They teach that monogamy is not the only righteous way of relating leading families and couples down the path of sin and immorality.
  10. They teach that STDs and any illness – I’d suppose – can be overcome or prevented by the mind.
  11. They teach that women are similar to men in that they enjoy sex and want large quantities instead of just one man for life.
  12. They teach that pornography is not the extent of sex, suggesting that men or the ‘patriarchy’ might not know what sex IS.
  13. They teach that one can heal another person through energy work, the power of the mind, or hypnotism of some sort.
  14. They teach that there are nine genders instead of just two, confusing people into immorality.
  15. They teach immoral sexual behavior like having multiple dating scenarios at the same time, or not disclosing the number of sexual partners one might have.
  16. They teach humans to think of themselves as elevated beings, Gods, Goddesses, so forth
  17. They teach that humans should worship one another.
  18. They teach that there is no ‘out there, out there’ that the world is created by the mind.
  19. They teach that the youth should learn about sex and sexuality and that it is natural.
  20. They teach that there are no such things as enemies, villains, bad guys, or dangers – nothing to fear.


In essence, they are removing the soul from their members, similar to a cult.  They are making their members believe stories about internal powers they supposedly possess.  JujuMama Love Academy has created a woman that I have never met in my wife and what I see scares me and should scare anyone.

~Fake Anonymous User

OK wow.  So this list is awesome!!! But there is no husband who has written us; however, we have occasionally heard the tale of such, over the 13 years of our operation.  When we find that persons are having a hard time with some of the above concepts, we know it’s all for the best, as we ARE INDEED creating a new culture!

To be frank, the root word of culture is cult.  JujuMama HAS created a new, progressive, culture.  Our culture does, indeed, place the self first, the highest self, within each individual… We do encourage authenticity and an end to insecurity and jealousy to be replaced with compersion.  For too long relationships have hinged on the idea that jealousy equates to love.  This is a misnomer!  We ARE INDEED changing that!  We love what we do here,  and would deeply empathize with a person who might write this kind of letter.

We empathize with those who, despite knowing the pitfalls of the western culture, refuse to discover or create a new culture.  We empathize with those who fear a world where personal responsibility usurps victim thinking.  We empathize greatly with those who have learned beliefs that limit their possibilities and power in life.

This year at JLA we are becoming even more culty!  We will initiate 100 adults during our #WakeAnda Series starting September 13 with a free info session! 

Are you ready to be brainwashed away from jealousy, guilt, shame, fear, and a belief that you are not enough??  Great!  Because YOU ARE ENOUGH.  ALL IS WELL.  NOTHING IS AGAINST YOU!  Your birthright is success!

Share your thoughts on this, and see you September 13 | 10 PM Eastern Here

Kenya K Stevens, CEO | JLA


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