JujuMama Love Academy COURSES

Feminine Empowerment


Spring Equinox Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Demo


VIEW Carl and Kenya K Stevens, CEOs of JujuMama, LLC as they dispel the myths, and take the shroud of mystery out of Tantra! Watch this VIDEO RECORDING of our SPRING EQUINOX Tantra demonstration and relive our Tantra experience. This was a 90 minute event demonstrating techniques that are the essence of the tantric arts.


Warning: YOU will feel deep levels of orgasmic bliss as you watch. Watch with a partner or alone – either way you will feel the bliss in your entire body! This was a Group Tantra Experience.

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Demo – Breast Massage & Female Ejaculation


Carl demonstrated techniques on how to bring a woman to a highly orgasmic state, enabling her to have squirting orgasms. He went through the various techniques and languaging a man can use to prepare a woman for this blissful experience.

Kenya demonstrated the mindset and energy required for women to achieve squirting orgasms as well as some techniques that she found extremely helpful over the years. A woman’s ability to squirt and orgasm during sex is just another level of her pleasure plateau and will support her in opening up to her deepest pleasure states.


Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Demo – Queen Maker


JujuMama’s Love Academy (JLA), has been providing sex and relationship coaching and training to singles and couples of all types for over ten years. We are thoroughly convinced there has not been enough education and training made available to men (nor women for that matter) for them to know how to utilize the majestic power of the feminine for the benefit of all.

We created this QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra video course in order to provide insight on how to effectively channel women’s emotional energy and assist women in being more peaceful yet strong throughout their monthly cycles.
The QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra course promises to elevate your relationship with women to a new level of awesomeness once you grasp this fresh new approach to dealing with women and their variety of moods.

This Two Hour Course Will Show You How To Better Understand and Manage

ANY Woman (and all her many mood swings).

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Demo – King Maker


Discover the Sacred, Feminine Art of bringing the prosperous KING out of your masculine partner using Ancient Tantric Techniques, Rituals & Rites. The KING MAKER Tantra demonstration provides two full hours of demonstration, instruction, and question and answers time from long standing tantric practitioners
Carl & Kenya Stevens.


Special Presentation will include instruction on three major ceremonies you can do from the comfort of your home to increase your masculine’s cash flow immediately! Plus you’ll receive instruction on Ten Easy Tantric Activities to Activate your King during regular love making.

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Demo – The Art of Oral Sex


Welcome to the wonderful world of Yoni Worship!

Have you ever had sex with a partner so skilled that his breathe on your vulva brought you to orgasm? How about sex with a partner who knows the ancient mysteries of trance, vibration and frequency? In this two hour video series – offered in a seven video set (all included with this course) – you will receive a broad and deep understanding of how to actually worship the female body and vulva.

Carl Stevens delivers a powerful workshop geared at those who are charged with pleasuring the female body such that she becomes a living goddess!

Most women have sleeping clitoris, vulva and g-spot. This workshop shows you the subtle techniques that help wake that area up! It usually takes about three to six months for a woman who has shut her feeling and sexuality down, due to molestation, rape and other traumas that put the body to sleep, to open fully. This video series gives great areas to begin waking her up!

Learn the meanings of ancient mantras that will support your female partner in exploring and opening to deeper forms of orgasm. Discover the power of breathing and how to instruct and direct your partner so that she feels safe and opens to relaxation via cunnalingus.

Achieving Your Orgasmic Potential


Welcome to the beginning of our transformation process with our focus being OPENING TO YOUR ORGASMIC POTENTIAL. Our goal is simple – to increase the level of pleasure and orgasm and feeling you experience during sex and in your life in general. Regardless of where you’re at, there is always a higher level. Our sexual potential is boundless.

This course will be conducted in eight consecutive phases over a thirty day period and will be guided by a series of eight emails (including this one). You will receive instructions and assignments in the email and will be given resources (i.e. audio files, PDFs, meditations, etc.) that guide you to understanding each phase of the process.

Feminine Empowerment

Body Bliss

Our bodies are responding to the images, thoughts and feelings in our mind…

What are your body image issues? Body image denotes the ways your mind perceives the body. The mind perceives the body and then the body is created! This happens on almost a moment to moment basis! That’s the way things work.

Why would the mind create shapes on your body that you do not want? Your mind is responding to feelings and emotions! If you live daily stuffing emotions away to deal with another time, the mind will set a reminder for you to revisit these unprocessed emotions – and the alarm clock usually looks like health issues, weight gain, or even more dangerous health concerns!

In like manner, your body can easily respond to positive and processed emotions! Yeas! When we know the science to processing and dealing with the emotional responses of the heart that hit the mind and end up as waste in the body, then we can easily begin clearing and smoothing out any lumps, bumps and features we no longer want to see on the body!

Diva Deep Dive


This video, self-paced class consists of seven total videos covering the four major sexual aspects of the feminine. Classes include lectures as well as meditation time, exercises, and training for the mind and body.

Kenya K Stevens is expert in her field of Progressive Love. She has cultivated thousands of women onto a new path of feminine bliss and enlightenment. With a degree from Howard University in Child Psychology and Education, Kenya has merged metaphysical thought with that of the educational field to work with the inner girl within women, bringing light and healing to your youngest desires of sensuality. Awakening the feminine aspects that we are so shut off from and re-calibrating this feminine essence. This video course is an introductory course for women who want to enjoy this kind of processing with others of like mind.

The Trust Forum


The number one complaint I receive from men all over the world is their partner doesn’t trust them…

Do you trust your partner? What does it mean to trust? How do you know if you trust him or not?


Trust is the essence of any relationship – it’s impossible to relate to another human being without trust. It’s also impossible to relate to another person without trusting yourself and indeed the Universe!

In ten years of love coaching, nationally and internationally, the number one complaint I’ve received from men about their counterparts is ‘she just doesn’t trust me‘. It hurts men to know his partner doesn’t trust him. What’s worse is his partner’s lack of trust is the VERY thing that often sets off a chain reaction – he becomes an untrustworthy partner!!

This course will also address how to regain trust after an incident that might have caused you pain.

The Goddess Sensuality Series – PART 1


Calling all humans interested in cultivating goddess energy!

Can you feel the awakening of the divine feminine ~ balancing the masculine and reinvigorating our planet? Let’s get together for gatherings that lift the Goddess vibration in YOU! How about utilizing feminine power to heal ourselves, our families, our relationships and indeed – this planet! It’s time. We are here, together, in this transitional era to enjoy life and bring harmony to the world. Our purpose is to awaken and LIVE as the Authentic Goddess, worldwide.

This class, the Goddess Sensuality Series PART 1, will help us discover and practice the four ‘baseline’ feminine energies – Lover™, Devotee™, Conservationist™ and Visionary™. The complete series will include discussion about the goddess energy and do-it-yourself activities to activate your relationships! Do-it-yourself activities include healing ceremony instructions, tantra exercises, and activities around moon and sun manifestation, as well as JujuMama’s many exciting processes for personal development! This class is open to all ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, age, and profession.


UPLVL Communication


Are You Ready to Become

An Excellent Communicator?

The UPLVL Course Will Show You How To:

*Say What’s On Your Mind Without Starting An Argument!*

*Discover New Ways to Speak Honestly About Your Feelings.*

*NO MORE Holding Back or Tip Toeing!*

Have you ever had something on your mind, but you were reluctant to say it because… the way it might be received?

Do you frequently keep things to yourself, only to have them explode on the wrong person (or maybe the right person) at the wrong time or in the wrong way?

Do you omit details or outright lie, even when you’d prefer to tell the truth, just to keep the peace?

Are you tired of fighting with your partner about what you said, when you said it, who is right, and who is wrong?

Are you ready to end the communication drama and give yourself the freedom to say what you really need to say, authentically and honestly?