JujuMama Love Academy CERTIFICATIONS

Life Coaching
Bagua Astrology
Feminine Power
3-Way Mirror

JujuMama Love Academy (JLA) trains people on cutting edge relationship and metaphysical tools that are critical to establish your own coaching practice.  No other online school offers so much content in the areas of relationships, astrology, personal empowerment, and tantra.


Each of our certification training courses are offered at certain times of year.  We call this Open Enrollment, at which time, you can sign up and participate in the live teachings as well as study and test at your own pace.  Once open enrollment is closed, there is no admission to the specified certification course unless special permission or arrangements have been made.


Each of the certification courses is listed below and shows the open enrollment dates.  NOTE: These dates are subject to change.


The i2Tantra certification course teaches how to get the absolute most from our sexual and intimate experiences.  We discuss the masculine and feminine interplay that take place before, during, and after sex and exactly what sex is.  Each of our students will learn no-touch energy work and projection with their clients.  Women will learn chakra love-making, which is a modality of sex designed specifically for women to open men to deeper feeling and connection.  Students will also learn our in-house manifestation process utilizing tantric sex.  We’ll also discuss oral sex and intercourse techniques.

Open Enrollment: July 1 – 14


Jr. Life Coaching

The JUNIOR level LIFE & LOVE coaching certification allows students to obtain all of the basic skills required to be a certified JLA Love and Life Coach. The JUNIOR level LIFE & LOVE coaching certification is the first of three certification levels and prepares you to work with clients immediately upon certification. Classes are taught using video conference, video class review, reading assignments, and practice coaching sessions.

The JUNIOR level coaching certification takes approximately six months to complete plus the time necessary for students to complete coaching labwork. Once you have registered here online you will receive an information packet via download or email with details on classes, scheduling, and necessary information.

Open Enrollment: March 25 – April 7


Feminine Power


  • Isn’t Feminine Energy simply about being cute, sexy and fun?
  • Will Using Feminine Energy Support my Relationships?
  • How exactly will elevating my feminine power change my life?

Join us for a blissful journey into the magic and power of feminine energy. Discover the easy processes and practices that make this energy simple to utilize in creating the life and love you desire!!


Open Enrollment: November 5 – 11



The Moon Manifestation System (MMS) or Cn28 is a process that allows you to manifest your goals while learning spiritual principles. The program is based on the Bagua Astrology System (BAS) and follows the lunar cycle.
The MMS Certification allows you to teach this course to your students and guide them through the process. You also have the support of JujuMama to ask questions, get students, and apply the principles to other areas of your coaching practice.
What you’ll learn:
–What is the lunar (moon) cycle and how does it work.
–The 9 Universal laws
–The primary archetypes governing your personality and the moon cycle.
–Coaching methodologies to work with clients one-on-one.
–and much more…
Open Enrollment: October 15 – 28


UPLVL Communications

Explore new Progressive Love Communication Tools at JLA!! This is an Adult Initiationcourse for those who want to master relationships communication!
Hi! We are Kenya & Rakhem Stevens, the creators of Jujumama’s Love Academy (JLA) we have been married for 23 years and, thus, have experienced more than our fair share of miscommunications, arguments, tantrums, and dramatic eruptions. We understand that when communication has stopped, broken down or become argumentative there is often the unnecessary ending of a relationship!

At JLA, we want to save relationships and end the drama and that’s why we created this UpLvel Communication online course. It’s time to learn effective techniques for sharing even the most difficult thoughts and ideas, honestly, and without backlash.

Have communication skills you can be proud of!!!

Open Enrollment: CONTINUOUS


3 Way Mirror

You are a life coach, love coach, tantra practitioner, body worker…. You can expand your practice and add a premier service for your clients. Become immediately more astute in assessing your client’s dilemmas, use powerful metaphysical tools to support them!

  • You have always wanted to be able to comprehensively list your clients concerns in ways that support them in truly taking the Power Position in their lives!
  • You are ready to give yoga students, bodywork clients, tantra clients and more the benefit of ten years of love coaching! You want to do their body work and then provide an amazing coaching experience!
  • You have always wanted to be an oracle! You enjoy having the answers that everyone seeks. You want to answer the question: Why Is This Happening??? You will gain this power using the Three way Mirror Coaching Service.
  • You don’t want to spend six months learning useless tools that all psychologists and psychologists use without getting the results you KNOW are possible with New Paradigm Understanding. Even licensed counselors don’t have the spiritual power packed into The Three Way Mirror™
Open Enrollment: CONTINUOUS


Bagua Astrology

The Bagua Astrology System provides a cosmological and metaphysical categorization and classification of all reality. It provides us a roadmap to know ourselves and our world and to understand the various changes we experience throughout our lives. It provides the nine primary laws governing all of reality and explains the activity, influence, and behavior of those laws as applied practically on the physical and mental realms.

The Bagua Astrology Character Mapping coursework teaches us to understand our character and personality based on our date and place of birth. Once the coursework is complete the student will be able to break down the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of any person. It teaches us to understand the overall energetic roadmap governing our lives on earth.

Open Enrollment: January 14 – 27


Certification Renewal & Licensing

What Can You Do With Your JLA License & Certification? You can begin or continue building your own coaching practice or set up your online brand right away! You’ll be able to legally use JLA tools and materials, even logos! Now is the time, as demand is on the rise for qualified love and life coaches around the globe! There are so many opportunities for you to teach, share and coach using your JLA license.

The JLA LICENSING RENEWAL PACKAGE is for individuals who have completed one or more JLA certification courses and would like to renew your license and certification! Renewal has it’s benefits. First of all you gain an exclusive discount on Gold Membership here at jLA!

Open Enrollment: All Year – Revolving