Gender Harmonics Introduction Video

Video streaming by UstreamBliss and Delight to you!  I’m re-posting this video created three years ago in Harlem during a workshop my husband and I did.  I’m posting this today so you might get a better understanding of the basis of Progressive Love.  We have derived tools and ingredients to make relationships flow more graciously.  These tools are simple:

  1. Progressive Love Principles
  2. Gender Harmonics | Video Above
  3. i2 Tantra | Integrated Intimacy

These three tools if applied in any relationship, Hetero, LGBT, open, closed, what have you, will strengthen the bond and increase the commitment and stay power of any couple. Watch the video and do share your thoughts!

Keep in mind every human has the potential to utilize male and female gender roles.  Women do not have to choose female gender roles, and men do not have to choose male.  However, in our relationships we need to delineate who will provide the masculine and who will provide the feminine.  If we both do both roles, there can be concerns.  Remember, if we want to create a battery or vortex of power with another then we need to divide the tasks.  If we both want to do both and all tasks or hold both gender spaces, it’s like a company with 10 CEOs, no COO, no CFO, no board, no employees, no clients.  Who will do which tasks?

We can’t all do the same tasks in a given unit, just as a magnet cannot have two of the same poles.  One is a negative pole and the other is a positive, that’s what makes the magic of magnetism.  Correct?

Watch the video and let me know what you feel.

We created this Gender Harmonics system for those wanting a model that works.

Our books Change Your Man and Tame Your Woman are about this system.  We also coach couples individually and share these teachings in our courses.  Feminine Power 101 as well as Masculine Power 101.


Carl and Kenya K Stevens


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