Five Progressive Solutions for Empire’s Lyons Family

Daniel Strong and Lee Daniels couple to create hit television show, Empire.   While it seems the show forecasts a train wreck from the beginning, we don’t have to fall into the ideology that this is more negativity without a cause.  There is a cause to all things we create together.  We are creating all art together.  We are creating this culture and what we SEE, together.   Empire presents a wonderful opportunity to find what is good in our world and make it better; and, to reach for best feeling thoughts about what Is.

Yes, the Progressive Love ideologue would presume we are creating everything we see, from mass media shows to our daily lives – we are creating these things from the recesses of our own thoughts.  As such, I’d like to steer our collective conscious to create solutions we’d enjoy; solutions the reflect what we believe… that there are viable solutions to the ordinary scenarios we have expected into place, as a community.

Yes, cheating, lying, aberrant behavior, violence, betrayal, scamming and dishonesty is something we have come to expect into place in our communities.  Can you embrace it?  Great!  This is not negative in the least!  This is fantastic,  that we can identify this bucket list will help in our study today.

We’d want to embrace that this is where we are, as a community, as a living culture.  Embrace that what triggers you is a set point within you projected out onto our television screens and daily lives.  Once we do that, and find that we are OK with what we have created – without resisting where we are, we can begin the fun of co-creating something new!  Let us play a little game I learned while studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

The game is called “Wouldn’t it be nice if….

Playing this game releases the conscious mind from the stuck feeling of analyzing what is.  The more we try to figure out why things are the way they are, right now, and even complain that things are the way they are, the more we hold the current reality in place.  So if we are going to play “Wouldn’t it be nice if….” with the hit series Empire, we’d start this way:

Identify what we don’t like and don’t want:

  1. We don’t want Cookie to be left in the cold and betrayed by her husband Lucious
  2. We don’t want the Lyons children to fight with one another
  3. We don’t want Anika betrayed by Lou
  4. We don’t want Lucious to die or lie
  5. We don’t want business and/or money to come between human love or family love

Great!  So now we can identify what we want:

  1. We want Cookie to be vindicated for her jail time and her sacred relationship with Lucious
  2. We want the Lyons children to come together and succeed as ONE
  3. We want Anika to enjoy love with Lucious and be given her due as a woman who is in relationship
  4. We want Lucious to LIVE and learn to truly LOVE himself first, and thus, all others
  5. We want money and business to UNIFY humans and make family love stronger

Now Let’s play Wouldn’t it be nice if…

(Keep in mind you can do this for your own situations as well, list what you don’t want, that leads to thoughts of what you DO want, next practice the vibration of what you want, how would it look, feel, taste, sound and BE!!?? – Progressive Love Processing from Jujumama’s Love Academy.  Boom!  Join Anytime!)

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If… Lucious and Cookie were to come together for an authentic conversation?


Lucious might detail everything he feels about her, how very much he loves her, and also inform her that he loves Anika as well.  Wouldn’t it be great if he felt secure enough in his power to manage women to do this?  He doesn’t fear female emotions but redirects them.  Cookie might have a small tantrum if he said this directly to her “I love you both” but in the end wouldn’t it be great if Lucious could simply let her know that she will have to come to grips with her emotion and realize that EVERYONE can win.

He might give her the example of the boys.  The boys want her love, and they want to know that she loves them.  She can love ALL of her boys, not just one.  Right?  He’d go on to note that he loves Anika and Cookie very much.  He’d detail why he loves Cookie then detail why he loves Anika.  He’d include of course the various benefits of being with each (including all bribes, secret schemes, and power plays).

Now this process of getting Cookie to understand things may take time, but let’s imagine that Lou understands this and is willing to move through this challenge until they reach a new level of relating.  Let’s add that maybe Lou seeks support from JujuMama Coaching – yes this on an episode!! why not?? – and then is able to really master the art of redirecting his ladies and getting them on board with his idea to marry them both! (so to speak, I know that’s not legal, yet…)

Hey – this is my vision – but if you’d want something else to happen that harmonizes everyone involved, think of your own solution!  You can do this!

Wouldn’t it be nice if… The Lyons children were swooped into the love train by their father’s example and began to realize that the power is in unity rather than discord…

empireWhat if they came together to hash out their various issues realizing that the highest form of love is unconditional.  What if they were all honest about the fact they want a powerful role in the company and forged a way to make that happen?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Lucious was able to admit to the boys that he has conditionings, hang ups about race, sex and sexuality.  What if he said he were willing to work on his outmoded ideals and change, forgive, and release the past.  (After all, he is asking Cookie to change and be more Progressive.)  Clearly, he is in the same position as Cookie is – stuck in his opposing views on LGBT, race and racism, so forth…

Can’t you just see the boys and their father moving through this together?  Seeking the supports they need to work out the old ideas and replace them with Progressive understandings?  Would that make for good tv or what?  There would still be the drama of hashing each scenario out, the realizations, and ah-ha moments!  Gosh, that would be great!

Or hey, create your own happy alternative stories here, your prerogative!

Wouldn’t it be nice if… Anika and Lucious could realize the importance having Cookie feel loved and cherished and come to some agreement on polyamory?


Anika is a lovely woman, wouldn’t it be nice if Lucious could face her feminine emotion and let her know that he will love both she and Cookie in such a way that honors them both?  Sure, Anika and Cookie can also do as they wish in the relationship, there is freedom for all – but there is also great love for all involved.  Maybe they will live in separate houses, Cookie has come this far on her own, maybe Anika moves in with Lucious and Lucious visits Cookie with full understanding that everyone will also have room to take care of their own needs even outside this trio!

Make sure Anika has some power in the company just as Cookie will.  Make sure Anika has the title she wants as wife just as Cookie will.  Make sure that everyone understands and embraces this arrangement prior to making this public and allow the family to practice this advanced love technology for a few years… what a lovely way to see this family harmonized!

And if you can’t or won’t get with that – think of your own possible harmonious ending, yeas!  You have that power!

Wouldn’t it be nice if… Lou discovered that his illness gets worse with stress and decides to totally destress his life!

That would simply include understanding things in a new way.  He’d begin to understand, and learn, that the way he views himself as the ultimate keeper of all things related to his success is missing the God Particle.  That the Universe itself is supporting his success and that all things serve to further.  That there are no mistakes and that he doesn’t have to play God because it stresses him out…

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Lucious transformed into the kind of guy that goes to Deepak Chopra events, change of diet, meditation, yoga, hot stone massage and an outlook that makes him mostly positive and optimistic about EVERYTHING!  Ah that would be so nice…

(If you are thinking this is far fetched, note it.  You might have some limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same patterns.  Keep in mind that at any time one can shift and change and that it’s ok to shift your internal truths from time to time and jump to the next level.  Lucious can do it and YOU can do it too – ANYTIME!!)

Wouldn’t it be nice if… we get to watch this family make quantum leaps, move through the apparent challenges of living in these new ways, fall off the bandwagon, give up, search again, and find their center?

Ah man wouldn’t a show like that be lovely!  To watch people really make real internal changes that might harmonize them… to do so based on conviction rather than fear.  TO come to the new understandings, how fun that would be to watch!  And in doing so, to allow money to now serve them as they heal one another and indeed the world!  Let the money be an accessory to the bliss!

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the family and team vacation harmoniously!

Cookie and Anika finally becoming great pals, Lucious finally learning to manage the women and secure them both, the children watch as they learn a new way of living, a new way of being AND hit the top of the charts with the most beautiful music!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see them learn self-acceptance in all matters of sex, love, race, wealth and artistry!  Ahhhhhhh it feels good just to imagine it!

Keep in mind, the more you practice this vibration and see these new images, the more you – yes YOU – place them into the collective consciousness.  And that, my friends, is the reason we created the show.  Thank you Empire for giving us all an opportunity to see more than what we see today!  An opportunity to know that we CAN and MUST create better.

Tuau Neter. (Thank you Great Spirit)










Kenya K Stevens, CEO Jujumama llc






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