Erykah Badu and the Free Woman

I was super inspired by a post I had seen today about Erykah Badu.  It talked about how she was breaking all the rules and social expectations forced upon women nowadays.  How she has three children by three different men.  How she wears blonde hair, make-up, fake lashes, wigs, and all kinds of crazy clothes, but will also go butt-naked on your in a minute.  I love this shit.  I love truly free women.  

Dumb ass, old paradigm men be coming with this, there are more women than men on the planet so that must mean polygyny is the natural order of things.  If this isn’t some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.  These dudes won’t even bother to think deeper.  Marriage and monogamous paring of the male and female isn’t even a natural occurrence.  Mating?  Yes!  Marriage?  Totally fabricated by the human mind like most of the things we see in this society and world we live in.  Think about that for a second – There are more women than men on the planet so that means men should have multiple wives?  Put the pipes down brothers and contact a sage on the subject.  Contact someone who meditates deeply and who doesn’t have problems getting pussy; therefore, attempts to devise all kinds of ways to herd women his way.  

Later for all that.  Erykah is what I call a free woman.  She shatters the myth that women need men in the house to be functional.  She shatters the myth that women need a steady man to raise children.  Instead, Erykah has multiple men in her life.  She’s got a queendom, not a middle class nuclear family, which by it’s very nature is limited.  I’m not saying those nuclear structures can’t work for some, I’m sure they can.  Go for it, but please by all means, stop with the “this is how it’s supposed to be and if you’re not in one, there’s something wrong with you” BS.  That shit is so incredibly old in 2016.



Erykah is beautiful.  Erykah is paid out.  Erykah is talented.  And most of all, Erykah could give two shits what anyone, including me, thinks about her.  If that doesn’t get your dick hard as a secure man, I don’t know what does.  She’s doing the damn thing.  

I know a lot of women don’t have nice things to say about her outside of music, but if I were them I would take some notes, whether you’re married or not.  I would seriously change the story in your head of what you need or how to get it.  I know so many women who make themselves sick trying to achieve something someone else told them was a priority.  It’s sad.  That’s why in the Progressive Love movement we push personal empowerment to do what YOU want to do.  No judgment here.



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