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Man & Woman must re-learn to interact sexually with a spiritual purpose — Although it has been said physical functions, like sex, are a remnant of animal life, somehow, we have never been able to accept this. All along, we’ve wondered why nature created this special process. What is the purpose of sexual union?

Sexual union between man & woman is part of the natural law of evolution. In every realm of nature, union between two forces is taking place all the time. Creation of life, energy & matter is not possible unless positive & negative forces unite. It is not the physical body that matters, but the quantum & nature of energy. One of the most important ways of summoning energy is through sexual interaction between two individuals.

This is the higher concept, but the individual is still bound by his instinctive nature. He doesn’t understand the philosophy of energy. He just runs after pleasure. He is not aware that pleasure is the outcome of the union between the two energy poles. Man & woman come together to have a child. They don’t know that the creation of a child is nothing more than the two forces of energy becoming manifest in the mother’s womb. Energy interplay is the cosmic law. The sun, moon, stars, ocean & earth, are all the interaction of energy.

Path Of Tantra: The ultimate source of energy is the homogenous, omnipresent force animating the body, mind & consciousness. It never stagnates, it is in constant motion. If you do not know how to direct this energy upwards, it finds expression in gross, empirical life. Sages realised this through their own experience & hence devised a system for directing this great force in humans which express itself in the form of sexual life. This science became known as the path of tantra.

Tantra is not a path of sexual life but a way of channeling sexual energy from a gross format to a higher level. This process is not brought about by believing or following any particular line of faith. The sublimation of sexual energy for the purpose of spiritual illumination needs a concrete process of practice. Evidence of this can be seen in the archaeological remains of various cultures worldwide including Nubian, Dravidian, Native AMerican, Incan, Mayan, Aboriginal, so forth.

In the present culture, however, these practices have been lost; what is being experienced is the grosser aspects of sexual life. In modern society there is so much guilt, frustration & psychological disease for one simple reason: no one has understood the higher nature of sexual life.

It’s time to remember the true purpose of sex.  Here at JujuMama’s Love Academy we believe sex has two purposes – Manifestation & Healing.  There are several ways to delve into the self again to find the root of pleasure and it’s spirit essence.  We offer an i2 Tantra class which is a certification course in tantra.  Also, we have various audio and video products that disclose the secrets to sexual union at a Cosmic Level.

Whatever path you choose to travel back into the true cosmic nature of lovemaking and the sublimation of that energy, travel light.  The world of relationships will heal once we remember who and what we are – Cosmic Beings of Light.


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