Compassion Is the New Compromise

Hubby and I were just talking about compromise and why we don’t believe in it.  We advocate compassion over compromise every day of the week.  We were saying how when one person is authentic and does what he or she wants to do authentically, it’s best.  Why?  Because then the other person in that relationship can now choose what he or she wants to do authentically rather than basing their actions on what they imagine the other might want.

Compassion is more potent than compromise (which is often an effect of spiritual impotency).  Compassion is what we demonstrate when another isn’t comfortable with our actions.  We don’t apologize for our actions, we step into the other persons shoes and feel what they must feel while supporting them in realizing that feeling is a choice. We can also support them in making a new choice, a choice to feel better, a choice to feel heard.  We can hear them and support them in feeling cared for and adored…

Compassion means to hold space for another through their tough times and show them we are deeply committed to them even as we choose to live authentically (deep connection to self).  We are autonomous beings, and we are all ONE being – in full partnership with other.  Compassion means that even if I am choosing to do what I feel is needed for me, I am in tune with you and will support you in doing the same, while supporting you in managing your feelings when I do the same.  When we show one another compassion and support while refusing to coddle our lovers with endless compromise we can create relationships free of resentment AND chocked full of personal growth for all involved.

Think about it.  Do you really want someone to take actions “for you”, or to “prove their love” by doing things they do not authentically want to do?

Do you want a slave or a true partner in love?

I asked my son and he said… well, slave!  But then he said the constant compromise of another to his whims would probably get boring.  What he means without the words to express is that constant compromise without purpose beyond fear of losing that person won’t lead to his ultimate growth and development… boring means stagnate and lacking growth opportunities… He is 14.  How old are we?

It’s time ya’ll.  Let’s grow.  xx

Here is Eartha Kitt on Compromise

Now some people will read this and immediately decide that, you know what?  No more compromise!  I’m leaving my partner.  Stop and think about this, you attracted your partner.  You choose to compromise in the ways you have.  No need to resent them any longer… It’s time to understand how you created this so that you can now make new choices… Understand why and how you attracted your partner. Your mate is your mirror!

Do the Three Way Mirror Exercise with me here:

Kenya K Stevens, CEO

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