Business Coaching Intensive

Business Coaching Intensive

I’ll be taking two people*** through a business intensive program that will last 10 weeks and cover all of the practical and metaphysical components of business success.  This is a personalized, one-on-one series of sessions that will be packed with information and intense focus on putting you where you want to be in your business goals.

This service includes:

  • 10 weekly instructional sessions.
  • 3 ritual processes done by myself on your behalf*
  • 1 weekend intensive session done in person**


This is a hands on process; thus, only serious inquiries will be accepted. Each participant won’t have the option of not making significant progress with their business development.


The exact dates and times of the 10 weeks will be negotiated with the student; however, consistent meetings are required.


*This is a specialized ritual process designed to alter the multiverse in your favor and thus facilitating the manifestation of your business objectives.

**The time and place will be negotiated after the first three weeks are completed.  Client is responsible for travel, lodging, and meal expenses.

***Only two people will be accepted into this process.  An interview is required to determine if your business objectives and focus match the intensity of the program.

The initial interview and application are $50.


Application process begins: HERE


NOTE: The application fee is non-refundable.  Process enrollment is not guaranteed.  Recommendations on your best course of action will be made in the event your application is not accepted.

NOTE: Application process will take approximately 30 minutes for the questions as well as additional time for the gathering and submission of additional documents.

Areas covered include:

  • Leadership and organizational skills required for success including rating where you’re currently at within your management prowess and detailing steps to get you where you need to be.
  • Defining what dedication look like for you and your business and assessing your current level.
  • Mission statement and business plan writing and completion including financials.
  • Details on self financing versus bank and investor financing and how to accomplish all three.
  • Properly branding the business, products, and services including logo design considerations.
  • Copyrighting and trademarking proprietary materials.
  • Project management basics, scheduling, and setting milestones.  Project management software and training determinations and selection.
  • The need and importance of quality control.
  • The need for surveys and customer and market feedback.
  • Marketing and advertising basics, structure, and protocols.
  • Understanding the need for execution excellence as a constant for required business success.
  • Strategic planning and goal setting.
  • Specific support and instruction inside of your specific industry.


This is a comprehensive program that leaves no business areas unaddressed.

The BCI cost is $6,999*.  Upon acceptance, payments can be made by invoice only. Partial payments are allowed, but the full balance must be paid before the launch of the program on April 21st.  First two approved applicants will be given the available slots; however, only payment holds your spot.


*This is an introductory price only. Normal price is $9,999