Building Her Queendom

All women need a Queendom.  It’s just that simple.  I’m not going to sit here and define what your Queendom looks like for you or the elements it contains, but allow me to offer some considerations….

What is a Queendom?

A Queendom is a combination of a community and corporation formulated specifically to achieve the ends of the Queen.  The community includes her family, friends, lovers, and acquaintances.  The community also reflects fifty percent of the attitude and posture the Queendom assumes for it’s survival and prosperity.  The corporation represents the vehicles set forth to ensure a consistent flow of resources into the community and ensure all goals and objectives are eventually met.  The corporation also represents the no-nonsense attitude the Queendom must adopt to be a viable entity in the world.  It’s the business and war arm of the Queendom and represents the other fifty percent of its attitude.  It’s the part that takes no prisoners when the situation demands it.

One thing any Queen has is support.

She has people around her (community).  She has those who honor, love, and appreciate her; who would die for her because of what she represents in their lives.  I know that may sound far-fetched; especially, in our day and time, but it’s not.  Each and every woman out there can have the support they need, but it can be difficult to do if you’re not a Queen.  If you don’t have a Queen attitude and perspective on life.  If you don’t understand who you are in the Universal scheme of things and what you’re supposed to offer the world during your brief stay on the planet.

A Queen understands how she should be living and how she should be treated.

She understands there’s a standard.  She’s in touch with her true needs as a woman and fulfills them.  She understands her contributions are critical to the world and her community.  With this knowing, she builds her Queendom to support her mission.  That’s why it’s necessary – so that she can accomplish her mission.  Because most women with purpose need support to carry out that vision, she must create a queendom.  She knows it will take multiple people in her corner to make it possible and she also knows her mission supports the people who support her.

Queens have a military. Queens have guards.  Queens have loving support.  Queens have resources.  Queens have a King.  Queens have Knights.  Don’t think mid-evil here, but rather more Stephanie St. Clair in how she relentlessly pursued her purpose and what she gathered around her to achieve those ends.  ***no judgment by the way***

What she built for herself, as opposed to what was handed to her, is what makes her a Queen.

Or maybe you can think of Queen Mother Hatshepsut of ancient Kemet.

Queendoms begin with self identification.

Who are you?  What are you here to do?  What will you offer the world?  I’d like to challenge all women to think big here.  Think bigger than what you’ve been accustomed to thinking.  Think beyond what society and family has defined you to be.  This may be the hardest part.  Really believing you are special and that it doesn’t take anyone to substantiate that fact.  The ancients called this – self knowledge – and said it was the most important thing to have in order to carry out your life to the fullest.  It’s a prerequisite for success, fulfillment, and happiness.

What’s also difficult is being in touch with yourself enough to know what your true needs and desires are and not being afraid to pursue them.  You have to step outside of your current belief system to do this.  Don’t evaluate your needs based on wrong or right.  Don’t judge yourself for feeling what you feel.  Don’t think about the source of the need either, but only the need itself.  Don’t ask HOW the need can be fulfilled, but only identify the need, the desire.

Do this exercise before beginning to build your Queendom to ensure it has a solid foundation.

One last thing about the Queendom – where’s the King?  If there’s a King, it’s not a Queendom, it’s a Kingdom.  Does that mean the Queen has no man, no King?  No, it doesn’t.  The Queen has whatever she wants, but the difference is this:

The Men are there for the Queen and the Queendom.

Within a Queendom, a King is there to support the Queen.  He (or they) are not the center, but the adjunct.  He’s (or they) are there for her and she chooses who each HE is going to be.  You can only take that perspective once you’ve initiated yourself into Queen-hood.

If you’re a woman who makes the man the center of your world, a Queendom is not for you.  You can still be HIS Queen, but you won’t have a Queendom and that’s fine – to each her own.  If it’s a Queendom you desire it means:

You must be the Center of your Life.

That has to be a reality and not just some cliche saying you post every once and awhile.  You must have purpose.  You must have knowledge of self.  You must KNOW you are worthy of the life you want.  The internal work has been completed at this point and you’ve shed the illusions of the world and could give two f**** what other people think about you.  YES!!!  Once you’re there the building of the Queendom can begin.

P.S. There’s no age requirement to begin this process. It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what your history is.  As a matter of fact, you’ll find yourself reducing your biological age once you begin this journey.

Good Luck!

One Love!

Rakhem Seku

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