And She Sings…

I realized something profound a few years ago regarding what I loved so intensely about one of my partners. I say profound because ever since my introduction to tantra and sexual alchemy I’ve been on a journey of redefining what sex is, what attraction is, and where my pleasure comes from as a man during sex. I’ve documented this journey and the details of my sexual experiences with women in my book Finding Male Sexuality. Tantra helped me appreciate the subtle aspects of a woman’s beauty. It helped me appreciate her gifts and see her as a gift in and of herself. I was able to get away from focusing solely on hips, ass, legs, and breasts and see something so much deeper in her.

Have you ever been with a lover and the lovemaking is transcendent? I mean unexplainably, this is my soul mate, twin flame, for life kind of transcendent? It’s just amazing almost every time like theirs some kind of psychic or past life connection between you.

I’m so grateful that she’s in my life, I’m not sure what I would have done though if I found out that she was married – how do people cope with their twin flames married? I’m sure this sort of thing has happened before. Luckily I don’t have to experience it.

She once told me, “We must have been lovers in numerous past lives.” That may or may not be true, but I discovered something about her and us that elevated my consciousness. I discovered what about her penetrates my soul when we make love.

It’s her voice.

Not her talking voice, but specifically, it’s her voice when we make love. When we begin to reach the highest heights. When we make love she sings. It’s angelic and precise and soothing and melodic.

Her voice is like poetry when we make love. She doesn’t have to say words or speak the English language. Just the sound of her voice alone penetrates my soul. Her moans. How she calls my name. Everything. It’s all music to my soul regardless of the sounds she makes. It breaks down my false male bravado and brings out my vulnerabilities. The illusions I’ve built are replaced with the essence of my eternal self. Her vibration breaks loose my frigidness and hardness and eliminates the stress and tension. The posture I take as a man to deflect the tough world around me comes crumbling down when she sings to me. The emotions I hide inside and tuck away in the name of alpha masculinity come forth uncontrollably.

And when I’m broken down to my essence, naked, and bare her voice builds me back up – fortifies me. It’s the healing I need as a man. It’s the experience that only a woman can give a man – stripping him down and summoning his essence, kissing it, healing it, and making it strong again.

I believe this is one of the true benefits of love making for men. If you allow her, a woman can make it all better with her voice. She can help you remember your highest self. That there is a soft place to land and a way to extract the pain in the gentlest way.

The beautiful thing is this realization with her allowed me to recognize the voice in all women. I was able to receive their song and see it as the healing gift that it is. I believe all women have this ability and hope that men will choose to go deeper than the surface of her to truly benefit from her gifts. I hope that men will choose to honor her and do the work to bring out these gifts.

If she trusts you, loves you, and feels connected to you she will sing for you and it will be a song more beautiful than you’ve ever heard before. It will be transcendent and cosmic and bring you back to the source of all things.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku

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