A Progressive Man’s View on Giving Money to Women

Being a Progressive Man means you understand two things that will fundamentally affect your relationships with women: (a) the universal law of  ‘What you put out comes back to you‘ and (b) I will always be chosen and loved by women.  This understanding allows us as Progressive Men to take care of our business without worrying about all the details.  It allows us to leave the games behind and accept the gifts and love from the women around us.  I WILL experience all possible bounties that can be offered by a woman without manipulation or coercion.  Minimal worries.  Minimal drama.  Minimal problems.

Why a man would consciously choose it another way will always be a mystery to me, but to each his own.

If you’re a conventional thinking man (i.e. not Progressive) then you’ll need to get your game up.  You’ll need to study the moves and strategies of women.  You’ll need to check your back. You’ll need to withhold your trust.  You’ll need to lock your phone, email, and social media accounts.  You’ll need to keep that porn account, ready, and available for the lonely nights.  You’ll need to keep the mask on and learn the art of misdirection.  You’ll need to classify women according to the crazy-hot scale and make that your guide for your wifey choice.  In other words, you’ll need to learn to navigate an ocean full of sharks.  Why?  Because the conventional male mindset says dating is a game and there’s a battle of the sexes.  Conventional thinking says she’s out to get me and I need to guard my ass and assets.  Have fun with all of that.


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I’m a Progressive thinker, which means I acknowledge the energies of masculine and feminine in my life.  I understand women will choose me in a variety of ways for a variety of things.  I don’t have to figure out how to trick her into giving me pussy.  I don’t have to worry about whether I should give women money and time or not because they will be clearly offering the equivalent back to me.  It will be obvious.  It will feel like the unmistakably right thing to do because our purposes will align perfectly, which is why we’ve come together in the first place – alignment.  There’s no question about the benefits of being with her.  It’s obvious, in my face, and worth it’s weight in gold out the gate.  Done deal and peace of mind.

A question was raised about whether a man should give women money.  Like, just give it to them.  The answer varies on whether the parties involved are progressive or not.  If they are both progressive in their thinking, the answer is ‘Sure‘ because both parties are giving each other any and everything they can give.  The focus is support and ‘upliftment’ out the gate because we are in alignment.  Your purpose coincides with mine.

As a man, I’m giving her money because it’s a missing element in what she needs to come into her highest potential as a woman.  The attitude of both parties is appreciation for one another and the union.  There’s no worry of being played or wasting time or money because we know that’s impossible.  So sure, give her what you can and what’s practical because she’ll be giving back in terms of time, energy, dedication, nurturing, and in any other way possible.


If both people aren’t progressive in their thinking; meaning, conventional, then the rules of capitalism apply.  It’s about supply and demand.  It’s about making sure I have the upper hand at all times while avoiding being played.  Sure, the conventional man will give to you until something better comes along or until he decides it’s no longer worth the trouble.  It’s his right to do that because he’s purchasing a service and can cease and desist whenever he’s ready.  In conventional thinking, both men and women are commodities.  Often times she wants money and he wants sex, arm candy, and a female who will follow his rules (i.e. exclusivity regardless of his relationship status).

There are other scenarios that work out as well.  Remember, supply and demand, right?  So if the male is unable to secure multiple options when it comes to females he would definitely be willing to pay a higher-than-market price while receiving less in return.  In other words, men without skills and swagger are generally willing to pay women for sex and companionship.  He’ll hand you $500 or $1000 and hasn’t had sex with you yet.  We generally refer to these men as beta or gamma men in the masculine hierarchy.  No judgment.  We are what we choose to be.

If a woman is wondering or debating if a man will give to her, it means she’s conventional in her thinking.  It means she doesn’t understand her value or what she’s offering.  It means she hasn’t embraced her purpose and isn’t attracting natural alignments with men.  It means she’s selecting men based on capitalistic standards opposed to her feminine values.  It means she doesn’t recognize her power of attraction and magnetism or understand she’s rich by nature and men will give to her automatically once she accepts that as her truth.

Give and take should never be a mystery in relationships.  What you give is always what you get and what you get is equivalent what you have given and expect to receive.  Your value will always be reflected back at you.  Only you can define your value and the people you associate and surround yourself with ARE accurate reflections of that value.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku



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