5 Reasons The Ancients Celebrated Menstruation

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve come to truly know the importance of the topic of menstruation.  I’ve always honored my female powers and feminine cycle, known it’s links to the moon; but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered each month I am being possessed by a very angry and forlorn spirit.  This is what many call PMS – but she has a more fitting name – she told me her name!!!

Why is she angry?  She is not naturally angry.  She is not just some wayward bitch energy, walking about to terrorize women – no way!  She once held an esteemed position in the lives of women and in society.  It’s only recently (past 1000 years… human life is approx 280k years old) that she has been angry and causing havoc in the lives of women and men on our planet.

She feels neglected, this is why she is so angry.  She feels unmet, unseen and unheard.

I met her just a few weeks ago for the third time in a row.  She’s been trying to talk to me for many moons, I’d bet. But I’ve just come to the frame of mind to hear her, and to truly see her.  I noticed she had something for me. Through the tears that flow like clockwork each 28 days, she was sending me a message!  She was asking me to please, please, please learn how to treat her when she is here.  She wants the men to remember it too… the rites and rituals that might bring her out of her anger and sadness, into her more natural and empowered state!

And what will this do for anyone, beyond her?  How will this support humankind!  She told me one thousand ways!  Not only will the Earth begin to regenerate itself – of course she is synonymous with Mother Earth – but our human lives will become more sustainable and vital!  I’ve done research into this topic since she made herself apparent over the past few months.  What she is saying is 100% true.  She can heal all kinds of physical and emotional ailments!

Here are MORE THAN FIVE Reasons the Ancients celebrated the bleeding women each month:

(This post contains information provided by Seren Swannesha Bertrand from The Fountain of Life http://www.thefountainoflife.org/).

  • The Maoris stated explicitly that human souls are made of menstrual blood, which when retained in the womb ‘assumes human form and grows into a man or woman’.
  • Africans said menstrual blood is ‘congealed to fashion a man’.
  • Indians of South America said all mankind was made of ‘moon blood’ in the beginning.
  • In ancient Mesopotamia, they believed the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused with her “blood of life.”
  • Adam, from the feminine adamah, means “bloody clay.” The Bible’s story of Adam was lifted from an older female-oriented creation myth recounting the creation of man from clay and moonblood.
  • In the Koran’s creation story, it says that Allah “made man out of flowing blood”; but in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was the Goddess of creation, Al-Lat.
  • The Great Mother manifested herself as the spirit of creation (Kali-Maya). She ‘invited the gods to bath in the bloodytumblr_m41iiznUsn1ruq5t7o1_500flow of her womb and to drink of it; and the gods, in holy communion, drank of the fountain of life and rose to Heaven (perfect health).

A top International scientists has concluded the blood that flows from women has high powered stem cells that are literally holding the very essence of what a human being needs to feel youthful, look youthful and have the power of vitality – forever!  He likened the menstrual blood to the fountain of life!  He described the first time he used menstrual blood himself, that he felt ‘reborn’.

Another researcher says use of the blood has changed his hair from grey to black and has regrown the follicles that had long since stopped producing hair. Throughout the world these experiments are taking place, but why aren’t scientists sharing the information with the general public?

This question is easy to answer, we are living in AD, the era after the Bible has shifted the original place of the female blood to that of the blood of the Lamb – Jesus Christ.  In church we are sanctioned to drink the blood of Jesus, but the actual origins of these spiritual rites are based on the menstrual flower and flow of women.

In ancient Taoist thought, menstrual blood is called chilong, or Red Dragon, and is the source of female energy. (Semen, meanwhile, is the source of male energy and is called White Tiger.)  These ancient ways to view the liquid emissions of the body as sacred, elixirs is what we must return to today, and the shift needs to happen IMMEDIATELY!

While we are busy worrying about GMO’s and watching as mother Earth is desecrated by chemicals…  We take for granted the powers we have within our own bodies as well as the symbolism of the female body to planet Earth. It’s time we immediately put into practice simple rites and rituals to quickly up-level our abundance and love energy through Harnessing the power of the female cycle!

When I heard her speak these past few months, she noted we complain most of financial lack;  this is due to the rabid misuse of the very abundant nature of feminine power – within ourselves!

She explained the secrets to setting ceremony up for her – In Preparation for her arrival each month!  She explained what modern men and women can do to cherish and utilize the fountain of youth as it flows from a woman’s red flower each month.  She explained the tantric ways men can support women and thereby increase his own power to that of a God almost overnight.  She explained too that a woman who fully appreciates her moon power will become Goddess, instantly.  She says this has not been done in centuries and that those who can do this now will link automatically to the power Source that erected great pyramids, temples and civilizations we all cherish.

So the question becomes, are you willing to come check out the full science as she explained it?  

Are you ready to set sail on a brand new journey with your partner, or just with your own practice as a single?  I have been soaking this in as if it’s liquid gold!   My husband is excited too!  Take the journey with us!

Attend the unveiling of these Queen Maker and Red Tent Tantra Rites and Rituals October 16, 2016 on the full moon – we will meet and discuss this massive invitation to rapid evolution through the use of what is most natural and pure within us!  Let’s go!  Click here for more info!

We have brought SEX into the New paradigm!  Now it’s time to bring Menstruation!

Delight to you!

Kenya K Stevens, CEO

JujuMama llc


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