Why Lord Jamar’s Statement Is The Problem

What is a lock?  It’s a security mechanism.  What does a lock do? It protects personal property that is perceived to be of value or prevents individuals from trespassing on your personal property. What is a key? A key opens a series of locks, but usually one specifically. What does a key allow you to do? It allows the holder to have access to whatever property the lock is protecting. 

This is the problem with the 5 Percenter/Moorish master-key analogy around a man’s dick being a key and a woman’s pussy being a lock. A woman isn’t property. Her pussy isn’t the gateway to material goods. This shit is old as fuck. This thinking is founded in monogamous philosophy that says, “I own you bish, and if you give away my goods and services to a bunch of other key holders – you’re worthless to me and to ALL other key holders on the planet.”  This is essentially what Lord Jamar is saying in his statement that a woman who fucks many men is worthless, but a man who fucks many women is a master, of sorts.  It’s just tired.

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We as human beings, especially in the black community, will never have freedom as long as we continuously hold each other down and subject one another to backwards, materialistic standards of sexuality and relating. This is why JujuMama Love Academy was founded – to set the record straight on what relationships are.  To up level people’s consciousness around what it means to be free and empowered in your TOTAL lives – sexually, financially, romantically, spiritually, etc. We have to move out of this antiquated bullshit if we’re going to advance as a community.

Let’s break down how the average man thinketh around himself, women, and sexuality.  Lord Jamar said the men’s dicks are keys, which essentially says we’re human beings with the need to both lock our things up and unlock them. If we stick our dicks inside a woman, we’ve essentially unlocked her value; meaning, a woman’s value is tied up in her sexual restraint. In other words, what’s valued by western man is a woman’s virginity and her sexual fidelity. He said it himself that if she can’t get that under control, she’s worthless; meaning, there’s nothing else determining her value outside her sexuality. See the problem? She could be a triple PhD, operate a multi-million dollar business, be in peak health, have written twenty books, fed the homeless, educated the poor, raised her children to be outstanding and product adults, flown to space and back, and solved the world energy crisis, BUT if multiple keys have opened that lock she is still WORTHLESS.  Is the male mind really that fragile and insecure? Obviously, it is.

So if the lock has been opened by multiple keys, I guess it means she can’t be mother, right? I guess it means she can’t birth beautiful, healthy children, right?  I guess it means, she can’t be the matriarch of her family and community, right? I guess it means that having sex with her doesn’t feel good anymore, right? Hmm… I’d love to see the moorish science on that one, but I won’t see it because none exists that is tangible, scientific, and provable. But if you have it Lord Jamar or anyone else out there – hit me up.  Kenya and I would love to debate you on it.

That’s essentially the summary – these analogies are all about control and protecting the fragile male ego when it comes to a woman’s sexuality. These analogies are all about the continued suppression of female sexuality and men’s attempts to control and cage the power of femininity across the globe. So far, these efforts have been an resounding success with the help of religion, monogamy, superstitions about the essence of women, and capitalism as the primary culprits. Congrats! Pussy is for sale and used as a currency in exchange for goods and services. I hope we’re proud of what we created.  

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Lord Jamar.  You are officially challenged to a live debate.

Rakhem Seku (Carl E Stevens Jr)

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