What is an Alpha Male?

Excerpt By: Carl Stevens, CEO JujuMama LLC from his Fan Page

I was having the alpha male discussion with someone, and there seems to be some confusion. In my opinion, a true alpha male does everything in the open. That’s part of the appeal – the extreme confidence and cajones! When you do things in the open your body produces testosterone. Doing things behind the scenes on the down-low produces estrogen. If he’s sneaking around on the down-low; especially, when it comes to women then he’s not an alpha male, end of the story. The feminine represents mystery and wonder, but the masculine represents explicitness. Maybe checking out sites like https://www.knowledgeformen.com/alpha-male-traits/ could make it easier to identify what an alpha male actually is and what traits they may possess to make them the best they can be.

The male lion is considered the totem or animal kingdom representation for the alpha male and you just never see a king lion on the down-low. He AND his boys have sex with all the females for everyone to see and that’s just the way it is | Like #Mustafa in the movie Lion King. He’s not sneaking off into the jungle at 3 AM to have sex with this lioness while the queen lion sleeps | Like #Scar from the movie Lion King.
That said, the ‘traditional’ alpha we tend to characterize in modern culture is a down-low type of male. He is not honest. He is not crisp, in fact, he is most fearful and insecure showing vibrato or machoism as the one dimension of his expression … this is not actually a true alpha.
When a man says he doesn’t tell his GF or wife about his other women, what’s he’s really saying is he fears the repercussions from his woman because she’s a queen and a goddess and has the same amount of power he does whether she recognizes it or not. Furthermore, that power is a MOFO to deal with when it’s all up in your environment.
I say in my book Tame Your Womanhttp://amzn.to/S31DGf… a boy doesn’t become a man unless he has healed a woman; which means he supports her coming into her fullness and power without feeling threatened or fearful and without suppressing her in any way. Actually, an alpha male helps everyone come into their fullness even his enemies and prey like #Mustafa. Most men just end up suppressing their gf or wife feeling threatened by their feminine power and not having confidence in his own; you see the extreme of this in many middle eastern countries – that’s not alpha, it’s insecurity.
The landscape now is that of the #scar type male. #mustafa has been dead for a while. #scar runs the government, the country, the media and entertainment industry, and most corporations. You can tell by looking at the landscape around us what kind of males are in ‘control’. You can tell by looking at the state of women what type of men are in ‘power’. It’s just different. Try to understand what that movie was really attempting to communicate to you TLK. When #scar was in control what was there? Scar –> Scar’s city –> Scarcity. And what is the sign of absent alpha males and females? The fact there are no resources while fear pervades the environment.The return of a balanced masculine and feminine on the planet is what’s needed most at this time. Your Thoughts?
By: Carl Stevens
CEO, JujuMama LLC

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