Welcome Bronze Member!


Welcome to the Bronze Membership!

Here are your next steps (please bookmark this page if need to complete later)…

1. Visit the JLA Resource Library located within the Online Love Academy where you will find the Calendar of Events as well as the guidelines & protocols videos. You’ll want to start here first!

2. Make sure that you are enrolled in either the Blue Butterfly Course (women) or the Peaceful Warriors Course (men). If you don’t see your course, please email us at: mail@jujumama.com

3. As a Bronze Member you have access to TWO of our seven private Facebook Groups. Please email your FaceBook name to mail@jujumama.com so that you can be added!

4. Included in your membership is the opportunity to become a JLA Affiliate…you’ll receive a 20% commission on all sales! And it’s free! If you’re interested, simply follow the instructions here. Then, send us an email at: mail@jujumama.com

5. Don’t miss out on updates and information that is specific to you as a Bronze member by signing up here for the Bronze Membership email listhttps://forms.aweber.com/form/02/1891045502.htm

6. Visit your email and confirm your subscription to the email list. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! If you skip this step, you won’t be added to the list!!

7. For discounts on coaching, audios, and videos in our online store, please sign up for the Discount Program! Visit Jujumama.com and create a profile for yourself. Then, let us know that you’ve registered by sending us an email at: mail@jujumama.com.

We’re so glad to have you!! We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on this wonderful journey!