Watched Water Never Boils

Life would be so much better if we could figure out how to shape reality the way want, when we want, and how we want.  We’d all like to have a magic wand every once in a while and just zap something things into existence.  Or maybe to make some people disappear for a few days **big smile**  But seriously, isn’t it curious how things seem to happen in your life when you’re not looking.  Like the saying goes, “When you least expect it ~ expect it!”

I’ve spoken with so many clients who’ve said when they weren’t genuinely looking for love it showed up at their doorstep.  Conversely, when they WERE looking for it intensely it seemed as illusive as a water in the desert.  Why is that?  Why does watched water never boil?  Why don’t the things we want and desire most land in our lap, but when we give up hope it drops out of the sky?

To start we need to understand what is reality?

Reality is the materialization (densification) of ENERGY (sound, vibration) and WILL (thought, desire, light).  Reality is NOT something that’s out there and separate from us, but something we project (create). What do I mean ‘project’?  Quantum science has demonstrated that our brains interpret reality before it happens.  Timed experiments have been done where the brain was connected to electrical equipment to measure response signals.  Whats been determined is if you’re poked on the shoulder, the brain interprets the poking before it happens and creates the feeling and associated image of you being poked so you can experience that poking AT THE TIME you perceive the poking.  Another way to say it is this: first comes THOUGHT (a a reality blueprint that’s either subconscious or conscious in nature entirely made up of light and sound), then comes the PROJECTION (interpretation and creation) of that thought (reality blueprint), and last comes the REALITY matching that thought projection (blueprint).  Before quantum physics it was believed that reality happened first, then the thoughts and interpretation of the reality followed in order to make sense of it.

***take your time and think about that***

This is true for sight as well.  Meaning, all of what you see with your eyes is not actually what you’re seeing.  What your eye sees is actually this fuzzy image that can’t be made out.  What we know as sight is a combination of what you’re seeing with your eyes (a fuzzy image) + the brain’s understanding of what that reality SHOULD look like based on your belief system and prior experiences.  These factors shape what you think you’re seeing with your eyes.  There’s more that can be said on this, but let’s move on.

Where does the brain obtain the images to fill in your sight?

It comes from two places: (1) your conscious mind (i.e. beliefs, expectations, etc.) per your experiences throughout your life and (2) your subcounscious mind (i.e. beliefs, expectations, memories, etc that you’re not aware of and have accepted whether you like it or not).  Therefore, what you believe shapes the realities and images your brain is projecting backwards to ‘you’.

In other words, what we call reality is just a projection of our thoughts, images, sound vibrations, expectations, and light materializing before us so that we can experience them in immovable, concrete terms.  But the materialization is the last step in the process, which means, if we’re aware, we can shape that materialization to various degrees.

These thoughts, images, sound vibrations, and light formations are not yours per se, but simply what you are aware of and vibrate most closely with.  There are literally infinite numbers of thoughts, sounds, etc. and all them were here before and independent of what you consider your life.  They are all happening at the same time, simultaneously.  Everything – every possibility – already exists, simultaneously.

What that implies is that anything and everything is happening all at once, but what you experience will only be those things you focus on (i.e. expect, think about, fear, are emotional about, etc.).

Why does observation shape reality?

For most of us, we are observing something because we have a concern, interest, or a series of emotions around that thing.  What we focus on tend to be the things that strike emotions within us.  That includes fear, doubt, etc.  So things don’t usually manifest the way we want when we’re watching them because of the tension and emotion around it.  “Watched water never boils” because you want the water hot now, but are focusing on NOT having hot water and the need for it.  It’s the tension, fear, and stress of NOT having hot water that’s forcing you into a reality of cold water.  Your observation is creating what you don’t want.  Make sense?

The following examples are the inverse of the boiling water.

You watch your children in the park because you’re scared (concerned) they’ll get hurt or taken, but when you don’t watch them they scrape a knee or get into the flour because of that subconscious fear you have.  Then you say, “I knew that would happen.  I never should have left them alone like that.”  Thus, you expect it to happen (fear of it) and create that event happening.

You keep your hands on your wallet out of fear of it being lost or stolen, but when you’re not mindful of it, it disappears because that fear of loss takes over.

That’s why, many times, these fears, thoughts, etc often affect our reality in a negative way, whereas the things that we trust (i.e. tomorrow showing up, bills being due, the floor being there and supporting your weight, oxygen being available for breathing, being hungry, etc) show up on time even though we don’t pay any attention to them, just like we KNOW they will.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku

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