Enhance or create your coaching practice using the Three Way Mirror

Coaching system! 

Make $2000 in the first six months!

This Certification gives you LICENSE to use the Three Way Mirror Coaching system in your practice ~ you can even use jujumama branding!

The Three Way Mirror Tool is a complete system!!

Use the Technique as a TurnKey Start Point As A New Coach!

The Four Week Course will elevate your coaching skills to new heights as well as give you metaphysical skills many modern coaches do not have!

"Every client you see will leave with a full protocol on how to heal any relationship challenge they might be experiencing...."

This is for you if...

You are a life coach, love coach, tantra practitioner, body worker.... You can expand your practice and add a premier service for your clients.  Become immediately more astute in assessing your client's dilemmas, use powerful metaphysical tools to support them!

  • You have always wanted to be able to comprehensively list your clients concerns in ways that support them in truly taking the Power Position in their lives!
  • You are ready to give yoga students, bodywork clients, tantra clients and more the benefit of ten years of love coaching!  You want to do their body work and then provide an amazing coaching experience!  
  • You have always wanted to be an oracle!  You enjoy having the answers that everyone seeks.  You want to answer the question:  Why Is This Happening???  You will gain this power using the Three way Mirror Coaching Service. 
  • You don't want to spend six months learning useless tools that all psychologists and psychologists use without getting the results you KNOW are possible with New Paradigm Understanding.  Even licensed counselors don't have the spiritual power packed into The Three Way Mirror™!

This is your first step into an awesome adventure! Deliver a Wow-Factor to your clients and friends!

A good love coach, life coach practitioner, even yoga teacher has more than just the one tools he or she learned to get into the industry.  Like health care professionals, you can have more trainings, certification that set you apart from the rest in your industry.

Streaming Videos

This course will be presented in four videos recorded LIVE!  You can ask questions in the chat or comment section!  Recording archived in neat curriculum template.


You will receive all the instruction, guidelines, keys and POWER to do this technique with your client like an Expert!  In fact you do become the expert, it's just that simple.

PDF Documents

Use these special PDF sheets over and over again, print them for your clients, have your clients fill them in online, all the keys to using the tool is embedded in the documents!

Neat Back End

Everything is stored in the back end including the forum where you can talk to other students via thread!  Connect with other students, or me, the instructor easily!​


​After each video course there is a test to assess your understanding of the information.  Pass each test to maintain your standing in the course.  If there is any need for more info, I am here.


Gold Members of JLA will have an opportunity to be held accountable for making their first $2000 in this system.  The accountability system will be delivered live via Facebook Groups!

 Support With Practice

​You will be able to practice your art on others, and we will support you in it!  Find someone to practice on, take a video of the session and If you are a Gold Member, I'll send you my direct feedback and pointers!

Guided Meditation

How many practitioners offer Guided Meditation in session?  JujuMama has for the past 11 years, in fact we pioneered the phone and digital LIVE meditation!  This course instructs you to do these powerful exercises with your clients including Lacing Technique™. 

Best Coaching Ethics

Coaching Ethics are very important to JujuMama llc.  You'll discover the basics, how to keep your sessions clean, clear, direct and essentially powerful for all involved.  

Meet Your Instructor

Hello!  I'm Kenya K Stevens, CEO of JujuMama llc.  Love Coaching is something I've done 15 years professionally!  I hold a BA in Early Childhood Psychology & Education, but that's not the catalyst for my work.  I became a love coach when my marriage was falling apart.  I had to learn the art of making things work, which translated into writing books, blog posts, and providing the information, tools and models I discovered with others!   I truly enjoy my work and feel it's my soul work, my destiny, my passion!  I'm so happy you're here checking this information!  I look forward to getting to know you!

Behind the scenes. While there are may love coaches, many life coaches, few are willing to break down the techniques for coaching the way I do.  I truly love giving coaches the mechanics of coaching such that they can truly develop their own style and deliver quality support to clients all over the world!  My true joy is watching as you unfold into the power coach you were born to be!  My mission in life is to develop an ARMY of coaches!  Those equipped with the powerful metaphysical insight and stamina to truly heal the planet!

Maybe this is the first time we are meeting?  Fantastic!  I have been waiting to teach this particular tool for many years.  I began developing it back in 2007 when I found it impossible to blame or shame others for my life any longer!  I found that blame and shame were causing my health problems, emotional insecurities and fear!   Downloading this tool was helpful for me and has all but ended my endless victim mode ~ and it has done the same for thousands of my clients and friends!

The Three way mirror increased my business 10 fold!

"The first time I came into the JujuMama understanding and coaches training I was completely floored.  I felt overwhelmed for the first time with passion!  Complete passion is what has overtaken me and this is what I am now able to convert into sales!  My clients love the JLA tools and program, plus I get to be the expert!  This is so good!"

Matthew Baldwin, Forest City

after this tool changed my life, i am now helping others!

"What I've been able to accomplish since starting this training is amazing!  One thing that has increased is my ability to feel into my client's needs and desires, my intuition has increased and so has my magnetism!  I love the idea that now I can simply and easily dive into the concerns of my clients with the efficiency of a stealth tiger!  We dig into the root and make the changes happen from within!  Very empowering!"   

"And of course, it's all beautifully designed ~ love the training modules!"

Cynthia Manedam, Atlanta 

The Three way mirror course workbook will blow your mind!

Isn't it time for you to make the difference you want to make in the lives of others?

The course booklet for The Three Way Mirror will become your best friend!  All instructions, guided meditation templates and PDF tests are located in the course booklet!  This is a printable, full color, book that will support you in implementing the tool into your practice.  

Basic Plan

Use The Three Way Mirror To Heal Your Own Personal Life

Full Four Part Course

PDFs and all Tools for Personal Use Only

  • Solve Any Relationships Issue
  • Support your Friends 
  • No Certification No License 
  • No forums or accountability service


No credit card required.

Coaching Plan

Use The Three Way Mirror Certification and License

Full Four Part Course

PDFs and all Tool With License and Certificate To Use In Your Practice

  • Become a Licensed & Certified   Expert Life or Love Coach
  • Command at least $100 an hour
  • No forums 
  • No accountability coaching


No credit card required.

Members Plan

Payment Plan For Gold Members of JLA

Full Four Part Course | Six Months of Support to make $2000 in your Coaching Practice Using This Tool

PDFs, Guideline Forms, Templates, License and Certificate To Use In Your Practice

  • Private Accountability Group         For Coaches | Make $2000
  • Hand Held Personal Business                     Support 
  • No Worries!
  • No doubts!


3 Easy Payments

Plus Gold Membership

This offer does not qualify for the 20% members discount​

No credit card required.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE on The member's plan!

With the Member's Plan you make back DOUBLE the cost of the course!  The one thing that you will never be able to stop is your progress!  You will progress and advance your business with this tool because JLA admin will hold you hand make this happen!  This is not one of those courses where you are alone in the content, trying to figure out what to do with the content. No way!  JLA will be here with you every step of the way when you join as  Gold Member!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

how do i join as a gold member?

Will these courses be recorded?

Why get a certification and license?

how will i be supported to earn $2000

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This is the #1 tool on the market for coaches and practitioners.  For living proof of this work check the case studies presented in our Three Way Mirror Coaching System Webinar!  This is something you do not want to miss.  If you are on the email list for this course you will receive an invitation automatically!  If not - get in on things here-> bit.ly/threewaymirror