The MOLLY Crutch

Money doesn’t make you more of a man and it definitely doesn’t give you game when it comes to women. It’s true, having money CAN give you more access to women, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into more pussy. It doesn’t necessarily translate into getting what you desire sexually. I’ve personally met multi-millionaires who’ve had a hard time getting women. They go to bed many nights horny and alone, satisfying themselves to videos of Daisy Dillon instead of being with a woman (Daisy Dillon is a pornstar for those of you that don’t know). I know, I know, it’s a head scratcher. If sex work were legal nationwide, things would be much easier for these men, but it’s not and many of them don’t want to take a risk with professional escorts. They might have better luck with Melbourne Escorts instead if they’re looking to have a good time and spend the night with attractive women.

So what’s an artificial playboy to do? All this money. All this time. All this bottled up sexual desire that for years has fueled your money pursuits, but still no game when it comes to women. Still no understanding of the feminine. Still no sexual skills. Still no word game. Still no swagger, no sex appeal, no understanding of what a woman truly desires. All this money and you still can’t fuck your way out of a paper bag. What to do?! Well for a start you could possibly think about looking at an ovdoll sex doll to practice your sexual skills before trying to translate them towards a real woman…

Based on what I’m seeing amongst some of the celebrity elite and other money folks, MOLLY provides the bridge between the unskilled male, who suddenly finds himself with some wealth, and the pussy that has eluded him all his life.

Here’s the formula I put together to illustrate:

Horny Male – Sexual Skills – Swagger + Molly = Sex

This is so whack, I can’t even lie and say “to each his own” on this one. It’s more like, purchase some skills my ninja. Get a coach, or a guide, or buy a book on mackin’, or take a tantra class, or something. Make sure it’s a skill you can take with you everywhere you go because only a certain class of woman is going to take MOLLY to begin with. Only a certain class of woman is going to put herself in a position to even accidentally take the MOLLY you slipped in her orange juice.

You don’t want the ability to pull women based on merit, skills, masculine energy, and character? Don’t you actually want to be respected and desired as a virile male? I’m just asking because I know everyone’s not into that. We all get into the habit of taking the shortest path to what we want because there’s only so much time in the day, right? It’s rare to see people put in the work when there’s a cheaper method, albeit less effective.


The point is not about judging men who use MOLLY on women who are either unsuspecting or pretending to be unsuspecting. At the end of the day, it comes down to choice. But what I want to say to men is the MOLLY thing isn’t helping your manhood at all. On top of that, it’s walking the rape line depending on what the woman knows before going into the situation.

The concept of using a substance to bridge the gap to sex is nothing new, but we usually grow out of this behavior as we get older or when we come into money. In high school and college it was much easier to talk to women when you’ve had a few drinks and women would tend to lose their inhibitions the more they had to drink as well. I get it. Again, easiest path, right? It’s just interesting to see men who have a checkmate situation in America – money and brand recognition – and still need a crutch like MDMA to get the job done. It’s like WTF?!

My advice is to call me for COACHING before slipping MOLLY in her orange juice. I’ll steer you in the right direction and keep you out of the legal system at the same time.

One Love,

Rakhem Seku

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