The Immigration Paradox

There’s a big argument around immigration in the United States of America. Donald Trump got that one going again really strong. He’s saying all people in the U.S. who didn’t go through the established, by the book, citizenship process are here in the country illegally and should go home and reapply through the visa process. This is unfortunate to hear because the visa process is long. There are so many different forms like the i-140 for example that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Furthermore, forceful immigration policies have made it more difficult for immigrants to enter. Not to mention the interviews that immigrants have to attend. Most people struggle with this interview process, they don’t know what to take with them or what to wear. Luckily, online blogs like this one here can provide outfit support for anyone who needs to attend a visa interview. Hopefully, people won’t have to find an outfit to apply for another visa, but it’s good to have an idea just in case.
Anyway, I want to discuss a different argument that has risen from both the Native American and African American population.

There are some memes going around social media with various Indigenous Americans calling white Americans illegal immigrants. One of the memes says, “You are all here Illegally”. Another one says, “So you’re against illegal immigration? Good. When are you leaving?” From one perspective, these memes make all the sense in the world because we know when the European American found these lands, Indigenous Americans were already here. I’m not saying the Indigenous peoples were organized in a nation covering what we today call the United States, but they were NO DOUBT here in established communities, tribes, and nations. The historical record will confirm that.

Let’s switch to the African American (black henceforth) experience in the United States. We were brought here by force. Slaves. Prisoners of war. Yes it’s true that various peoples from Africa had already been back and forth to the United States prior to Europeans ever discovering it. It’s also true that there were settlements of black communities as well as some mixing of Indigenous Americans, although limited.

What’s the point Rakhem? The point is I disagree that European Americans are immigrants as a whole to these lands called the United States of America. The Pilgrims and other initial groups of Europeans were not settlers of the Americas – they were conquerors of the Americas. Regardless of any peace treaties or whatever, the land knowns as the United States was taken by force. Indigenous Americans were militarily defeated, some forced to sign peace treaties, and became prisoners of war. Black people were defeated, enslaved, and became prisoners of war.

The Real Deal

I think sometimes we lose sight of the actuality of the situation because of the method in which the European conquers nations and lands. When Europeans invade a country they leave a portion of the native population in tact; meaning, alive. Why? Although Europeans have killed hundreds of millions of people around the world (including within Europe and their own people), their warfare has always been psychological first and physical second. When you look at the cast systems throughout Europe it becomes obvious that the preference is to have a large working class in all countries they control. This includes England, France, Germany, you name it. It’s a war, primarily for resources. It’s a capitalistic war that is won with psychology, manipulation, economics, and currency control.

I’m not like most black nationalist (because I’m not one) who believe white people are bad or intrinsically violent or haters of melanated people. I believe that wars are raged by a small group of powerful stakeholders who are constantly selling their agenda to the working class in order to build their military forces with these individuals. I believe there are large groups of ignorant white people who make it look like they are inherently violent or racist. I believe there are large numbers of ignorant (uneducated, unaware) black, red, yellow, and brown people that perpetuate behavior, beliefs, and spiritual practices, which apparently justify the justification for oppression by the dominant, controlling class. But none of that it the point.

If Europeans wanted to wipe every melanated person off the face of the Earth they could. That includes all Asians, etc. If the European wanted to wipe out the Indigenous Americans they could have. I’m not sure if people realize how easy that would have been as the European versus Indigenous American conflict wasn’t so much a war, but a slaughter that took place over a great number of years and still wages today, quiet as kept. But again, none of that is the point.

The Point

The point is European Americans are not immigrants to the United States. They conquered this land according to the rules of war, which have no rules except kill or be killed. Win or take the chance of losing absolutely everything.

Here’s where the confusion comes in – we have indigenous people living in the U.S. We have prisoners of war living in the U.S. One part of the U.S. European population wants ALL people to be free, have equal rights, and be citizens – let’s call them Group A. But there’s another segment of the U.S. European population that has no interest in that. They’re only interested the conquest – resources, domination on every level – we’ll call them Group C. You also have a group in the middle that has no idea what’s really going and would rather just let things play out and live their life – we’ll call them Group B. Group B is the majority as they kind of float in the matrix.

Black people will say, “Americans claim they are for inclusion, freedom, and equality so lets help them establish it. American is the land of freedom, justice, and equality.” We’re not getting it – the Europeans who were behind the wars that enslaved you are NOT for freedom, justice, and equality and never have been. Group C is even taking these things away from Group A/B and always have. This is a long standing war between multiple groups of people with completely different agendas, mindsets, and ways of thinking.

When Indigenous Americans are appealing to “America” to bring forth equality and fairness, who are they appealing too. They are appealing to Group A/B Americans. The battle is and always has been for Group A/B and the like in that hopefully Group A/B would get fed up enough and take down Group C. Once Group C is taken out of power a Fair and Balance society can be set up for ALL peoples. But please realize Group A/B is NOT in control of the country and never has been. That’s why many of them fled Europe as immigrants to the Unites States – to escape extreme poverty, hardship, classism, racism, and discrimination coming from their own people – Group C.

Black people – Group A/B would like for you to be citizens (for the most part) where your voting and other rights don’t have to be renewed every so many years, but realize they aren’t sure because of all the propaganda they are being fed by the Group C controlled media, etc. Plus, they are losing all of their rights and it looks like black people are contributing to some of that hardship. Again, the media and stories are being spun and sold and it’s hard to ignore sometimes. It’s tough out there.

Reservation Realities

Native Americans – I know you have land in the United States (reservations) that ‘belong’ to you, but we all know what that is. These reservations are prison camps at their core. They just don’t have what they need to thrive and barely what they need to survive. Our Indigenous American brothers and sisters are in a tough spot, but if you recognize it for what it is then the rampant poverty, alcoholism, drug addictions, and broken families makes more sense. It’s so tough to build a solid community in a prison camp. It just is.

My only thing is, we can’t go around acting like we have a right to something. You don’t have a right to anything. The world is and always has been a war zone. Am I saying you have to engage in that war via violence and hate? No. You can go hard with the sword of LOVE, positive energy, your own sense of morality, and action. You can also go to war through violence. I’m not judging anyone’s methodology here in this article. There are multiple ways to view the dynamics of what’s happening on earth and how to fix it – if that’s what you want to do. You can even look at like everything is just fine and in balance. *shrugs* I’m not here to tell you how to deal with it, but I am here to give you another view for what it actually is.

Lastly, I’m not saying the European has done anything that other nations have not. It’s just they’ve done it on a bigger scale and much more efficiently. They are not the authors of war, genocide, death, and the usurping of land, but dam if they haven’t pushed the envelope on what it once was, at least in recent history.

One Love,

Rakhem Seku

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