The Illusion of Male Power

Exposing the Reality Illusion

One of the challenges in living life in the current time-space reality is separating the illusions from what’s real.  Or maybe a better way to say it is having a strategy for not getting caught up in the illusion of three dimensional reality.  What do I mean?  I mean, in a world with three dimensions there are always recognizable, apparently opposing forces (compliments, opposites) at play.  Some would call that the law of duality – for every up there’s a down, for every high there’s a low, for every villain there’s a victim, and so on.  If I were to draw it out it would be represented as the X and Y axis on a standard two-dimensional graph.  But we often forget the Z access.  Remember it’s “3” dimensions.  The Z axis says, although X and Y are apparent, ‘true’, and in front of you, there’s always another way to view the world – Z.

That may seem obvious to some, but the reality is 95% of the planet doesn’t process Z axis reality.  They see an us versus them type of reality.  He (X) did it me (Y).  She (X) did it to him (Y).  They (X) are attacking us (Y).  The policeman (X) harassed me (Y).  Again, it’s ‘real’ – both X and Y exist, but also remember that X and Y are levels of consciousness.  In this case they represent two-dimensional consciousness when only they are considered.  They represent potential intelligence factors that determine your ability to think and process coherently.  Z is also an intelligence factor, but is more so linked to elevation, spiritual mastery, and seeing beyond the illusions of the world as represented by X and Y (two-dimensional consciousness).

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Let’s take a practical example – male power.  When you look over the most recent centuries we have patriarchal rule in the world.  Meaning, men have taken all the power positions in life and in turn, based on our lack of intelligence and spiritual elevation, have eliminated the balance between X (man) and Y (woman) in favor of only X (man).  Men have stacked the deck in what appears to be their favor and at what appears to be the expense of women.  When you look across the board – education, jobs, rates of salary, opportunity, sexuality, marriage, health care, etc, men seem to have given themselves the advantage.

But here’s the question – is that actually true.  I know, I know, “Fuck you Rakhem.  Of course men have coopted power and subdued women and all creatures on earth for that matter.  Don’t get me started and please don’t come with some metaphysical, flowery, let’s all get along bullshit.”  I’m not trying to offend, but hear me out.  When I was learning tantra and sacred sexuality, one of my teachers Shantam Nityama said, “Women gave their power over to men.  It’s not that men took it.”  That’s the first time I ever heard some shit like that.  It was hard for me to agree with him on that because I suffered from the male delusion that women didn’t really have any power.  It was hard for me to imagine women in a power position or being able to control or manipulate reality in any way.

Women Equal to Men?

I mean, think about it – can you actually see a woman being equally powerful to a man?  Can you see a woman actually keeping a man in check without other men backing her up?  Like sure, women are dominating many relationships today and mentally and verbally assaulting men on a regular basis and the men have no recourse, but that’s only because these women have the law on their side (other men).  If these same men returned the mental abuse with the same about of physical abuse back to the women, it becomes hard to imagine a woman dominating a man in a relationship, right?  She could no longer get in his face, yelling at him, daring him to hit her so she could call the cops.  No, he would clock her, drag her in the house, and game over.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I’m saying all this to say, that it appears that men have all the power and women’s power is derived from men giving up some of their power or supporting women.  That’s the illusion.  The truth is women have equal power to men, if not more, but because we don’t understand femininity and masculinity, it’s not apparent to us.  If women are equal to men then it’s realistic to believe that women have either shared rule with men in the past or ruled them outright.  I know it’s hard to believe or conceive, but it’s the truth.  Matriarchal systems are created by women, implemented by women, and ruled by women.  Men operated within and were subject to these systems.

But my point here is I understand what Nityama was saying now.  Women gave away there power.  They chose to be “taken care of” and locked away in houses and communities without access to the outside world by choice.  Men don’t have the power to control women – you can see that in most relationships even today.  The only way a man can get into a power position over a woman is the woman have to give him that power.  She has to acquiesce to him.  “But Rakhem if that’s true, why are women having such a hard time finding their power today when it’s obvious they really want that power back.”  That’s easy, if you haven’t done something for centuries, you’ll eventually forget how to do that thing; especially, when it comes to future generations.  In other words, the women who were in power back in the day are all gone.  All that’s left is the passed down memories and DNA to the women of today and believe me, it’s tough to convert DNA memories to living, breathing actionable expression.  So, I get it.  We see the same thing with black spirituality, right?  If we were so great back in the day why are we so incredibly and hopelessly impotent today?  We forgot.  That greatness is locked away in DNA strands and cellular memories.

Men Take Heed

This lesson is important for men as well.  Most men have this false perception that they’re just dominant over women and that’s just not true.  What’s the danger?  The danger is not living a true, fulfilling life based on the reality of who you are.  The danger is living an illusion of X and Y and never understanding the X or the Y let alone realizing there’s a Z to consider.  Men don’t even know they aren’t living according to their highest potential.  Men don’t even know what’s out there for them to explore.  Men don’t experience even 10% of the pleasure and fulfillment they could because they believe something that’s not true – I’m dominant, all knowing, and superior.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

It affects our memory and DNA too because we don’t remember when women ruled or shared rule with men.  All we have are these cellular memory packets that manifest in dreams and relationship dysfunction.  But women, don’t blame men for not fixing things.  Like I said, it’s hard to convert DNA memories into actionable realities.

What’s the moral of the story?  No moral, but let’s try to help each other remember.  Let’s help spread the power and wealth.  Let’s expand our consciousness to Z and leave X and Y behind for a while.  There’s no need for a battle of the sexes (X versus Y).

One Love,

Rakhem Seku

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