The Consciousness of Money

I had a deep realization a few weeks ago as I was participating in our own JLA program (Moon Manifestation System MMS) which supports our clients in realizing two goals every lunar cycle – one financial and one relationship.  MMS a powerful program!  During the first phase of the program I was meditating deeply on my financial goal and realized something about money that I wasn’t conscious of. Money is actually alive! It has a consciousness. It has WILL, desire, and energy. For the longest time I looked at money as a series of inert objects represented by coins and bills and numbers on a bank computer. I’ve always known that it has its own unique energy and vibration to it, but it’s no more inert than you or me. It’s no less conscious than you or me.

“Yeah, yeah, Carl, we get that money is energy, blah, blah, blah. How do we get more of it is our question?”

Just hear me out for a second before putting me in the cliché category with this. I’m saying money is conscious. It has four parts to its ‘being’ – consciousness, will, energy, and matter, just like we do. So, if that’s true, in order to obtain money you need to align with it. You need to connect to it by showing you’re in line with ITS purpose, will, and desire. In other words, it has to decide to come to you and more importantly, stay with you. It has to choose you.

But obtaining money isn’t why I was inspired to write this article. The biggest issue I’ve observed with myself, and so many others, is how to keep it.  I see individuals get money, whether it is a paycheck, lottery winnings, a signing bonus, a birthday gift, or finding change under the couch cushion, and just spend it. It literally disappears right before their eyes. Why is that check spent before you even get it? Why is the financial industry the biggest in the world? Why do banks make tens of millions of dollars from overdraft fees alone from people who attempt to spend money they don’t have?

Follow me on this.

I teach that human beings are creative beings; meaning, we can create our reality. What that means is if we sincerely believe something, as your truth, things will happen in your life to substantiate that truth. If a woman believes there are no good men available, she’ll be without a good man. If Scott knows he will be successful, he’ll be successful. If he has doubts about his success, those doubts will come to light in the form of failure or obstruction. If you are scared to go down to the basement at night in the dark, you probably won’t go. It’s not that there is a real tangible danger in the basement, but rather your beliefs surrounding it will influence your actions.

In life you have to decide who you are, what you’re going to be, and what you’re going to do. Once you’ve done those three things, doing them becomes easier. Your success is assured. The universe moves mountains to honor who you’ve defined yourself to be. That’s really how it works. Where you come from or the amount of money you have in the bank has no influence on your ability to succeed or fail in life. Your belief about yourself and your internal fortitude plays the biggest role in what you achieve.

Hopefully, that makes sense to everyone. Well, money has its purpose. Its doing its thing and you’re either on board with the program or you’re not. Most people are not in line with money’s purpose and WILL, which is why they find money both elusive and difficult to hold on to. Another way to say it is the morals, principles, and beliefs that many people carry are in contrary to those that money carries. When two things are on different vibrations they tend to repel each other.

Money is like electricity – it’s moving around the world, creating effects wherever it can. It’s influencing change and movement and action everywhere. Why? That’s what it is. It’s an energizer and a change agent. That’s its purpose. This article isn’t so much about obtaining money because money will run into you without you even trying; that’s its nature. It’s zooming around like the electrons in the air. No, this article is about why it leaves you so quickly once obtained.


You may have $100 in your hand, but know that $100 is alive.

It’s going to create a need for itself and it may do so before it even comes to you. It’s ahead of the curve, creating places for itself to go and things for it to affect. The problem is that YOU believe these are your needs as opposed to money’s desires. You believe that bill collector calling you has everything to do with you, but I’m telling you, it’s not you – it’s the money creating a path of travel for itself. Why? It can’t sit still. It’s energy, electricity, it’s power in motion and an unstoppable force. It has to move. That’s why saving is so tough because money doesn’t want to just sit there, it wants to work. If it can find a route out of that account it will. But it does it metaphysically. It creates a scenario with the person holding it to justify its movement. It creates a bill or fee or need in the person’s life to justify its movement. You think it’s you, but it’s not you. It’s the money manifesting and creating its life.

Think about what I’m saying. Have you ever noticed every time you get money there’s ALWAYS something that needs to be paid or bought?  There’s always a need or want. ALWAYS! It’s either a bill or luxury or something you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t matter how much money you have either, it could be $100 or $1,000,000, you’ll notice needs and wants always pop up. You’re being played like an instrument my friend. It’s using you to achieve its end. You thought you were in control, but now you see who’s in charge.

There is a sayings that money brings out the evil in man, I disagree.

Money influences people who are unaware to do its bidding and the less awake the person is, the greater the potential for he/she to wreak havoc on other human beings and for the world to move that money. A person will kill, maim, lie, and forsake every principle they hold dear. It’s not that he/she is a bad person at heart; it’s that he/she has come up against a superior force, a superior manifestor – Money. He/she’s carrying out its agenda, not theirs, because he/she’s unaware it’s not thier agenda in the first place.

You have to be on top of your game to keep money.

You have to be aware, present, conscious. Money will make you do what you swore you would never do. It will make you use God’s name to move it. As human beings, we need to have a level of humility when it comes to money. Sometimes our demise is found in our own arrogance in thinking we’re the superior life form. We even take credit for creating money when it simply used us to manifest itself into being. It used us to give it a variety of material forms and purposes. We’ve seen money go from cowrie shells, to gold, to cash, to Apple Pay and it isn’t done yet. It’s energy so it can take many forms. Maybe it will be water a hundred years from now and we’ll be trading gallons of it for food and clothing. In China, money has taken the form of air because the pollution is so bad in certain areas that people are buying and trading fresh air in cans…I’m just saying!

My advice is to meditate on what I’m saying before taking any action or rejecting these words. The concept of an ‘inanimate’ object influencing our world, our reality, and us is super foreign to most of us, but it has merit. Look at your life and history with money. I bet most of our stories are very similar. Actually, our stories are so similar that companies have been formed for the express purpose of making money from these similarities. They’ve created the concept of interest and late fees because they know money is more powerful than the WILL of man. Or maybe money created these companies so that it had more places to go to. Either way, take time to overcome this. I believe in US.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku

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