The Anal Treastise

The big thing out right now is the rise in men getting fucked in the ass in some form or fashion or using proper etiquette, anal penetration during intercourse. No, I’m not talking about the rise in the gay male population and their sexual exploits, but rather the heterosexual male population and the rise of their anal exploits. Yep. So let’s look at the ‘hole’ picture here. I want to ‘enter’ this conversation from the ‘right angle’ and ensure we ‘penetrate’ every ‘nook’ and ‘cranny’. For those looking for some anal intercourse, have a look into this sexual blog informing you of all things… Anal,, hopefully allowing more intimate times between you and your sexual partner/s.

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Now when you say “fucked in the ass” that could be considered demeaning in some form or fashion, but it’s not really. If you ask a woman did your man fuck you real good in the ass she may very well say, “Hell yeah and it was good too. I squirted and came for like twenty minutes.” There’s nothing wrong with getting fucked; especially when you either (a) want to get fucked or (b) enjoy getting fucked and yes there can be a difference. If you need to learn what it is, try looking up the terms on, it could be an educational experience. Sometimes someone does something to you without your prior knowledge or consent and although the first reaction may be surprise or shock the aftermath may very well be gratefulness. I know I’ve had that experience before. Like, “What the hell are you doing. Wait. Oh. Oh, ok. Yeah mommy. Keep that up. God Damn!!! Jesus H. Christ Aliveeeee!!!!!” Sometimes it bees like that. But I digress. This post is about men getting fucked in the ass.

First of all, what are all the ways a man can get fucked because I’m not just talking about a penis in the ass. Actually, I’d rather not address the penis in the ass conversation because that’s a whole topic in itself. For now, let’s discuss women penetrating men with various assortments like fingers, beads, dildos, vibrators, toy dicks, strap ons, gerbils, carrots, cucumbers, hamsters, and whatever else the fuck you can imagine. I’m not going to pretend to know all the tools and techniques for how this goes down, but I will say that there is one good bit of advice: don’t keep it in for too long says, and so says other experts in the field. You got that? Good! So, let’s just stick to the metaphysics of it. Rakhem Seku is not your anal sex expert with the six step guide for bomb ass anal sex.

When you talk to men who engage in being anally penetrated the feedback is pretty much the same – it basically feels really good and really different. The really different thing is understandable. No argument there from me on that one. The feels really good thing was in question until you do research and find out that the prostate can be stimulated by penetrating the anal canal and that the prostate feels really good when massaged. Ok, I get it. No argument from me there either and for those who want to roll with that I’m 100% cool with it. I really am. This post, nor anything we write at JujuMama, is about right or wrong. You’ll have to hit the Islamic and Christian churches for that talk.

But in the interest of this article let me add the preverbal ‘but(t)’ (pun intended). Actually, let me tell you a story. Before I learned about tantra and sacred sexuality, sex felt about five percent as good as it does now for me. Sex was basically about the ejaculation and maybe the excitement of being in some new pussy. Outside of that the feeling was just average when you really break it down. There were some cool parts to it like watching the girl squirm and wince and make the funny noises and shit, but outside of that the ejaculation was the golden horse in this mother fucker. This is especially true when having sex with a condom on. I mean that’s basically masturbating in a tight space. Can you imagine that? Fucking without the soft and the wet #smmfh.

Anyway, so yeah. That’s the deal. But when I learned tantra the sexual act itself started to change for me entirely. I went from being purely ejaculatory to being orgasmic and ejaculatory which basically means I am now orgasming throughout the entire act of sex or in other words, I’m feeling the entire act intensely. Most men don’t know what that feels like and most women don’t either, but a few women know what it feels like to orgasm uncontrollably for scores of minutes at a time. The comparison is like going from that one clitoral orgasm after thirty minutes of sex to about fifty vaginal, full body, breast, g-spot, and deep spot orgasms from the time your partner touches you then again when he enters you then while still while he’s holding you after he’s pulled out of the pussy. See the difference? It’s the difference between Christmas and like Monday, February 3rd.

But you need to get what I’m saying. The sex I was having wasn’t fulfilling even though I had no idea it wasn’t fulfilling. So what does the subconscious mind do? It sets you on a path to find more pleasure, more fulfillment and with me that manifested as learning about my sexuality and appreciating the subtlety of touch and intimacy. I mean, back in the day sex was all about the many positions and busting the pussy wide open and humping like I was mining for diamonds in the pussy jack hammer style. Now it’s about the appreciation of stillness and the flow of energy through me and through my partner. It’s about sending her into countless orgasms before I enter her and feeling how she touches my chest and back and feeling her soft legs run up my thighs, hips, and side. It’s just different. I still do jack hammer style and mix the positions up, but those are no longer a requirement for pleasure and fulfillment.

So what does that have to do with anal sex for men? It has everything to do with it. My belief is that men are not getting the most out of their sexual experience, but not getting the most is not an option, it’s a life requirement. You are wired to receive pleasure even though many of your life experiences are telling you otherwise. So when you are not fulfilled during oral or penetrational intercourse you must find the next level. You have to keep climbing. That’s where the many many positions come it. That’s where the drugs during sex come in. That’s where the bondage comes in. That’s where the choking, slapping, spanking, and extreme physical acts come in. That’s where the costumes come in and the cheating on the low in the back seat of a SUV come in, so you can get the extra high. We add non sexual elements to sex to make the sex better because the sex is not fulfilling us fully. Trust me, I get it and I’m cool with all those things. Dress up like a bunny, snort a line of coke, swing from the chandelier, on the way down pop and E pill, hit a blunt, and land square on the tip of my cock and scream “High Ho Silver!” while you ride me into the sunset. Cool. I’m down. Next time we can do the same thing in Times Square during new years then scramble down the subway before the cops see us. I’m down. Trust me. There’s nothing better than adrenaline and external pressures to keep it real.

Anal sex is just that additional element. It’s like ok, what can I do to make this the complete bomb experience. Hey, why don’t you strap a cock to your waste and slam me in the anus? Ok, I’m being extreme, but you get the picture. I believe a part of why heterosexual men are now gravitating toward anal penetration is because they want to feel more deeply and that’s not just the sensory feeling, but also a more emotional connection to their partner. Getting penetrated is a form of submission and the rush of emotion that accompanies that act is extremely high and overwhelming. It makes you almost want to cry – real talk. I can dig it. So men should get what their looking for because the old paradigm of raising boys and relating to men has us not being able to feel anything or fully express our emotions, but those days are ending. But I want men to try something for me. Try feeling more in everything you do. Cry at the movie. Close your eyes and feel the breeze against your face. Watch the old couple smooching on the bench. Feed the kitten and allow yourself to feel the experience fully. And, yes, during sex, allow yourself to feel completely, not just with your dick. Feel her skin, breath, everything. What you’ll find is that a whole new world awaits. No matter what your path to feeling is, it’s all perfect. Ashe.

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One Love,

Rakhem Seku


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