Thank You

Quick Start Guide

Congratulations!!!  You’re all signed up as a JujuMama Love Academy member and will receive all the benefits associated with your membership level.  Before you start exploring the libraries and information we have available for you, let’s make sure we get you off to the best start possible.


#1 – PRIVATE GROUPS: Please contact us by email – – and let us know what your Facebook name is.  Believe it or not, we honestly have no idea which profile is yours as multiple people pop up with the same exact name spelling – assuming your Facebook name and real names even somewhat resemble.  Our Admina Juju Facebook administrator will add you to the groups so make sure you friend them too.


#2 – BLUE BUTTERFLY WOMEN: To gain entrance to the Blue Butterfly Women’s group on Facebook, you must complete the short entrance requirements located at the beginning of the Blue Butterfly Women course, located here:  Once your done, please send us a quick email letting us know and we’ll get you added to the group.


#3 – JLA COURSE ACCESS: To access your courses make sure you go to the JujuMama Love Academy – – and click Log In, then click My Courses.  All of your courses should be loaded and available for you.  Here’s a breakdown of what you should see:
#4 – WE HAVE 2 WEBSITES: There are two primary websites that we use.  The first one is the JujuMama Love Academy site located at  This is where you bought your membership.  Each time you come to this site, you must log in to access your classes.  What you can find here are: classes, certification courses, and certain information libraries like the FREE Library, JASWA, JLA RESOURCE LIBRARY, etc.  We also have a BLOG site located at  Here you can access our blogs and buy coaching.  NOTE: The log in information for these two sites is totally different.  If you want to log into the BLOG site at, you must register at the site and request that your membership credential be added so you can have access to discounts on coaching.  This would be the only reason to log into the site.

If you have any questions, contact us at  You can also directly message Admina Juju on Facebook.