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Using sensual energy is not something our mothers or fathers taught us, but it is something that must be learned at this time.  There are massive changes taking place on Planet Earth, and those with a sense for the spiritual will be the very change agents needed to shift this place into it’s true fullness.

Currently women have a wealth of energy that goes unused each day.  This energy is sensual energy.  From the onset of a woman’s menses, she is able to use this coveted power, but there seems to be a need to re-think the way we teach our young ladies about sex and love.  We must integrate holistic ideas in order to spare another generation of youth the deplorable act of self hatred that arises from sexual mis-education that leads to fear and suppression.

The image above shows the ways girls get around the fact that they are sexual beings desirous of sensual bliss in every way.  In order to remain a ‘virgin’ girls are resorting to misaligned use of sensual power and sadly have to take the back door to get what they really want, feel what they actually need to feel.

We know our power, but we haven’t been taught to use it and so the body takes over, in conjunction with a limited mental capacity and we go ahead forward without the proper guidance which usually leaves us shell shocked and ‘damaged’.  This can be no more.

Here is the solution and the way to teach young girls about using sensual energy without taxing the organs or causing a system malfunction:
So the first thing is the Yoni or the Pussy.

Girls have to understand that the Pussy is a beautiful vessel of light and love.  They have to be taught early the Pussy is magnetic and will attract.  Girls need to know that there will be many men who want to come close to that aspect of who they are… but that they are the ones who can decide what to do with it.

Girls need to know that they are smart enough to make choices.  They are not imbeciles.  They are Goddesses.

The Pussy should be taught as a magical wand, a wand inside the body that can actually have desires and needs all it’s own.  Girls should be guided to touch the Yoni, to explore it.  To learn to please it.  When they are, they will become fully conscious of the power of the Yoni.  They must honor the Pussy and know it as a friend, not a foe.

Young girls have to feel that the Pussy is a GOOD thing – a divine attribute.  When they know this , they will no longer feel inclined to shut it off, curse it, call it bad names, shun it, hate it… They have to be told to take pictures of it, love it, respect it, feel it’s fire and desire and appease it manually if they so choose.  This way, boys will not have a fighting chance of abusing it.  If she does not abuse it, boys CAN NOT abuse it – simple law, that which is like unto itself is drawn.

The second thing is this.  Young girls must be taught to visualize and meditate.  They must be told their dreams are worth everything!  They must be allowed to connect their dream time with their sensuality.  When this occurs, they will be able to discern the difference between a desire to energize a dream and the desire to have a dick.

There is a difference, and when the two meet – BLISS!  The desire to have a dick should not be seen as bad, or obtuse, but should be enhanced by informing the young girl that when that desire is strong, so is the desire to have a dream, to become PREGNANT. You see, what the girl wants when she wants a dick, is to become pregnant with her own dreams, and indeed the dreams of the world!  So the technology has to be put into place, leading me to my third point.

Girls need to know how to channel sensual energy.  When the energy is high, she should be instructed to use it!  She can easily use her sensual energy by taking a warm bath, enjoying and adoring and adorning herself, talking to herself, performing a ceremony in nature, opening her heart to her dreams even girl stuff like writing about it, making a picture, creating a vision board, or going online to blog about it.

This way her dreams feel heard.

When her dreams feel heard, her sacred sex drive for dick is down.  When her dreams feel like they can be planted by simple masturbation or self admiration, her chi is settled.  She is smart.  She can do this.  She can open to the idea of waiting on the right healing dick if only we’d teach her to channel the energy into focusing on her dreams when she feels them welling up.  And of course if we simply mention that dick is a healing thing!  Especially the right ones…

Why do we think our girls aren’t this smart?  They are.  I have a ten year old daughter, I know.

Finally the young girl has to be prepared for sacred sex and see sex as a beautiful thing.  Instead of her dreams, we encourage her to think of illness, pregnancy, misaligned bad-ism, whoredom.  This scares not only her, but her dreams.  Without a place to sit and become whole in her, her dreams turn to nightmares – and everyone knows what happens when we think ill fated thoughts, we live ill fated lives.  Period.  Why isn’t this simple to comprehend?

I do not teach my daughter that she can get an illness or a bad pregnancy, or lose her reputation from sacred sex.  This is folly. Ask yourself, is it true, and if so, what makes it true – the thought or the reality?  Same of other girls who ‘thought’ the same ill fated thoughts –  had the nightmares + letting them take root  = birthed the reality.  You tell me.

Evolved people do things in evolved ways…

To prepare my daughter for sex, I exclaim the sexual as spiritual!  I LOVE sacred sex and I tell her so.  I talk up the fun and the bliss of it all, she can sometimes hear me making love to my husband or to my boyfriend.  If the bed is wet when she crawls in in the morning, she knows why, we giggle.  She knows about the possible fountains of delight of a woman’s orgasm.  She has sat down with a tantra master (Nityama) and heard the truth… she is prepared.

If your child is in public schools, ask often what she is learning about sex.  Correct any foolishness.  She trusts you more than her teachers, she resonates with truth, like you, so tell her!  She may squirm as she is conditioned to from school;, but she hears you. She loves you.

When she gets her period, celebrate!  Make a day or week or month of it! Show her how to track her cycle as not to get pregnant if she doesn’t want to.  Show her how to protect herself from anything she doesn’t want in her pussy, mostly with thought, and if you believe in condoms, so do it!

Show her how to clean her pussy with light as protection from anything she may not desire.  Show her how to sun her pussy when needed, how to clean her self to feel fresh always.  Tell her to love all of her smells at all times of month.  You remember the finger and the smelling and the asking and wondering – Am I normal?  YES, yes my love you are…

I prepare my daughter for scared sex as it begins to occur by telling her that I am here for her.  I am ready to talk to her at any time.  I accept her sexuality.  My daughter told me once that a boy tried to kiss her, she was just 8 years old, instead of balking, I asked her how it felt, did she want to kiss him back?  Told her she always has a choice, but if she likes it then go with it and enjoy – plus this guy was CUTE & smart *wink*!  I told her she is always safe via the Universe.  A kiss is for her.  A hug is for her. Men are here on Earth to worship her and make her feel good.

Now she is using her sensual energy fearlessly.  She is open to a direction of thought and her POWERFUL magic is channeled in the right direction.  And as for you, please work on NOT WORRYING.  This empowered girl will make excellent choices.  Best of all, you will be with her as guide because you have told her the truth, she feels that and now she can trust you.  She will let you in.

On final thing is that I read to my daughter.  I read her ‘Sex At Dawn’ I told her all about the Chinese girls and their flower rooms about the women of Tahiti who’s girls have sex in the open with women shouting out ways to do it better,  The Indian girls of the Kama Sutra, the African girls who practice laying with boys from age 12 to control sensual impulses… I give her a glimpse into real sexual bliss so she knows there is life outside the repressed modern BS.  Feed your daughter truth.

Now you have become the mother Goddess she chose you to be.  SHE chose your womb.  SHE chose your heart.  She needs you.

Light and Love

Kenya K Stevens

Feel free to speak for your heart in your comments, but don’t give me no ‘what if’ statements… don’t come from fear.  Come from movement of the heart… thanks!  This is what our girls need… xo

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