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Close your eyes and envision for a moment being a young boy or girl growing up in sexually sane culture… Boys, from onset of puberty, are taught about sexual vitality, how to cultivate sexual chi, how to speak to women, how to be in relationship with community, how to practice certain techniques like Iron Crotch to strengthen potency.  He is also taught the herbs and remedies to increase potency, keep his genitals clean, and his health in tact.  Boys are taught the mechanics of how to impregnate a woman both mentally and spiritually… as well as physically.  Boys are taught the purpose of sex being both healing and manifestation.  Boys are taught the powers of his hands, heart and mind.  This young man is prepared for sexual relating, completely, before his first practice sessions laying with the girls, practicing sublimation of the sexual force…

Now imagine the girls of this sensually sane culture.  They too are taken under a mentors wing to learn the secrets of womanhood at the onset of puberty.  They are taught the mechanics of female sensuality, how to increase magnetism, nurture themselves, the men and children.  They are taught the ancient methods of birth control, and shown the herbs and rituals to perform in case of welcome pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy.  These young ladies are taught to count their cycle in order to know when optimal pregnancy can take place.  They know their bodies so well that orgasm, pregnancy, menstruation and so forth are seen as manageable, simple and completely understood.

With very little fear these youth grow up to love one another, and share lives together.  If there is an unwanted pregnancy, no one is alarmed when the girl goes out to the forest to find the herbs to refresh or empty her womb.  And no one is surprised when the boys practice techniques that would help the women avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Furthermore, pregnancies are mostly wanted as the community sanctions the care and support needed for any woman to safely give birth, raise children and care for them with relative ease…

This is where we have come from as a human race.

Where we are now is quite the opposite.

The issue I have today with the question of abortion is the shame and guilt women often feel when making this choice.  Due to our obscured and obscene lack of training in the art of living, the art of loving and the sacred art of love making, we are not truly equipped to handle the our choices.  Somehow we believe that washing the womb of an embryo or fetus is BAD while all the other components being missing is FINE.  The components I’m talking about are community, relationship training, womanhood training, manhood training, accountability, responsibility, progressive thought, spiritual connection and herbal care for the body and mind.

Without these very essential components, how can we find it odd that 1 in 3 women choose abortion?

Birth control techniques are primative here.  Who wants to take carcinogenic hormones that make us fat and sterile in the long run?  Who wants to use latex to cover the very magical wand we covet and adore?  Who wants to have their tubes snipped or place a tiny piece of plastic in the womb for birth control?  I’d rather use honey and wild yam – or flush my womb with blue cohosh to avoid conception or to end it.  I’d rather know the dates and times of my fertile period and avoid sex on those days (just five days a month).

I’d rather my man not be addicted to ejaculating, I’d rather have sex with a man who knows that male orgasm can be just as deep as female orgasm when the ejaculation is recirculated… but noooooooo.  We have none of these understandings as a group, yet are still expected to feel guilty when we get to the point of having to make a choice to end an unwanted pregnancy.

I’m not a fan of shame and blame.  So just as I choose not to shame our culture for this state of confusion, but instead educate the masses, I do not shame and blame women who without being taught even just the basics of body care, womb care, sexual potency and child rearing are afraid to give birth.  And I am most certainly not a fan of the concept of needing paper money to actually sustain a child, and loads of it!

I mean who do Pro-Lifers think they are speaking to when they expect women to have every single child they conceive in a culture like this?  Who are they talking to?  Can’t these people see that women in today’s world feel as if we have to work just as hard as any man to make ends meet?  (Even as this is not true, but an idea we grasp and hold, thus create)  Sit women down and make it affordable for women to care for their young, even FREE for that matter, and then we can talk Pro-Life!   Train men to care for EVERY child in the community, whether it is his seed or not, and train all women to support other women naturally, and with zeolousness, then we can talk Pro-Life.

And let’s not even talk about body image issues, where the media highlights women who have the bodies of 14 year old boys as the standard of beauty, meanwhile deeming PREGO women fat and lazy, and complaining when a woman takes nine months to lose pregnancy weight after having gone through nine months of carrying a child.  The thought of it sickens me.  How dare anyone talk badly about a woman’s weight who has a child?  And in a culture where fast food is 75% cheaper than any healthy form of food? And where exercise is not a natural part of our daily requirement – just work work and more work…  Please!!

Do not fix a problem by punishing those who are left clueless and fearful about love, parenting, and relationships even into adulthood.  This is no longer workable.  Females should have no shame about their choice to have an abortion at any point – not now, not ever.  Period.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Love and Delight

Kenya K Stevens


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