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Rakhem Seku is an experienced relationship coach, tantric specialist, and shaman who offers premium support for women looking to shift their relationship experience. It’s one thing to talk to someone about your relationship, but another entirely to talk to someone with a proven track record of success in his personal and professional life.


JujuMama is the premier relationship, love, and self-empowerment company with powerful tools to assist you in creating the life you desire inside of your marriage, primary relationship, or love connection.


Energy Matters

Rakhem Seku has a deep, calming energy that supports women in feeling reenergized to do the work in their relationships. His energy will help you recover from any trauma, anxiety, or stress you may have experienced with your partner. Every coaching session is also an energy session.


“I was able to support her through our text coaching to help her understand where her boyfriend was coming from as well as give her proven strategies to endear him to her. It’s not always easy for women to follow a man’s (especially, a coach) advice regarding how to solve relationship challenges with her boyfriend/husband, but when she does the result is always success.” ~ Rakhem Seku


As a man who’s related to numerous women and coached many more, I have a unique and proven insight to support women in navigating their relationships.

  • How to communicate with him.
  • How to endear him to you.
  • How to interpret his behavior in various situations.
  • Working with him sexually to increase the frequency.
  • Navigating his past relationship connections.
  • Positioning you for marriage by picking the ideal partner.


The important thing to consider when seeking support is the energy of who you’re talking too on the phone or FaceTime. Is his energy the type that can calm you and have you feeling better after the conversation?



Customized Work Curriculum

This is a 10 Hour Coaching Package consisting of a combination of call anytime plus a Customized Work Curriculum to support you in achieving your relationship goals.


With the Customized Work Curriculum, we’ll do the following:

  • Determine your goals
  • Do your Personality Profile (Character Map) to determine your natal tendencies, likes, dislikes, and potential hang-ups
  • Analyze your past relationships to determine patterns, blueprint behaviors, your attraction profile.
  • Develop a strategy that’s practical in meeting your goals that included the key growth areas, as well.
  • Scheduled calls to keep you on track and check in with updates.


Other Coaching Package Inclusions

  • You can Call or Text anytime as you feel you need to talk (see terms & conditions)
  • You have access to unlimited readings during any of your coaching sessions.
  • You can schedule distance energy work sessions.
  • Have Rakhem Seku do meditations or rituals on your behalf to help you achieve your goals.
  • Personality Profiles (Character Map) charts can be done as part of your coaching package for you or loved ones.
  • 3 Way Mirror Analysis, Lacing, and other tools available for sessions.
  • Text anytime (availability varies)


If you have questions and would like know if coaching with Rakhem is right for you, send an email to with a description of your relationship challenges and goals. He’ll respond in due order with what he can do to support you.


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Terms & Conditions




This package can include lacing, readings, three-way mirror, bagua character mapping, general coaching, gender harmonics training, or any combination. You call us anytime between the hours of 9AM and 9PM EST (PEAK HOURS) and we will answer or return your call as soon as we can. If we miss your call, we will return it as soon as we are available. You may also call us during OFF-PEAK hours (between 9 PM to 9 AM EST) and we will make every attempt to answer your call as well. We’d like to be there for you during the emergency times as well. We become your on call coaching team. You can speak with Carl or Kenya when you need support.




This package also includes TEXTING. Note: Each text message you send will count as 2.5 minutes towards your allotted coaching time. In addition, each text message you receive from Carl and/or Kenya will count as 2.5 minutes towards your allotted coaching time. So, sending one message and receiving one return message will count as 5 minutes worth of coaching.




Please note that all purchased hours for this package must be used within three months of the purchase date. Any hours remaining beyond the three months allotted time will be forfeited unless otherwise indicating in writing by JujuMama, LLC.


Distance energy work sessions are charged by the hour based on the time of the session. Minimum charge for distance energy work is 30 minutes.


Readings are charged at 5 minutes each when done outside of a coaching session. There is no additional charge for readings when done while on the phone with client. Readings are done when available.





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