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It’s only been a day and I already miss her ~ my husband’s other partner…

Where are the Poly Earth Mothers to teach us this art? I want to learn to ride a unicycle! Come help me! … Maybe they are deeper within… Maybe I haven’t gone deep enough – However, I embrace myself right here… just as I am. Maybe I’d be best off looking at an electric unicycle as I here that they are easier to ride than the pedal versions!

Here are the trade offs when it comes to sharing our Poly Earth Men:

  • We trade tradition for creativity.
  • We trade isolation for the sexy messiness of evolution.
  • We trade decent sexual fulfilment for, sometimes, no sex at all – aloneness.
  • We trade comfort for the chaos… that leads to growth.

Where are the mothers to show us how to do this? We need the sacred protocols, the divine script! We have forgotten how to feel abundant, at all times? We have forgotten how to relax into the challenge? No – We have forgotten how very much we need one another. We have lost ourselves; but in what?

I love myself here. Fully and completely.

I miss my husband’s partner because she is part of me. Is it ‘growing up’ that I’m suffering from? As I grow away from the 12 year old girl in me, I realize I depended on her to mock me, to betray me. I knew her communication style wasn’t effective. Maybe I miss her because I don’t want to grow up and BE in my new communication style, which is direct and self focused. Maybe I want to stay in that vibration – with my own communication being challenged – just leave it as it was. No!

I wanted her to enjoy something other than him, to spread her energy out so I could still have what I need, as well. I wanted her to remember the years and years of service I have tirelessly shared with my family, and to honor that. I wanted a ceremony to honor it! I wanted her to see me, and get that some of her needs would have to be met elsewhere, just as many of mine were and are (we wives and mothers know that all needs can’t be met by one him; we need community, right?).

Women can’t share men if we make him the one.

Everyone involved has to make themselves the one; only then can the community become one.

There are no winners and losers in this. It is always both/and. In every interaction in life we gain something and we lose something. That is the nature of living. Obtaining the energy to do a thing, requires recycling misused energy. When we gain celebrity, we lose privacy – until we learn to balance them. When we gain financial abundance, we lose faithful reverence – until we learn to balance them. When we gain confidence, we lose humility…

Until we learn to balance them.

The list goes on and on, and there is nothing wrong with it, with us being right here. Everything is one, there is no separating peace from pleasure, or peace from pain. Acceptance is the trouble. If we could just accept ourselves at every stage of the game – however we feel, however others feel – accept the challenge that comes with each new balance.

Have you ever thought of that? That each new station you attain in life requires a new kind of balance? It’s like today I’m riding a bicycle and I’m cool – but tomorrow I will be challenged on that unibike. The question becomes: Can I enjoy learning a new kind of balance? But who enjoys learning? I’d guess only those who have seen the full value in learning… Those whom have learned to make learning their passion!

But this, for me, has been a great awakening!

When I close my eyes I see Free Earth Mothers rubbing one another’s hair, making love, kissing, and screaming into the forest of trees, to releasing the past…

But there has to be strategy to move us from point A to point B. I do not have that strategy, yet, but I know it involves protocol, which is a way to practice any new balance. (Sit the unibike up, always mount with your left foot, hold steady, breathe deeply, now go! – and repeat!!). Learning involves understanding, which I feel I do have. I understood why she wanted to have a place, but I did not know how to give her one, or share space without loathing the practice, the new balance. A unicycle? I can’t ride that!

I don’t know how – yet.

But I am practicing… What I have gained is superb sexual connection with my husband, finally! It happens in the house and it’s Crown Choice heaven! It’s healing every part of me and making me open my mouth, typing this way. I’ve also gained a sense of confidence in my ability to ask for and receive exactly what I want and need.

What I have lost is the fantasy that this should be easy. I thought I could do this, which is why I did it for many years, I thought it was working. But i’ve lost my badassness, my macho, my vibrato?

Hell, maybe I needed a rest from all that. You can’t go hard but so long; water balances fire. It was really hard for me to have his partner living here for these past 2.5 years. But I do miss her now that she is gone. And maybe what is emerging is the kind of vulnerability, self-awareness, and acceptance of self, that will truly allow me to get even further in accepting other. Maybe I will realize what Bey has sang of: that there is no other. I understand that concept, but only intellectually. Acceptance of other means I finally accept myself, fully.

I’m working on it!

And, of course, I will order a Unibike… It takes practice, but someday I will pull from my cellular memories, the wisdom of the ages! I will learn to balance oneness! The great mothers will speak to me ~ and on that day, our daughters will rejoice! We are free!


Light to you,

Kenya K Stevens, CEO

JujuMama llc



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