Four Benefits of Loving Wild~Free Women

Yes.  I consider myself a wild and very free woman.  Wild, because I acknowledge my primal desires, needs and urges.  Free, because I act upon them, making choices that defy conditioning and cultural training – breaking stagnate patterns at every metaphysical turn.  I’ve tapped into core, authentic, expression, and it feels really good to live here.  However, there are facets to my domestic & feral living that make relationships challenging.  For instance, my partners may hear me speak about my other partners at times.  My partners clearly contend with knowing they are not my one and only love.  There may seem to be lack of predictability, lack of standard stationarity… And of course there is a required new depth of communication;  a depth not needed in many traditional relationships…

I have learned to reassure my men – those bold enough to deeply love me, a married/wild/free/Progressive woman.  I’ve learned to cherish these brazen men – adore and appreciate their bravery and power.  My love empowers men to override the conditioned, anxieties gifted them from western cultural paradigms.  This initiation, alone, becomes a benefit.

Men courageous enough to cross the burning sands find vast benefit in loving wild, and free women.  For instance, the images in this article were created by fashion photographer, Micah Mackenzie, a male partner I adore and enjoy, immensely.  Micah.  Wow.  He is not only one of the most talented fashion photographers I’ve ever known, but he is a brave and masterful warlock, creating powerful images that speak to the soul of the feminine spirit!  Check more of his work here.  This shoot is from one of our romantic adventures in these North Carolina hills.   Please enjoy them along with inspired poetry:  Four Benefits of Loving Wild~Free Women.

  1.  Wild Women are Wise Women

Image By Micah Mackenzie

Many men claim they do not want drama.

They say this because usually men are blamed for drama.  Wild woman are wise women who know the human condition so well that she sees only herself in the men she loves;  She knows herself as ever present perfection, thus, you too, as pure perfection.

Have you ever experienced a woman who is open to seeing her own stuff ~ Open to you noting her stuff ~ who wants to learn herself more deeply through relating with you?  A woman capable of noting your stuff – without judgement – but in pure love?  A woman with an eye for healing and attunement… ?

For the wild woman, drama becomes a welcome aspect of loving, the beauty of fresh thunderstorms, where no one is judged, where play is created, and passion intensely deepened.  #mirrors ~ we call them.

In short:  Wild women know we are only experiencing self when we look out at our man.  No shame and no blame, No victims and no villains.  She would never fault you.  She would never fault herself.  She knows at all times, all is well ~ growth is the purpose.  She is #ProgressiveLove xx


2.  Free Women Embrace Her Feminine and Live in Harmony with Her Masculine

Image by Micah Mackenzie

I am in love with my female body, my yoni flower, my breasts, my clitoris and labia, and all parts that make babies and dreams grow to be born through me ~ I am in love with my arms, my hips, my presence, and every motion of waters in me – the moon in me.  And ohhhh how I love the sun, the heat, the fire in me and in you; the logic of man, his lines and angles and sharp points, the combination makes heaven on this Earth possible in me.  Free women will always appreciate men, in general, masculinity and it’s many healing facets.  Oh how I adore you – each.

Just as you are.

3.  Wild Women Work Magic 

Image by Micah Mackenzie

There is no spirit I won’t awaken to see my men satisfied, financially, physically, his health, his wealth; As my partner, his life is now given through me to the mother deity – I am in service.  I love to offer continual prayers, healings, meditations, powerful meals, open invitations to be naked in his vulnerability with me.  I love believing in men; The purest magic.  Let me take your light into my womb and manifest with you.  I am creatrix.  Mother of all living beings.

4.  Free Women are Open To Receive\ing

Image by Micah Mackenzie

Do you have powers or lessons or stories to share with me?  I am open and will receive them.  Would you like to dominate, test your fire in the mist of my water ~ watch me boil for you?  I will boil for you…  I am open, I receive you.  Would you care to see yourself reflected back through my limitless pleasure, penetrate through, straight to my void, through my joy ~ does your heart dance when I smile?

All men love his woman in a smile.  I receive your energy and show you what your masculine power does to the world, and what it looks like, the peace it brings me, the grace you invoke.

There are benefits to loving a free woman.  To see your own #reflection is the most important.

And Beloved, I do not consider your other relationships, impediments….

The beautiful women you adore, they are my sisters.

Alas… With a free woman, You too, are free.

Love and Grace,

Kenya K Stevens

black and white

Yes.  I support and cultivate wild women, thousands of us.  Go Here for more information about my Blue Butterfly Women’s Sanctuary for Feminine Expression (BBFSE) A space where free and wild women to flourish.

And men, discover ways to love wild and free women.  It takes major courage, but the benefits are unreal.  Check the Peaceful Warriors men’s group today!

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