Dr. Umar, The Conscious Black Community (CBC), and Sex

Let me start off by saying this post is partly being influenced by triggers I have around what is called the conscious black community (CBC) because of my former involvement in the many aspects of nation building, communal living, practicing ancient Kemetic and African culture, and the myriad of lessons and insights I gained while being a part of the culture.  You could say I’ve been a part of the CBC for 15+ years, so it’s impossible for me to be objective about what I’m about to write.  It’s my responsibility as a writer and reasonable human being to let you know that up front.

For those who don’t know, I’m co-founder with my wife Kenya K Stevens of an educational and social change movement called The Progressive Love Movement.  We were both involved in the CBC together.  We’ve both had the experience of being freelancers in the nationalist movement as well as part of an organized pan-African movement.  Kenya was militant when I met her.  She was a part of an all girl band called Soulfood Symphony putting out songs of higher consciousness and bringing down the establishment.  Actually, the first time I saw her was on stage at Howard University.  The first time I came to her apartment she was having a group meeting with some other nationalist brothers and sisters.  Kenya was on the computer writing a letter to the Howard University President lobbying to change the African American studies curriculum to be more holistic, conscious, and about something other than surface b***s***.  I wasn’t a nationalist in that sense, but more a metaphysician with interest in African and Kemetic history.  The chemistry between us worked as the mission was the same – change a fucked up world.

There are two types of people in the CBC – freelancers and organization members.  Freelancers means you study the science, history, etc, but don’t have any accountability to anyone.  You could disapear off the scene for a year and no one would really say anything because nothing is expected of you.  You might post stuff online, attend some events, break bread with some folks, but that’s about the extent of it.  Organized members are a part of a group of people who’ve come together under philosophy, purpose, or spiritual beliefs with usually a leader and a hierarchical structure that you’re accountable too.  There are many such groups in the CBC, but they tend to be DEEPLY segregated from one anther.  That’s there similarity.

I no longer consider myself a member of the CBC although many of my friends and followers may look at me as such or met me while I was.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, after I left the CBC I began to go deeper into my exploration into tantra and sexual alchemy.  Basically, as soon as I left one group of teachers another appeared.  The long and short of that journey is I realized I knew almost nothing about sex, orgasm, or what it meant to be with a sexually free and empowered woman.  Once I began a consistent practice in sexual alchemy and gained a level of proficiency, I was able to look back at my time and at the people involved (including myself at that time) in the CBC and make some ‘general’ observations.


The women in the CBC were undersexed both in frequency and in quality.  When I replayed their body language, facial expressions, and energetic blueprints, it became obvious to see.  This is normal for the average person in the American population, but is strange for a group of ‘higher conscious’ individuals.


The men had zero idea that the women were undersexed.  In addition, they had no idea what I highly sexed woman looked like or how she behaved.


Built into many of these CBC organizations were rules and protocols to suppress a woman’s sexuality, while protecting the black male ego.  Women were shamed into dressing down and modest (i.e. middle east) and the women were the ones hardest on women.  I remember when Kenya first walked into a room (as a new member of our community) with some tight jeans and make-up on.  The elder women almost fainted.  I can still see the look in their eyes today.  Needless to say, that was the last day she wore tight jeans and make-up for at least a decade.


Although the CBC claims to be spiritual and embrace the god and goddess – the truth is the goddess Oshun (Het-Heru) is completely dead as a part of the practice and daily living.


Most of the black male leaders with the CBC organized movements have been involved in some sort of sexual ‘scandal’.  It’s tough for me to name one that hasn’t been.  Remember, I’m talking about leaders of an organized group because the freelancers aren’t accountable to anyone and can come and go as they please.  If you know about these sub-cultures, go ahead and think about one leader who hasn’t been in a sexual scandal…


There’s one thing that seemed to be synonymous with the CBC – poverty and financial struggle.  It was so pervasive that it actually turned into a badge or even prerequisite for ‘being down’ with the struggle.  I would see people with wealth come through, but then bounce soon after.  They usually were into one aspect of what was being taught or given, but couldn’t get down with the whole struggle vibe.  I’m not saying they were justified in their judgments, but simply and observation I made.

Are these observations related?

Yes!  If you’re in the CBC you should not only acknowledge that those observations are pretty accurate, but the link between them.  If you study African spirituality, you should know exactly why the CBC and the movement hasn’t gotten much traction over the decades it has been active.  If you’ve been studying, you should know the masculine is the WISDOM and the feminine is the POWER.  You should know the goddess Oshun is the gateway to wealth.  If she’s not happy – good luck paying the rent.  What’s happiness to her?  It’s climax, orgasm, honey, sweet fruits, and ecstasy.  In other words, if she’s not activated sexually, feeling free – sexually free – and moist, and zoned out to the point where all she can do is dream about your money and how nice it would be to live in a beautiful house and have a full bank account then you’re going to have a struggle.

What’s Oshun’s planet?  Venus.  What is Venus?  She’s the Fortuna Minor.  Do you know what that means?  It means she’s responsible for your first come up into prosperity.  Have you heard of Maat?  What’s her planet?  Jupiter.  What’s Jupiter?  She’s the Fortuna Major.  She’s that big money, wealth, and abundance.  Not Heru (Horus).  Not Sebek (Elegba).  Not Ogun (Herukhuti).  Not Thoth, Ifa, or Tehuti.  Not Obatala (Ausar, Osiris).  It’s Het-Heru and Maat.

What has the CBC done – they’ve enslaved both of these sisters (Maat and Het-Heru).  Put them in the kitchen, watching kids, saying Hotep, and otherwise telling them to be silent.  #middleeast  They (we, because I was a part at one time) might as well beat the sisters down with staffs and stop acting like they understand and love these sisters.

Het-Heru fucks based on how she feels at the time.  She could give two shits about religion, your version of morality, your rules or protocols, or how you feel about it.  She’s free.  That’s how she creates, by being spur-of-the moment and going all in so she can get to her deepest place of feeling and that place is ALWAYS beyond rules.  That’s just the reality.

Sex is dead in the CBC.  The men claim they want their sisters to dress down and be stiff, etc, but as soon as a worldly sister with a fat ass, big breasts, painted nails, high heels, and a weave walks up in the joint the men can’t stop looking and drooling.  I’ve seen it and experienced it personally.  The sisters are looking like, WTF brothers?!  I thought you wanted women like us, but in comes a woman with high heels and cleavage and y’all can’t focus on anything.

The biggest issue the CBC should be dealing with is not racism or white supremacy.  It’s the fucked up and antiquated beliefs it has about sex.  The feminine element has been so suppressed for so long, which as a result suppresses unity, wealth, and expansion.

My spiritual teacher once said, that he wanted to go into business with people in the CBC and generate wealth together, but he refused to go into business with crazy people and yes, he was and is a part of the CBC.  He was talking about not being spiritually awake enough to come together and work past our collective conditionings to make money.  He was talking about greed and jealousy and individualism ruining collective ventures.  But he should have also included our spiritual sickness around sex, because that is the root to the lack of unity in the Black community.

Let me say this again, Nothing will move forward until the women (Het-Heru and Maat at minimum) are satisfied.  They will passively aggressively kill the movement until they get what they want and that’s just the way it is.  I know it’s tough to accept.  I know we just want to apply logic and reason and rationality to the issues we face as black people, but it won’t work.  You can’t just apply masculine principles in a holistic world else you’ll have no power.  The teachers and leaders who’ve been doing this for decades will acknowledge this if they’re honest about it.

Dr. Umar

First let me say, that I don’t know Dr. Umar Johnson personally and I’m not even close to the situation being talked about.  You can see that from what I’ve focused on so far isn’t really about him personally, but the larger situation black people are dealing with and the seemingly ignored irony of these situations (‘scandals’).  I’ve seen some of his videos and seen him in all the Hidden Colors (TM) documentaries.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and the obvious work he’s put into his craft as a psychologist, educator, historian, and supporter of black people.  I’m a general supporter of anyone who is actually out there DOING work for equality and the upliftment of black people or humanity as a whole whether I agree with them or not.  That said, I tend to not agree with his views on women, relationships, gender, and the primary way to fight white supremacy, but that’s neither here nor there.  We’re put on the planet to disagree and have our own perspectives.

Here’s the issue with the Dr. Umar situation and how it relates to my commentary on the CBC.  Because he’s not practicing Kemetic or African spirituality, he’s not picking up the signs surrounding this situation.  Every situation in life is governed by a Universal Law and each of these laws is personified into an archetype (deity, god, goddess like Oshun) so we can have clarity on what’s actually happening in our lives and why.  That was nothing short of the genius of our ancestors understanding that a picture speaks a thousand words, but a full 3D statuesque accompanied by spiritual hymns, colors, stories, and ceremony will last for eternity!  The ‘stripper’ he was dealing with and the situation overall are governed by two deities: Het-Heru and Sebek.  When you are pulled in by a sister’s magnetism, it’s a goddess Het-Heru significator or situation.  There’s no doubt she pulled him in.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of because that’s her job.  She’ll always get her man eventually.  ALWAYS!  I could run of list of powerful male figures, but we all know the deal.  She wouldn’t be much of a goddess if she couldn’t pull any man she wanted.  Another way to say that is we are ALL subject to Universal Laws at some point – it’s just the way it is.  But here’s the thing – her choosing Dr. Umar was gift.  She was offering him the promise and opening of the door to prosperity because that’s what he was looking for.  Not only was she offering a boost of testosterone to the brother and increasing his power, but opening the metaphysical gateway for him to meet Maat and get big dollars.  I’m not saying she (the ‘stripper’) was doing this consciously because she wasn’t.  She’s an unconscious vehicle in this situation with no awareness just like he was.  Again, two people subject to and caught within natural law.

If that sounds far fetched then ask yourself why these two events happened around the same time: (a) meeting the sister and then the subsequent scandal and (b) the decision from an investor to either give or not give him the money he was seeking.  There are no coincidences in metaphysics or African spirituality.

What’s the point of fighting racism and white supremacy if you’re going to look at the world in the same exact way white supremacist do – logically, black and white, etc.  You’ve got to have that 3rd EYE open.  What’s actually going on here where this sister is attracted to me AND I am deeply attracted to her?  I mean DEEPLY wanted to wreck havoc on that pussy.  Oh, it’s because I called this to me.  It’s because I desire wealth and power and expansion (Maat) beyond my current state (i.e. school purchase for black boys) and she has the power to help get me there.  She chose me.  She’s into me.  She’s going to manifest my future once I open her up to ecstasy and orgasm.  It’s so easy for us as men to fall into our ego and think a stacked dime piece just fell out of the sky onto our cock.  It must be because I’m the man and she can feel that shit, right?  Again, 3rd EYE.

Again, if this sounds strange then we need to study our history.  Black people and the ancient Kemetians weren’t great just because we had logical minds and a bunch of folks to build buildings, but instead because we understood how to tap into POWER (the feminine) to basically make anything possible on the earthly realm.  We had the power to harmonize both hemispheres of the brain and become superhuman.  Let’s continue…

But what do all women want?  They want acknowledgment.  Don’t say she doesn’t count.  Don’t be ashamed of her.  Why?  Because she knows she’s worth it.  She knows she’s worth millions.  She knows she’s the key to your future desires (although this particular sister doesn’t know any of this consciously because she’s just a messenger for Het-Heru).  Again, she’s caught up in the universal laws.  What does Oshun want?  Roses, honey, nice things, words of acknowledgment, and to be sported.  I told brothers in my Peaceful Warrior’s men’s group – women could care less about your philosophy or code or any of that.  The goddess can care less about your lectures, logic, or what set you’re claiming.  Their number one thing is how you make them feel.  Everything else is secondary at best.

I know Dr. Umar didn’t recognize this blessing in this sister because he verbally shamed her in his follow-up letter on Facebook.  Unfortunately, that will close the Oshun door to wealth for a while.  I also know he doesn’t believe in the power of feminine to manifest his desires, which is consistent with the CBC.  Not acknowledging the sister as a valid contributing factor to your life is one thing, but trying to reduce her to a low class, conniving “maggot” and lier is something completely different.  He might be able to fix the karma of that by going to see a Yoruba priest and making some offerings at the river, but not sure.

What does Sebek have to do with this?  The trickster?  The Opener of the Way?  Sebek is the male god that tests what you SAY you’re about against what you actually DO in life.  What’s Sebek’s number?  3.  How many times did Dr. Umar say he spent time with the sister?  3.  What was the month when he started seeing her?  March = 3.  How was the ‘scandal’ broke?  Text messages via social media.  Sebek owns social media.  He invented Facebook, Twitter, and all the above.  He invented text messaging – that’s his favorite.  But here’s the kicker – the test wasn’t about seeing the sister.  He passed that test and did what he was supposed to do there and knock the bottoms out the pussy.  The test is in the acknowledgment of her during AND the response to the scandal after.

But how should men acknowledge the feminine?

The acknowledgment comes in the form of recognizing that someone plays a role in your life even though it may go against what you’ve been preaching or what your followers feel is right.  It’s just simply saying, “It feels right, so I’m going with it.”  The response represents, which path you’re going to take going forward.  An example of the response test is the Tiger Woods sex scandal.  He had a chance to stand firmly in his manhood and say, “Yes, I fucked these women and loved every minute of it.  I only regret not telling my wife the truth in that she doesn’t turn me on like that and I need way more.  But I’m not a sex addict with a problem.  I’m a man with high testosterone (maybe the highest on the planet), one of the few black billionaires in the U.S., and one of the greatest athletes of our time.  These women were a crucial part of me keeping my swagger on high and although I’ll be divorcing my wife, I’ll continue to see and fuck who I please.  Thank you, no more questions.”

Bill Clinton could have said the same thing, “Yes, Monica sucked my cock on many occasions.  Yes, I came in face and down her throat; thus, my semen sample on her dress.  I should have been more forthright with my wife, but I wasn’t and for that I’m sorry.  I commit to ceasing these activities while I’m in office and working on my marriage and being committed to being the President of the United States.  Thank you, no more questions.”  Clinton didn’t get in trouble for getting his dick sucked.  He was impeached for perjury – lying about it.  No one is going to believe anything other than it’s what the he wanted to do and did it.  Same with Tiger Woods.  No one believes he’s a sex addict.  He just loves pussy, is nurtured by feminine power, and maybe got carried away based on his circumstance (lack of feminine in his life).

The same goes for Dr. Umar.  No one’s going to believe anything other than he saw a fat ass and tits and had visions getting waist deep in the pussy (and bathe in her feminine power) just like every other man on the planet.  But that’s how Sebek works – he’ll let you do all the talking and bury yourself.  Meanwhile he’s laughing the whole time while you play the victim role and blame someone else for your misfortune.

People are saying he was set up.  That point is irrelevant.  Anyone doing anything in the world should expect to be set up, have phones tapped, pushed into scandal, or whatever.  It’s just a part of the reality of attempting to influence change.  Remember, the sex scandals only work when the man doesn’t stand firm in his manhood and say yes, I hit the pussy, now fuck off.  Dr. Umar didn’t do anything wrong in this situation, but he did make a miscalculation with the apology note.  He did make a miscalculation with the sister in question by not “paying” her what she was seeking.  Nothing in this world is for free.  Everyone is looking for something.   As an entrepreneur, Dr. Umar knows this.

The Feminine wants physical, material, and spiritual acknowledgment and to be highly valued.  Any man trying to make moves in the world greatly benefits from women who choose him and demonstrate a passionate, sexual interest in him.  It doesn’t mean you have sex with every woman who chooses you, but you do honor the goddess when the stars align and especially as you’ve called her – and are always calling her – into you life.

Much luck to him and his mission.

One Love,


Rakhem Seku


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