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Last night I watched the movie, Bliss starring Craig Sheffer and Sheryl Lee.  Craig is tha hottie, by the way… LOL!  My friend, GS, is another hottie, as he suggested the movie, on facebook!  I’d actually seen Bliss on Youtube years ago, but in ten minute segments, my interest wasn’t held long.

Bliss truly reaches to the heart of the Sacred Sex movement.  I would highly recommend renting this movie available online for 2.99 at amazon.  Click here to find the movie trailer and the rental area.

Bliss is about a man and his new bride, Joseph and Maria, a woman who apparently, ‘has some problems’.  Like many American women, Maria is controlling and very nervous about letting go.  Maria informs her husband that she has been faking orgasms for many years.  She has actually never had an orgasm.

Although in therapy, Maria has yet to discover the root to her issue.  Somehow she finds a tantric sex healer who begins to work with her.  Later, Joseph finds out that she is actually having sex with the Tantric Healer!  The movie picks up steam!

What I like most about Bliss is Maria and Joseph journey into particulars of sacred sex as he learns to please a woman more deeply.  What the viewer becomes clear about is we have been ill informed about the topic of sex, and re-education is not only mandatory to heal our relationships, but also sex can actually be a remedy for deep seeded emotional trauma.

For all the women who have been abused or raped as young women, Bliss demonstrates the power of a human touch, particularly male touch, to help heal this condition.  And for men, there are glimpses into the world of sacred sex enabling the possibility to become a better lover for your spouse, immediately!  I love how Bliss addresses the eyes, the heart, the breathe, all the basic of tantra sex.  As well the non-intercourse aspects of sex which Maria had learned to forget.

The climax of the movie is riveting!  Maria actually has her first orgasm!  But as she does, something unexpected happens and she ends up in the hospital.  Both her traditional therapist and the tantra master are present for the diagnosis, along with Joseph.  The traditional master knows exactly what has happened to the women, while the therapist seems baffled.  This scene clearly points out the amazing paradox of western medicine and sacred medicine… I love it!

Bliss addresses the fact that as a woman heals, she might exhibit anger, depression, hyper activity and sadness – but these will all become something to work through rather than to run from.  I loved how the movie depicts Maria blossoming into real sexuality and leaving the world of faking orgasms and non-orgasm sex behind.  While it is a journey, there is a completeness about the movie’s end, very satisfying.

The character’s names, Maria and Joseph are also a paradox.  The original sin, SEX, is reflected in these names, directing us back to the sexless conception of Jesus, the virgin-esque goodness of being ‘pure’.  The very thinking that has women in this jam of feeling sexually unpure is reflected in the names of our characters, who essentially burst the old paradigm in Bliss!

For women and men this movie is a must.  So many useful bits of information strung like pearls at my heart.  I found myself crying and laughing, feeling deeply aroused and acknowledged.

I do hope you and your honey will watch this together!  As soon as my darling gets home, we will rent it again for view.  This is what Progressive Love and sex is all about!  Maria and Joseph are in it for the long haul!

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