Sperm is not an Enemy

This post is for the many women who sent me this video in hopes of getting my feedback on it. I refrained from writing anything about it until today. In fact, I wasn’t going to respond at all, but this is something we need to talk about. I didn’t want to break this Catholic woman down, but I see I have to, there have been too many posts of this very suspect content to ignore it any longer…

Let us not forget where we have come from in terms of the study of female sexual behavior. We are living in an era waking up from the slumber and brainwashing of the Darwin effect. Charles Darwin said that ‘Men strain to spread their cheap and plentiful seed far and wide while women are guarding their limited supply of metabolically expensive eggs from unworthy suitors’. (Sex at Dawn) This story is considered ‘proven scientific fact’! The horny male, choosy female thing has gone on too long. It’s time for some fact.

Because of this basic assumption, an incorrect one indeed, the human female, even in the year 2011, is STILL expected to be pure, virginal, indifferent about sex and desirous of just one partner for life. But as we can readily see, the human female – well most of us – have had more than one sex partner. This is what Gloria TV is addressing here in the video. The maligned desire on the part of women to have multiple male partners in one lifetime, men seem to be fine with actresses from websites such as sex-hd.xxx as well as many other pornographic sites, to have many more than one sexual partner throughout their lives.

I take issue with Darwin, as many modern scientists do. I believe that women are the most sensual beings on the planet today, far more sensually inclined than the male of our species. And that similar to our plight in the United States from the years 1400 – 1900 when women were readily diagnosed with “Hysteria” supposedly caused by the movement of a woman’s uterus to various locations within her body as it became light and dry due to a lack of bodily fluids – Basically, lack of sexual intercourse and orgasm.

Treatment for this ‘illness’ took place in doctors offices all over this country and in Europe, doctors would jack off the hysterical woman in a hospital room with his hands and later with water sprays (well, that is until the vibrator was invented in 1920 to solve the problem once and for all so that doctors would no longer have to touch nasty female parts to bring them to orgasm – because the husbands certainly were not going to do it – not that they knew how… ) But Hysteria was the number one illness diagnosed in women in the 1800’s! Treatment (orgasm) was the number one therapy for women during this time period, more common than going to have a massage today! Did you know that? (Click the word Hysteria above if you don’t believe lil ole me)

So coming from this kind of history with the gross misunderstandings around female sexual behavior and bias toward male sexual fulfillment, as Darwin would lead us to believe is more relevant and prevalent than that of female, I can see where the problems begin. Can’t you? The problem begins the moment we exclude women from sexual beingness and relegate women to the sexual coy species due to our fear of female sexual potency. It’s an easy thing to fear given that women can have an orgasm every 1/8th of a second FOREVER while men can have an ejaculation and then need some rest to continue the act. See what I mean?

Did you know that the Austrian man who discovered the clitoris and it’s functionality was jailed!!?? That is the kind of bias and fear we are dealing with today. STILL!

So let’s go through this video step by step and talk about it point by point… you ready?

So the good Catholic ladies begin by talking about having “consequence free” hook up relationships… and that most women believe that if they use a contraceptive like a condom, that she is safe from the perils of having sperm invade the body.

As we see from the beginning of the video, the ladies must be assuming that women are not using condoms, right? Because sperm cannot enter the body if a woman uses a condom, which would completely erode the argument. So, if you use condoms, you can simply ignore this message because it is all about the basic ISSUE of having sperm in the body…

Now if you do not use a condom when having sex with multiple human males, then let’s continue… the rest of the video is for you.

Gloria states that it takes our bodies six months to make an adaptation to the sperm of a male in our bodies… she claims our bodies need this time period adapt to the ‘antigens’ in male sperm.

So I did a little research of my own on this topic, I tried to find some article stating the ill effects of the antigens in semen in a woman’s body. I found nothing. The only ill effect of the semen in a woman’s body is when the male is HIV positive. In fact I did find the benefits of the semen in a woman’s body…

Health effects

In addition to its central role in reproduction, various scientific findings indicate that semen has certain beneficial effects on human health, both proven benefits and possible benefits:

  • Antidepressant: One study suggested that vaginal absorption of semen could act as an antidepressant in women; the study compared two groups of women, one of which used condoms and the other did not.[10][11]
  • Cancer prevention: Studies suggest that seminal plasma both prevents and fights cancer, particularly breast cancer,[12] reducing risk by “not less than 50 percent.”[13][14] This effect is attributed to its glycoprotein and selenium content, with apoptosis being induced by TGF-Beta. A related urban legend parodied these findings and claimed that performing fellatio at least three times a week reduced the risk of breast cancer.[15]
  • Preeclampsia prevention: It has been hypothesized that substances in semen condition a mother’s immune system to accept the “foreign” proteins found in sperm as well as the resulting fetus and placenta, keeping blood pressure low and thereby reducing the risk of preeclampsia. A study shows that oral sex and swallowing sperm may help make a woman’s pregnancy safer and more successful, because she is absorbing her partner’s antigens.[16]

Here is more on the health benefits of semen in a woman’s body…

Health benefits of semen

Absorbing the seminal material aids women in not being depressed!!!

Furthermore I found research that basically concludes this:

There have been decades of research linking female promiscuity with bigger, faster, or more copious sperm.

In species where females regularly mate with more than one male, a competition ensues. The female has sperm from more than one male in her reproductive tract. Whose sperm will fertilize the egg?

Males that produce more sperm, or more effective sperm, win the competition and leave behind more offspring. So, over time, the males of the species evolve.

In many mammals, you can see the results with the naked eye. Males from species with lots of sperm competition tend to have larger testicles.

So what is this woman in the video talking about? I’ll tell you what she is talking about, she is talking about Catholic values around sex and intimacy, not scientific fact about antigens in sperm.

When I was little, one of my science lessons was about how in Africa or India where anti-bacterial agents we use here in the USA are not present, the immune system is stronger. When anti-bacterial agents are used, the body doesn’t have the need to produce immune responses that are fast, witty, and readily available so when a simple cold is introduced, those in the USA would have a harder time fighting it due to the use of anti-bacterial agents found in hand soap and such. Can you begin to feel what I am saying here?

It is a proven fact that when exposed to MORE antigens, the body develops a stronger immune system, not a weaker one. So again I ask, what is this woman talking about? And again I state, she is talking about anti-sexual Catholic values that have nothing to do with me, as I am not Catholic. Which leads me to the question: Are the women sending me this video Catholic? Are the men who have placed this video on their page Catholic? No? SO then why are they sending me this Catholic biased video?

Moving on…

She talks about carrying the DNA of each man we sleep with for the rest of our lives, that is, ‘if we conceive’ his child. She states that we don’t know what the long term consequences are of conceiving children by many men. Hmmmm…..

So again, here we see that if you do not conceive a child with the man, then you are in no danger of carrying his (poisonous??) DNA in your body, which we don’t know the ‘long term effects’ of. Mind you, the reason we don’t know the long term effects of carrying more than one man’s DNA in our bodies is that there is no mystery about the long term effects, there are none. And if there are some, why can’t I find them on the Internet?

Again, a mute point if you ask me… she makes it sound scary enough, and for this I commend her, but show me the MONEY!

Her next point:

Women have bodies that are acidic and males are alkaline… Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. She did not point out any adverse effect of this arrangement, she simply tosses this fact into the video to scare those who refuse to do their own research. Nice.

She goes on to mention:

There is a coating of Vitamin C on the sperm making it possible to survive in the female body. Again, she doesn’t mention any health risks here, just more scare tactics for the unlearned.

And she continues, although obtusely…

If the man has unhealthy sperm such as in the case of a male who has had a vasectomy the female could be exposed to immune weak sperm. She goes on to talk about how males who have had a vasectomy have a compromised immune system, Again, this has more to do with males who have had vasectomy than the females who mate with them.

But this is when she gets to a point we need to take note of:

The sperm is biochemically very active. 30 compounds in the seminal fluid. ZINC to enhance a woman’s autoimmune system so that we women won’t contract an infection. Sounds pretty handy to me. She talks about the hormones like Dopamine… women absorb that material and are “changed forever”. The stuff is in our system for 16 hours. Zinc and Dopamine have never been found to cause any issues in the body. Dopamine helps us decrease blood pressure. That’s about all I found on that.

But what may be more important – as yet I have not found her saying anything of importance, by the way – is this:

The brain chemistry is triggered with sexual intimacy. Our brain does not get the message that there are no consequences.

We trigger oxytocin during sexual intercourse, a bonding hormone in men and women. Men get more Vasopressin, a male hormone that makes the male have a preference for the female he just had sex with. So, hooking up is physiologically impossible because the couple will be bonded – Gloria says this herself, albeit in a way to make this seem dangerous.

So she is insisting that the real and ONLY consequence of sex with many partners is that we will bond with many people, for instance, men will have a preference for the women he hooks up with. Now what – pray tell – is wrong with this? Developing a preference for a partner or feeling bonded to him, is this a bad thing? Is this the consequences she is speaking of, if so, BRING IT ON BABY!

Now here is something interesting:

The sperm has to be changed in the woman’s body to have the capacity to enter the egg… capacitation.

Our woman chemistry changes the sperm!!

And I agree with Gloria, there are 3 kinds of male sperm… egg getter, blocker, killer. Blockers fill in the crypts of the cervix so that egg getters can get through. But here is a clear place where Gloria lied to prove her point, or stretched the truth at least. She said that the role of the killers happens “ONLY” when the woman has had many partners over a short period of time. NOT TRUE all males have Killer Sperm (spermicide to kill other male sperm already in the uterus at the time of copulation) no matter what the promiscuity level of the female.

This begs us to ask, if women are like Darwin said – having NO desire for more than one mate per lifetime, then why do ALL male sperm make spermicide to kill other sperm already in the uterus? This spanks of a long history of women having more than one male partner in short periods of time. If this weren’t the case, how could or why would nature develop in the sperm Killer cells or spermicide?

Instead of telling the truth, Gloria lied and said men who have a promiscuous woman make killer sperm. And she further lied when she said these Killer sperm were somehow dangerous for women. They are not. They are only dangerous to other male sperm already trying to fertilize the female egg.

But she goes on:

What happens when the body hasn’t made the six month adaptation to the male sperm??? (NOTHING)

Women are more arousable during ovulation. Women are very conditionable during ovulation. (So what?)

What is she saying, what point is she making? During ovulation we are arousable. OK. Her point seems to be that this is when the woman can ‘make a mistake’ and have sex with Mr. Wrong – when we are ovulating… And heaven forbid we get hooked to Mr. Wrong. Ok. Very weak point. Especially considering Progressive Love where there are no victims of villains.

Finally she ends this lunacy:

We need to understand there is a lot more going on in our body than we know. (Empty, nebulous, statement) We are going to be changed by male sperm in ways we do not fully understand (scare tactic – pushing agenda).

Woman who have multiple partners are at greater risk for Bacterial Vaginosis. The chemistry of her genital area has been changed… she produces anaerobic bacteria.

OK. SO I looked up Bacterial Vaginosis and this is what I found:

Although Bacterial Vaginosis can be associated with sexual activity, there is no clear evidence of sexual transmission.[12][non-primary source needed] It is possible for sexually inactive persons to get infected with bacterial vaginosis. Rather, BV is a disordering of the chemical and biological balance of the normal flora. Pregnant women and women with sexually transmitted infections are especially at risk for getting this infection. Bacterial vaginosis may sometimes affect women after menopause. A 2005 study by researchers at Ghent University in Belgium showed that subclinical iron deficiency (anemia) was a strong predictor of bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women.[13] A longitudinal study published in February 2006 in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed a link between psychosocial stress and bacterial vaginosis independent of other risk factors.[14][clarification needed]

So here we are at the end of this wild walk where we find that the ONE thing Gloria named as a possible REAL illness associated with having more than one male partner, as a woman, is actually an illness caused by Iron deficiency and most of all SOCIAL STRESS probably brought on by actually feeling the shame and guilt of sexual activity more so than anything else!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. But Gloria won’t be deceiving me.

Oddly, I do agree with one point that Gloria made – that is this:

Nature has built man and woman to be complimentary to one another and through the act of sex, we literally become ONE.

Now we’re talking.

I see no problem with bonding with others. Because I am not a swinger, I choose my partners very carefully and intend to love them for life along with my husband… so of course one of my objectives is to bond with them and they, me.

Wow, well, that was fun…

Does anyone have any questions? How about more agenda ridden video’s to send me… giggle. We don’t play that here. We are researchers here. We are writers here. And HERE we will not uphold the Darwinian view that women are the meeker sex looking to find ONE good guardian for the egg. Here, we know that a smart woman – not that if you do not do this that you are not smart – but a smart woman wants to have a community of men and women to support her with caring for her young, so she wants to literally become ONE with as many people as possible so that she can easily ensure the health and welfare of her young. Think about that.

Child please.

I welcome your comments!

Love and Light






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