10 Years of Freedom-Based Relating

Wow~  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since JujuMama was founded!

JujuMama is an online love coaching company – we provide love coaching, classes and evolved community experiences for the people!  10 years and counting!  Tantra, Manifestation, Relationships, and Self Improvement!  So many changes, gyrations, and movements since we began, so many blissful moments – so many trying moments – all love!

Today we live in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina in a community home!  Our company is headquartered here and this is where we do our retreats and LIVE workshops.  There are four adults (two male two female) here in our family/community home, three children, two dogs, and LOTS of spirit!  The energy is really powerful!

I used to blog about all of my experiences involving my opening marriage, in fact that’s how Jujumama started!  I began blogging my story – do you remember those days?  I used to share my stories with the world, every grueling detail, every sexy sliver of goodness, every challenge and how good it is overcoming them!  I shared on Twitter, Facebook and my blog!  Currently I still share those heart opening stories, but I do so only in my private groups on Facebook.  These groups are for members of JujuMama’s Love Academy.  In all we have five private groups:

  1. Progressive Love Base-camp (co-ed community fun)
  2. Blue Butterfly Women (feminine empowerment group for women and men identifying in the feminine)
  3. Peaceful Warriors (masculine empowerment group for men and women identifying in the masculine)
  4. Feminine Power Initiates group for those being initiated at the Love Academy
  5. SMS – Sun Manifestation System for those doing the yearly sun manifestation program

I’ve learned over the years from conducting HUGE public debates, and sharing my rich personal stories, that my life is valuable!  My sharing all those years was truly a gift for those considering the Progressive Love philosophy and lifestyle.  My stories shifted lives and gave more people courage to find their own authentic voice.  However, I also realize how senseless it is to pour one’s entire heart out to those who may or may not be interested in or appreciative of the powerful learning that occurs in such forums.  Currently I reserve that evolved learning process for those involved with the Love Academy, members receive the bountiful shares I once conducted publicly.

This feels so much more loving and comfortable to me.  I am being loving and appreciative of myself and my time – finally!

Our pages have changed, our company has changed, so much has changed since we first began teaching and sharing PL information and technology!  Our marriage has changed many times.  We now call our relationship style ‘Freedom-Based Relating’ because we realize that’s exactly what it is!  We meld freedom and commitment to create a new structure that secures all our partners AND allots freedom for variety of experiences even inside committed unions.

My husband, Rakhem Seku and I both have several loving partners (besides one another)!  We each have ONE extra partner living in the PL community house with us, and we carry on relations with outside partners all the while!  I can’t express to you how free this feels… and how safe and committed at the same damned time!  We share all of our in house stories, the trials and tribulations, the successes and perceived failures, in our private groups online.

I remember the most urgent question many women had for me between 2005-2007 is:

Are you doing this just to save your marriage?  LOL!  I always thought that was a interesting question.  I am a beautiful, intelligent, and extremely powerful woman.  I am a living goddess!  Why do I need to do something ‘just to save my marriage’?  If I weren’t married to Rakhem Seku or if he were no longer desirous of being married with me, I’d still be surrounded by loving men who are more than willing to care for me and my children.  So no, open relating isn’t about securing Rakhem Seku as my only option – or just because he is father of my children.  Most all the men I love are willing to be father to my children.  I have men all over the world who are happy to protect and care for me at any time, sensually, emotionally, financially and otherwise.  ALL women could assert this right!  It’s time we stop depending on social structures that do not suit us to deliver our needs.  I’m a woman who has created my own way.  I hope this answers the question, ten years later, and is now more clearly understood – since its working for us xx.  If there are more questions, use the comments section on this blog post below!  I will respond in another blog post!

As a maturing woman, exclusively sexual with Rakhem Seku in my 20s then open relating with a plethora of men in my 30s and now at 40, I view life so differently!  My value has nothing to do with my marriage.  My value is intrinsic to what I’ve come to share with the world, what I’ve come to learn from living and what I pass on to others.  All of these movements are inevitable, I don’t have to TRY to make it happen, TRY to find my value through these things – all I have to do is live and my value is experienced through everything I do!  And it’s the same for you!

I don’t know why women and men for that matter have for so long tied their own personal value to successes, failures, relationships, moments… we have each been here since the beginning of time – energy is neither created or destroyed!  You ARE!  And that is enough!  YOU are enough!

I invite you to join our groups, classes, and events!  We are currently expanding!

There are LIVE PL groups in these major cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia – The Authentic Goddess – Meetup.com
  • Aurora, Colorado – The Authentic Goddess – Meetup.com
  • Asheville, North Carolina – The Authentic Goddess – Meetup.com
  • Brooklyn, New York – The Progressive Love Movement – Meetup.com
  • Philadelphia, Penn – The Progressive Love Movement – Meetup.com
  • Detroit, Michigan – The Progressive Love Movement – Meetup.com

If you are not in one of those cities – join our ranks online!  Become a donating Member and we will immediately add you to our private groups where the topics are always HOT and the learning is DAILY and SWIFT!!!   And we will send you your very own copy of The Progressive Love Handbook.  Growth is good!  Freedom is good!  Commitment is good!  Community is the only way to forward all of the above.  We invite you to join today.

Love and Light!

Kenya K Stevens


PS:  I’m going to be making videos again soon.  If you have a topic you’d like to see me address, please list it in comments.  Thanks!  Visit my youtube channel here:  http://youtube.com/user/hakashamut



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